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Turkish Foreign Minister: Syrian Government, Its Allies Are To Blame If Idlib Becomes “Terrorist Nest”

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Turkish Foreign Minister: Syrian Government, Its Allies Are To Blame If Idlib Becomes "Terrorist Nest"

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham members during their recent operation against Turkish-backed militants

The Syrian government and the countries that support it are to blame if Idlib becomes “terrorist nest”, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlet Cavusoglu said on January 14. The foreign minister blaimed the Syrian government and its allies for moving in terrorists from places as far as Daraa in the south.

He stressed that Turkey is doing what is required to maintain peace and prevent violations in the Idlib de-escalation zone. He even claimed that the Idlib deal reached between Turkey and Russia last September has been “successfully” implemented despite difficult conditions.

Cavusolgu statment came amid a recent series of concerning developments in the Idlib de-escalation zone during which Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) seized northwestern Hama and western Aleppo from Turkish-backed groups and forced them to accept Hayat Tahrir al-Sham’s Salvation Government as the authority in their areas. Furthermore, a notable part of members of the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation are currently fleeing to the Turkish-occupied area of Afrin, which is located outside of the Idlib de-escalation zone.

Turkey and its opposition to a military operation to eliminate Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in Idlib is the main reason behind the possibility of this expansion. However, Ankara prefers to blame Damacus and its allies for own actions in support of the terrorists in Idlib.

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Turkish backed groups have allowed HTS to expand. They have done nothing to prevent this as required under the Idlib agreement. Trying to blame Syria is projection of their own failings


The Turkey is next!


It’s all planned .. to have HTS as Turkey’s proxies.
After they have won .. and if election to be held these HTS will form the state or regional government in Idlib in new Syria after the elections. Kurds? Dont know.


Muslim Brotherhood.

Shadow Blade

Hypocrisy at it’s finest


That’s the training the Turks got from NATO. :)

Promitheas Apollonious

they never needed any training at back stabbing, it is build in their dna same as is in the jews.


Not the Jews for there are good and bad Jews as there are good and bad in all people. The Zionist have the hypocrisy. All Jews are not Zionist but all Zionist are Jews. God save the Middle East nay the whole of the world from the Zionist.

Promitheas Apollonious

it is a matter of opinion, what you saying and yes in all cases there are always the exception of the rule.

Brother Ma

Not really! There are useless Christian fool Protestant Evangelists who control America with the NeoCohens. They are Zionists as well.

Kelli Hernandez

If it weren’t for Turkey flooding Syria with ISIS Wahhabi extremists, there would be no war on Syria
Turkey’s words don’t match the situation on the ground in Idlib as Turkey did not abide by the demilitarized zone established with Russia .
Turkey can’t seem to decide which side it is on but Russia & SAA have now every right to liberate Idlib .

Promitheas Apollonious

they are with all sides depending where the wind blows and dead against syria.


This is just the Minister ‘re-positioning’ Turkey popular opinion. Washing Turkeys hands of responsibility. ‘Not our fault’. ‘We didn’t do it”. etc.

It’s his job to re-steer the poplar narrative as plans change.

In this sense, he ‘accepts’ terrorists in this area, and by implication they have to be dealt with. But not by Turkey . By ‘those who created the problem’ – Russia and Iran.

So he has changed the discourse to ‘yes, the area is full of terrorists, we did our best, but now we wash our hands of it, Russia Syria and Iran will have to deal with this terrible terrorism.

Telling the Turkish public how to think about the situation now (face saving for politicians, in other words).

A public ‘green light’ for SyRusIra to act.

A good sign.

Brother Ma

Typical victim -blaming by raping murdering Turks. It has always been like that with them.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Blitz time for Idlib terrorists.


If it wasnt for Turkistan, Idlib would have been coloured red again a long time ago.


It is quit simple: Turkey begged for this de-escalationzone, they promised to do what others also did, but they did not, are not able, did not want to do, cheated as always. Erdogan, as always, blames the other but not his own misconduct. If there is one terrorist, now IS is practicaly eradicated,it is that lunatic Erdogan.


comment image

Bigaess Wangmane

Pathetic turk bastard, I can’t wait for the SAA & Russia to liberate HTS and every terrorist group in Idlib from their lives and bodies.

Zo Fu

You can wait another 100 years because Putin is WEAK and his priority is gas pipelines to Turkey, not liberation of IDLIB and Syria territorial integrity :)

So naive people here, lol

Promitheas Apollonious

If russia wanted idlip or any other areas to be liberated would have not stopped SAA every time they send their forces to clear it in order to please the turkeys and secure that their gas pipe line dont stop.

And now they negotiating with the kurtds to give them the oil fields of syria. The area of their interest which they help clear of isis is cleared and they have their warm water port as well airports, the rest of syria is up for negotiation.

Tommy Jensen

kurtds wtf You insinuate Kurds are Turds?

Promitheas Apollonious

I am not insinuating anything. just following what is happening as it happens and I dont like what I see.

And I have no diea what you mean to say by the way.

Zo Fu

Well I must admit it is partially true.

If Putin was not so weak and didn’t make any deals with Ankara there wasn’t any ‘de-escalation’ area in Idlib and all ISIS members loved by Turkey so much would be dead.

But Putin listened to Ankara, created de/escalation zone protected by Turkish ‘moderates’ and let all ISIS members to flee there instead of killing them on the spot.

The only thing I don’t understand, what is Ankara complaining about ? Putin just followed Erdogan’s wishes.

Tommy Jensen

Thats why Putin is responsible. Because he followed Turkey´s suggestion.

Promitheas Apollonious

I dont think putin is following any ones suggestion and if you believe he does then you are very naive.

Carne João Pasta

Get the operation on already and flood these bastards on into Turkey.

Zo Fu

And if maestro Erdogan cancels Putin’s South Stream and S400 contract as a retaliation?
Hahaha. You loser.


You’re tripping. Who got their head handed to them before? If Terdo actually was stupid enough to do anything like that, it’s Turkey that would suffer. As for the S-400s, no one wants the filthy lying backstabbers to have them in the first place…between the F-35 and Patriots, Turkey would end up plucked bald…and Terdo would realize the Emperor has no clothes.


Turk Stream is a ruse, keep the tards looking at Turkey, whilst Russia and Germany complete North Stream2.
As for S400’s well if Turkey doesn’t want them, plenty of other countries do want them.
Russia has trouble supplying demand so if Turkey bails on the deal it will be welcomed at the factory.


a rock and a hard place – on the one hand you have turkey raining threats and on the other you have a near bankrupt desperate states of a raining threats -but both are irrelevant and can be disregarded very much and can’t stop syria retake the entire country that the morons in the white house thought was theirs to dispose of any way they choose – and how mistaken they were and how stupid they look today -a cheerful laugh at the dumber than dumb states of america.


Moving the jihadists into the same area was the most brilliant strategic move.Let the rats eat rats other first. All of a sudden Turkey discovers they have no hope of containing all the different cannibals they helped create and defend.


Cavusolgu needs to quit reading their own news reports. He is starting to believe them. This must be for their home audience, as no one else believes their bumbling BS. I would love for someone to read these idiots their own quotes, then ask them to make heads or tales of them.


It sounds like turkey is saying ” we are handing this over to HTS, because we are pulling out our militias to redirect them against Kurds and SAA around manbij”.

In other words, HTS and Turks are allies.

Brother Ma

Of course,always were .

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

so Russia putting Turkeys terrorists into idlib is Syrias fault… got it


Somebody is washing their hands. Interesting.


Very sorry, I know this is completely off topic but are Southfront going to do reports on the developing situation in Nigeria? Daesh militants are apparently gaining ground on a daily basis and security forces are just running away, letting them over run the entire area.


I knew the US would attack another oil producing country with oil prices so low, seems like Nigeria drew the short straw.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

That’s China’s department, they’re the top dog in the region and the US isn’t allowed near the place. The Chinese have been working with local countries around the region to put an end to the problems they’ve been facing there for a few years with Isis, they’re only at the start of the process now and need some time to retrain not just the Nigerian forces, but a few of the other neighbouring countries forces as well.


Yeah sure, China wants to burn its own oil wells and money.
America rules the whole world, ask any Americun*.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

They don’t rule this part of the world, China practically owns it.


China wins hearts with money, America blows hearts to pieces with bullets.
Who do you think wins, the man with the smile and money, or the guy with the gun at your child’s head?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

In the long run the Guy with the smile and the money.
It’s been working well for the Chinese since the end of WW2, no one hates them now, but the guys with the bullets aren’t too popular with too many people.
That policy of might makes right is ok in the short term, but isn’t very effective in the long term, China and the US are both living proof of it, so yes, you’re right, the policy that the US uses does seem more effective, but only if you’re looking at it in the short term, when you widen the frame to a longer timespan, it actually switches to the reverse effect, the man with the smile and the money always wins out in the long run.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Use Syrialiveuamaps if you don’t already, it’s not comprehensive but you can see what’s happening at least, and then read what the English speaking Chinese news sources have to say, that’s where you’ll find stories about Isis and other terrorist groups in Nigeria, and a lot of other African countries that the Chinese are doing business with.


Well of course the US is going to send troops to kill any competitors, that’s how America has always done business.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Not here they won’t be, apart from the fact the US couldn’t kick the Chinese out even if they tried, no one wants China to leave anyway, they all love doing business with China, but they never liked the way the US ever did business, Nigeria and all the other countries around that region are all safe from US machinations.
To be honest I haven’t even heard a peep about US interests in Nigeria, I didn’t think they were interested to be honest, but maybe I’ve missed something you haven’t, I’ll keep an eye open.


Before Obama US had no military bases in Africa – AFRICOM was just an office in Frankfurt – and after him there is one in most African countries (some say that was why the globalists needed a black US president). The Chinese have been doing business in Africa for a long time, and are quite well liked.
After US got their bases in Africa (and biological warfare laboratories around the Ebola outbreak areas, nudge nudge, wink wink) coincidentally Daesh raises its ugly head there too. Isn’t it wonderful the Americans got there just in time – lol. I mean, you have to test your weapons somewhere, and you have to fight the terrorists somewhere too – preferably in countries that have large oil reserves and are also very populous, so you can simultaneously send more African refugees to Europe. A globalist wet dream I call it.

Promitheas Apollonious

you are wrong on one part. US had bases in africa since WW2. Check it out.


Yes I think Djibouti was the only acknowledged base for a long time, even after others started sprouting up. But as Djibouti is near the ME it was kind of not about Africa so much as the ME. So technically, yes, virtually no bases… ;)

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I think in this particular region of Africa the US is starting to become irrelevant, the old institutions [economic, humanitarian, political] they had some control over are fast being diminished and replaced by mutually beneficial economic incentives the Chinese are now providing.
The Chinese are turning that Globalist wet dream into a nightmare, I think it was only about 6 months ago I read a comprehensive article on one of the Chinese media sites that gave data on the weapons, equipment and training the Chinese were giving to about half a dozen countries in this local area, I don’t remember the details but it was a lot.
The US is being removed from the region if anything at all, not moving back in or gaining influence, the Chinese have it just about all to themselves now, Xi Jinping is seeing to that. cheers.


Well they sure kicked the Chinese out of Libya.
China had invested over a billion dollars in Libya, but the Government the US installed repudiated all of China’s claims.
If it can be stolen, the Americans will steal it.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Chinese and Russia haven’t been kicked out of all the country at all, I think they have most of Libya back under the Government’s control.
I know that initially the Chinese had problems with the sudden departure of Gaddafi and lost a fair bit of money, but that was nearly a decade ago, things have changed for the better since then. China is still the biggest investor in Libya and is still increasing it’s investments there, but I don’t think the US is at all, only militarily support for the rebel alternate government and it’s army, which is losing badly to the Russian and Chinese backed official Libyan government army. I think it’s the other way around now, the Russians and Chinese are helping to get rid of the US out of Libya now, inch by inch.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“He even claimed that the Idlib deal reached between Turkey and Russia last September has been “successfully” implemented despite difficult conditions”
You’ve done well keeping your promise, there’s nothing more you could do, brilliant job, those stupid HTS mutts don’t suspect a thing, thanks. The SAA’s job has just been made a whole lot simpler and easier.
Erdogan’s throwing HTS under a bus this time, but next time it’s Erdogan’s turn to be thrown under a bus, Putin’s standing there next to him on his right side ready to give him a shove when the time’s right, and Trump’s standing there on his left side ready to do the same in case Putin mistimes the shove, but he wont.

Tommy Jensen

“We have many many problems to find the highest bidder and the reason is the others.”


Proxies war is about to start while Assad watches ….

Turkey and US each with their own proxies will be fighting it out .
Assad best is to keep low profile and not involved until both had killed each other then moves in.

Most likey Turkey side will win as US has no forces there to do anything other than supply weapons.
to the Kurds who are silly enough to go along and get themselves killed.


Turkey-Russia agreement on Idlib has created a safe heaven for terrorists in this area. Turkey supports and helps terrorists here, and Russia tolerates Turkey behavior.

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