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Turkish Foreign Minister Admits ‘Some Problems’ With Idlib Deal Implementation


Turkish Foreign Minister Admits 'Some Problems' With Idlib Deal Implementation

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu. IMAGE: AP Photo/Burhan Ozbilici

Even Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu admits that not all is going fine with the Idlib demiltarization zone deal in northwestern Syria.

The Russian news agency TASS reports (source):

The Turkish-Russian agreement on establishing a demilitarized zone in the Syrian province of Idlib “is being implemented at a good pace,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told the CNN Turk TV channel on Friday.

There is a need to take additional security measures along the M4 and M5 highways [in Idlib],” he said. “The memorandum on Idlib is being implemented at a good pace. However, the steps we have taken will not make it possible to ensure a permanent ceasefire unless a political solution is found,” the Turkish top diplomat added.

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at a briefing on Thursday that “despite Ankara’s significant efforts to implement the Russian-Turkish memorandum signed on September 17, difficulties persist in setting up a demilitarized zone in Idlib.” In this regard, she mentioned last week’s attack on the Syrian government troops’ positions near the Jurin settlement, carried by terrorists affiliated with Al-Qaeda (outlawed in Russia), which claimed the lives of 18 military servicemen.

According to the Russian-Turkish memorandum, signed in Sochi on September 17 following talks between the two countries’ presidents, a 15 to 20 kilometer-wide demilitarized zone was to be set up in the Syrian province of Idlib by October 15. However, Ankara asked to be given more time and postpone the launch of joint patrols, saying that it was impossible to guarantee security.



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  • potcracker2588

    listen carefully between the lines

    There is a need to take additional security measures along the M4 and M5 highways [in Idlib],” he said. “The memorandum on Idlib is being implemented at a good pace. However, the steps we have taken will not make it possible to ensure a permanent ceasefire unless a political solution is found,” the Turkish top diplomat added.

    “will not make it possible to ensure a permanent ceasfire UNLESS A POLITICAL SOLUTION IS FOUND”

    in other words…as long as assad is in power, there cannot be peace!!!!!

    russia cannot accept such a stance anymore….gloves should be taken off, hence turkey HAS TO LEAVE SYRIA………if not this could backfire immensley for russia….because a miliitary confrontation between SAA and TAF is now on the horizon……which again would mean war with nato.Nato(us,uk,french) would love such a szenario……..
    again…it was russia which gave the green light for the turkish invasion…it was russia which decided on evacuations to the idlib zone…… and i wrote about both actions and the consequences in the near future(that was months ago)……..the consequences are here now….and only russia can solve the mess by making turkey leave syria if they still have leverage on them which i now see more the other way round.Turkey now has the best cards in syria.It can, and does, play both sides of the table..on one side russia, and on the other usa/nato.
    For me the above mentioned actions of the russian leadership is still mindboggling to me.Nobody still has not once explained why russia gave the green light to turkey to invade first afrin and later under the major bs idlib agreement a dozen “observation posts” in idlib.Knowing that the 1 major enemy of Assad is erdogan.Turkey was the numver 1 isis and alnusra sponsor in syria…99% of all foreign combatants came through turkey.open knowledge no secret.
    I can always only come to the conclusion that this is all a set up. a fix. a fairty tale.
    That all nations that recognize the illegal satanic entity named israel are part of a jewish satanic agenda.A one world government, with jerusalem as its capital under satanic jewish leadership.
    I know most folks again will make a mokery out of my writtings,, but if one takes into account all the various literature out there, and im talking about thousands of pieces, and the kowldge we have of the “real” dealings in the 20th century and all the collusions and all the lies concearing historic past events….and then when here in 2018 we still have 95% of nations recognizing israel, a country that has broken every human rights law daily since its brutal through war and theft , hence genocide created fake nation, were all other nations KNOW they are nuclear armed and chmeical and biological weapon armed, not one ever was there a slight motion against them.not once.
    A country that for years now, has practically besieged a tiny enclave named gaza, nothing in , nothing out.a clear vilolation of all human rights laws and war crimes par exellence.Nothing nada not one motion against.nada. all the assasinations carried out with impunity all around the world.
    i could go on and on…anyway there can only be 1 logical conclusion.

    The jews control our planet.
    but they have not succeeded with their agenda yet…….they need a nuclear standoff between east and west first.thats what they are working for.And if one takes the latest actions taken, in regards to nuclear weapons, both parties are sinking the level of engagement right now, meaning nukes can be used even if the attack was conventional.the various treaties in regards to nukes or ballistic missiles are all beiing sabotaged one by one.the path they are taking us, dont look to bright brothers

    • Jens Holm

      Russia didnt give green light. Assads insisted in overwhelmong dirty red light by telling those Afrins, that the Damaskus should take over as it was rightaway.

      None Afrins has fighted for that at all not even the few Turkmens there.

      More insane as ususal, You use about 2/3 blaming Israel for 5 armies up there too.

      And nukes or threat by them made 500.000 dead and 12 mio not at home as well as millions are wonded for life at bodies and soul – And You continiue.

      Like Soloman was a butcher and right away cut the child to as many pieces as there was a wish for.

  • adzsiam

    If its impossible to guarantee security on your part, you think its possible to guarantee restraint on the part of Syria?! Russia and Iran will have Syria’s back if an Idlib / Latakia offensive were to happen. Who is going to back Turkey?!

    • Brother Ma

      Both Turkey and Russia are candy- coating the fact that the deconfliction failed for their own reasons. Russia and Syria need to rain lead and fire on the turco alphabets and their turco military/intelligence handlers now!

  • Jens Holm

    New version of peace dividende.

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    The “problems” will end when the Turks crawl back into their sewer Turkey.

  • gustavo

    Pproblkems or not problmes Syria-Russia-Iran-Hezbolah must get rid of terrorists in Idlib and to remove Trukish from this area and send them back home (for good). Russia must stop playing seudo-peace agreements with Turkey against Syria people will. Syria people want to recover their whole land. They want Turkey and USA out of Syria, and kurds (USA-puppets) out of Syria or under Syria law.

    • Brother Ma

      Bravo. TURKS ,YPG traitors and YANKEE and Co ,out of Syria now!

  • Smaug

    Yeah, the militias that cooperate with Turkey follow the ceasefire, while everyone else is trying to coax the SAA into doing their dirty work for them.

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    its interesting, turkey has gotten itself into a bit of a pickle/bind here, if they were to completely withdraw from syria, they know the kurds and other jihadis they abandoned will want to come get their revenge, so they must be wondering should we stay and finish the job? or just defend ourselves as best we can? hmm

    • Brother Ma

      Absolutely true but who cares? He who sows the wind reaps the whirlwind! Hahah

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Erdogan needs time to separate his terrorists from the Saudi terrorists, his will all go north and east and the Saudis will all end up in the west and south, bye bye Saudi terrorists, your not going to last as long as Erdogan’s terrorists do, they have at least 6 to 12 months of life left, which is only a little less time than Erdogan himself has.

    • Brother Ma

      Cant wait! When will the lead and fire rain down on the rats?

  • Don Tessers

    You cant trust Erdogan, he plays double game, because of the oil pipelines through his land.