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Turkish Forces Targeted Civilian Truck On M4 Highway In Northeast Syria (Video)


On July 5 morning, Turkish forces targeted a civilian truck on the M4 highway in Syria’s northeastern region for unclear reasons.

The truck was hit with a projectile, which may be a tank shell or an anti-tank guided missile, near the town of Hawshan, 5 km to the west of the town of Ain Issa in northern Raqqa. The truck was completely destroyed.

According to the Hawar News Agency, the truck driver, 31-year old Osama al-Assaf, was injured in the attack. A number of sources confirmed that al-Assaf is a civilian.

The M4 highway is the spine of transportation in northeast Syria. The strategic highway links al-Hasakah with Raqqa and Aleppo.

The Russian Military Police reopened the M4 in northeast Syria on May 25 of this year. The step was coordinated with the Turkish military, the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian Democratic Forces.

The motives behind today’s attack remain unclear. However, there is no doubt that the attack was a violation of the Russian-Turkish agreement on northeast Syria. The attack will likely slow down traffic on the highway for a while, as less people will dare to use it.




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  • Brother Ma

    Proof positive that the supposed mutual guarding of the M4 by Russia and Turkey was a carefully orchestrated sham-to allow Turkey to still control the area or a duping of Putin… again.

    If Putin really wanted this done he would have lit up some convoys of Turco-headchoppers or starve the Turkish observations posts- littering Idlib -out.

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      br mo anani sikeyim orospu pici

      • John Wallace

        Does that translate as ?
        br mo anani fuck fuck bitch pici

        • Mustafa Mehmet


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    • Ishyrion Av

      There is still time. Putin tries to avoid an open confrontation and get things step by step, with minimum blood spill. Turks, on the other side, are just a bunch of murderers with no honor and no future. Can’t make any deal with them.

    • John Wallace

      It does appear that Syria has been divided into areas of control . America pulled back in Northern Syria to allow Turkey to take control but Russia and Syria jumped in much to the annoyance of the US. The US then pumped up their control of the Eastern oilfields . Russia has divided Idlib into Turkish control and Syrian control. That resulted in a massive build up of Turkish men and equipment and manpower into their zone. Assad is left with the rest with relative peace . Was it designed to happen or did it just evolve . Is Russia tired of the cost too it for the war. As time goes on it appears this is more of a fait accompli for Syria.

      • Brother Ma

        Yes. I believe many strategic mistakes were made. Russia should have sent in paratroopers to take the oilfields in NE Syria before the Sdf and Us got to them. Even if left as an island of Russian control, the US would not dare touch supplies coming in or out or it would mean all -out war.

        China also lost a valuable opportunity to help Syria and destroy the Chinese Turkestanis like it SAID it would. If they had, Syria would have much more of Idlib as they Turkestanis have shoughur ,a key position ?

        • John Wallace

          That was when the SAA were heading south along the Euphrates to liberate Deir Ez Zoir and the SDF changed tack to match them on the Eastern bank it became obvious it was just a blocking move. Yes a pity something wasn’t done to get control of best oilfields South east of Deir ez Zior.

          • Icarus Tanović

            SDF is bunch of treacherous clowns that runs on Marican money/propaganda and runs faster than Husain Bolt if they spot a gun in the sight.

          • John Wallace

            Is it three times they went crawling to Assad to save their arse but went back to sucking American dick. Assad saved them when Turkey attacked Afrin and opened up a road through his territory to allow them access to the western pocket and the Russians put their troops in as a barrier against further Turkish advance. Their gratitude was to steal the western oilfields went the SAA went to liberate Deir Ezzor.. I know..

          • Brother Ma

            Traitorous jackals who need to be hunted down and/ or chased into the guns of the Turks.

          • Astar Roth

            It is gonna be forth and fifth too. And they free all of oilfields in eastern Syria.

          • Brother Ma

            Yes. A betrayal . They were acting in concert with the SAA and Russian advisers but then did their own thing for their Yanker masters.

            Russia and SAA tried to downplay the loss .

            In allowing that they emboldened the tirksto move into NE Syria to take control of all dams and electricity . Seems to me that an island of Russian troops on those dams and around those oil fields would have preserved the oil and water and electricity for Syria. A great loss of resources.

            Now we hear that Turkey has switched off the taps of the Euphrates so Syria gets a trickle . First-time since 1987.

            Very bad for Syria . How long can you last with no irrigation ,major loss of electricity or oil?

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  • Mustafa Mehmet

    How come driver survive? and his van doesn’t look like been bombed. Engine caught on fire nothing else… propaganda….

  • ©igare☘☘e👽Sm⚽️k🚬ng🦉Man️🎲

    Thats the only thing those turkisis baboons can hit, civilians!

  • ©igare☘☘e👽Sm⚽️k🚬ng🦉Man️🎲
    • Mustafa Mehmet

      How come nothing happened to watermelon Rd zirtaki.. 1.2.3 answer is ready ha go on jelly brain stupid Cockroaches idiot

      • ©igare☘☘e👽Sm⚽️k🚬ng🦉Man️🎲

        Does it look to you that nothing happened to it ?

        E re karpouz’o-kefale ?

        • Brother Ma

          Fuckt that is funny! A watermelon truck!

          • ©igare☘☘e👽Sm⚽️k🚬ng🦉Man️🎲

            Watermelon like the mehmet’s head , hence karpouz (watermelon) kefalos (head).