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Turkish Forces Spotted Along Russian Military Police On Damascus-Aleppo Highway


On March 6, the Ruptly video agency released footage showing a Turkish military vehicle moving along the Damascus-Aleppo highway, known as the M5.

The Turkish military vehicle was escorted by several vehicles of the Russian Military Police. The footage was taken near the city of Saraqib, which is located right on the strategic highway.

Initially, several opposition sources claimed that Russian and Turkish forces were conducting a joint patrol on the highway. However, no plans for such patrols were announced as a part of the new Russian-Turkish agreement on Greater Idlib.

Under the agreement, reached on March 5, joint Russian-Turkish patrols will be conducting only on the opposition-held part of the M4 highway, which links Aleppo city with the coastal city of Lattakia.

A few hours after the release of the footage, pro-government and even opposition sources revealed that the Turkish military vehicle was evacuating sick or wounded soldiers from one of the besieged Turkish observation posts in southeast Idlib.

The new Russian-Turkish agreement on Greater Idlib appears to be a success. So far, no major violations have been reported by both sides.

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