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Turkish Forces Spotted Along Russian Military Police On Damascus-Aleppo Highway

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On March 6, the Ruptly video agency released footage showing a Turkish military vehicle moving along the Damascus-Aleppo highway, known as the M5.

The Turkish military vehicle was escorted by several vehicles of the Russian Military Police. The footage was taken near the city of Saraqib, which is located right on the strategic highway.

Initially, several opposition sources claimed that Russian and Turkish forces were conducting a joint patrol on the highway. However, no plans for such patrols were announced as a part of the new Russian-Turkish agreement on Greater Idlib.

Under the agreement, reached on March 5, joint Russian-Turkish patrols will be conducting only on the opposition-held part of the M4 highway, which links Aleppo city with the coastal city of Lattakia.

A few hours after the release of the footage, pro-government and even opposition sources revealed that the Turkish military vehicle was evacuating sick or wounded soldiers from one of the besieged Turkish observation posts in southeast Idlib.

The new Russian-Turkish agreement on Greater Idlib appears to be a success. So far, no major violations have been reported by both sides.

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Tim Williams

We hope you enjoyed your stay in IDLIB and ALEPPO … come back and see us again TURKEY


Corona will soon end this cruise. Russia should not even entertain these corrupt, Islamic state lovers trying to resurrect the ottman sex slavery empire


turkey has to tell or force alnusra and sisters to retreat from ariha and jisr alshoghur in 10 days ……extremly extremly impossible task …putin put erdogan in a big trap …i don’t think the turks will be able to honor the m4 agreement ….as soon as the clock ticks 00:01 03/16/2020 saa and russia should start advancing to the m4 with no possible negotiations

jhon malakiat

i am agree.

once turkey fail to fullfill agreement to free up m4 highway and all area around that, both russia and syria have a reason to advancing to m4. Even advancing until all idlieb province free.


Turk-led terrorists already occupied all of nothern Aleppo and Hasakah provinces and Russians have been doing patrols with them there for months, but why of the M5? The M5 is territory the SAA fought to liberate from terrorists, it’s not for Turks to be going on a joyride.


no patrols on the m5 only m4 ….this article shows vehicle on the m5 just because they evacuted turkish dead bodies and injured soldiers that were captured by the saa

Wahid Algiers

The only possible reason to let the smelly turks ride on M5.

Wahid Algiers

Do you really believe only one of these ISIS/al-Qaeda terrorists or other Turk-led forces members will stay alive after captured? And if so, they won’ t be brought back to turkish influenced areas.

Shia man

I don’t know it all smells fishy.
Will the Turkish observation points stay besieged or will they move out and what about the rest of the observation points under terrorist control will they leave Syria or stay and for how long will turkey patrol with Russia on M4 and why does turkey keep bring in more military convoys? Only time will tell.

Shia man

I don’t know it all smells fishy.
Will the Turkish observation points stay besieged or will they move out and what about the rest of the Turkish observation points under terrorist control area will they leave Syria or stay and for how long will turkey patrol with Russia on M4 and why does turkey keep bring in more military convoys? Only time will tell.

Tim Williams

TURKEY MUST remove any observation posts in any SAA held territory … they will go

Shia man

Read that again Tim it is talking about the post that are in the SAA held territory not the territory held by the terrorist

Tim Williams

TURKEY will be allowed to have 12 observation posts in rat territory .. 12 and only 12

Wahid Algiers

I would keep them for a while as special guests….you never know if you need some poster boys for any cases….

Tim Williams

Does this imbecile realize he is in no position to order anything ….


Shia man

Lmao ? this is too funny he still wants to feel in control

Tim Williams

Syria gives the TURK army until the end of June to remove Erdogan from office

Wahid Algiers

erDOGGY and his türkü boys will be lines up dead,,,,

Rhodium 10

Turkish armed forces are NATO member….they allowed US troops to invade Irak( during 2º Gulf war along with Kurdish militia) and Syria…they also supported US coalition vs Sadam Hussein in first gulf war….USAF have nuclear tactical bombs in Turkey….USA deployed ICBM there before Cuban Nuclear missile crisis…Turkey have been an US airbase to Spy Soviet Union with the U2….so can nothing change..and Russia should know it!

Tim Williams

you do not know what you are talking about …



But that doesn’t change the fact Turks are US Zioterrorist allies, US has been operating in Turkey for 65 years. France denied the US a military presence in France, but American and French terrorists are very much on the same team.

Tim Williams

ALEPPO AIRPORT reopens again for commercial service ..


Xoli Xoli

Tim great job thanks.


There will be terrorist acts in Turkey. The Turkish population never asked for this.

–Erdogan must go–

Tim Williams

yes there will … expect a huge ramp up in Syrian Kurd areas occupied by the TURKS

Tim Williams
Tim Williams

This will be a massive project, but badly needed …


Dick Von Dast'Ard

Will be highly upsetting for Washington/London and Tel Aviv to see Moscow and Ankara working cooperatively once again.


turkey has nothing to patrol in Syria! Syria behaves to Syria , not Turkey.

Tim Williams

PUTIN’S hard core trolling of the maniac … LOL


Dick Von Dast'Ard

EU (in particular Berlin) has to ask itself this question…
If Turkey end’s up being given the Syrian treatment by RAND-PENTAGON-CFR, then where will all those displaced Turks end up fleeing to? (rhetorical)

Tim Williams

Some R&R while watching for rats …


Tim Williams

ERDO finally admits casualties are much higher


Xoli Xoli

Kill old fuck terrorists leader Erdogan.

Tim Williams

RATS trying to leave with their wives …


Ralph Conner

What a terrible time to be a Turkish soldier.

Assad must stay

hahahaha i know right

Willing Conscience (The Truths

So is it clear now, do all the simpletons understand who actually controls what, it was actually very clear to understand when it was first announced but some people still managed to misunderstand what they were being told, and in such simple and easy to understand terms fmd.
So do you believe me now GuyQ, or do you still want to argue the point, are you going to try and tell me that picture you linked of a bus with a SAA soldier onboard is actually travelling on the M4, because this article isn’t saying any SAA are on the Turkish controlled M4, just the SAA controlled M5.


“For Assad, the primary aim of the ILIB war was to free M4 and M5.
M4 has been taken without a fight.
A quote from Sun Tzu:
“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting”.”

“Wrong analysis.”

“M4 is a highway and not a single bedroom. Syrians want its usability. Russians and Turkish patrol will allow a traffic flow from AleppoM4 to join the M5. That’s all Assad wants.”

“Sorry to disappoint you. The two highways are safe.”

As I said to GuyQ, if you can’t understand a simple announcement from the Russians how the hell could you understand something as complicated as the Art of War.
And these morons all gave him likes for his nonsensical erroneous comment,

Saint Jimmy [Russian american], stay in America, don’t go to Russia,
Albert Pike,
Saint Russ,
Al Blog,

Can’t any of you guys read a few simple words and understand them properly, why do any of you bother posting or liking any comments if you can’t even understand what’s being said, especially when someone like me tries to point out your errors and you’re still too stupid to understand that you’ve misunderstood about the article, you’re all just complete and utter morons.
All of you should go to Idlib for a holiday and take a ride on the M4 highway, I’ll wave at you from my bus that’s travelling on the M5 highway through Saraqib, because you’ll only be a few metres away on the M4, you’ll be able to see me waving easily, or pointing a finger more likely, so long suckers, enjoy your ride on the super safe highway, Erdogan will make sure you’re all well protected on the M4 he controls.

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