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JUNE 2021

Turkish Forces Resume Advance Around Tell Abyad (Map, Video)

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Turkish Forces Resume Advance Around Tell Abyad (Map, Video)

Click to see full-seize image. Source: @suriyegundemiEN on Twitter.

The Turkish military and the so-called National Syrian Army (NSA) resumed on October 12 their advance around Tell Abyad in northern Raqqa, capturing seven villages in the vicinity of the key border town.

Turkish forces imposed control of the villages of al-Dab’a, al-Dadat, Dhiyabah, Sarad, al-Jindaui and Sa’aiydah east of Tell Abyad as well as the village of al-Druliyah west of the town. The villages were captured following heavy clashes with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Early in the morning, Turkish forces launched a surprise attack on the administrative border between Raqqa and al-Hasakah, capturing eighteen villages and blocking the strategic M4 highway. The forces also imposed control of the border town of Ras al-Ayn, a main SDF stronghold.

The SDF claims that its fighters had reopened the M4 and that clashes are still ongoing inside Ras al-Ayn. However, these claims are yet to be confirmed.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the SDF has lost 74 fighters since the beginning of Operation Peace Spring.

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Zionism = EVIL

The Turks are having a cakewalk as there is hardly any resistance.


You’re a habitual liar.


There were two Kurds being pursued by Turkish jihadists when one stopped to tighten his shoe strings. The other Kurd says “What’s the point you can’t outrun these guys?” The first one says, “I don’t have to all I have to do is outrun you”.


It’s taken the Turks 3 or 4 days to capture 1% of the area along their southern border down to the M4. And there are reports that they’re being pushed back in places. At this rate it will take 300 to 400 days to capture all of it. And once they capture area they have to hold it. Which will dilute their manpower for capturing additional area. They should enter into an alliance with the Syrian government coalition, help put a no fly zone in place over the north east, and open a two front war against the SDF.


The fault is 110% the Kurds. They are complete idiots to ever get in bed with us(US). Do they have no concept of history?


This attack by Turkey will serve two good issues. Hopefully Turkey will be bled out a little, and secondly, the Kurds will be beaten into doing what they should have done before they made a deal with the devil(US), and rejoin Syria.


Turkler breakthough… Kurd anus status: abused


It is getting rough, just the beginning.


Roaches killing roaches is always fun to watch.

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