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Turkish Forces Reportedly Shelled Russian Military Police In Northern Aleppo

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Turkish Forces Reportedly Shelled Russian Military Police In Northern Aleppo


UPDATE: The Russian Defense Ministry denied reports about Turkish shelling on Russian positions in northern Aleppo. In this case, the February 4 reports are another visual example of the propaganda war that always follow military escalations in Syria.


On Februray 4, a series of  reports appeared that Turkish-backed forces (according to some versions, the Turkish military) had shelled positions of the Russian Military Police in northern Aleppo. The incident allegedly took place in the village of Kashtaar, which is located relatively close to Tell Rifaat.

These reports remain unconfirmed.

Over the past day, Turkish-backed forces have intensified attacks on positions of the Syrian Army and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces across entire northern Syria. They even launched a large attack near al-Bab, which was repelled by government forces. Local sources link these developments with attempts of Turkish proxies to assist their Idlib counterparts that are suffereing from setbacks in the battle against the Syrian Army.

If the February 4 incident is confirmed, it will lead to even further escalation in the region. Tensions in Greater Idlib and northern Aleppo are already high over the recent military escalation between the Turkish Army and the Syrian Army.


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It appears we are reaching a climax of the US propagated war on Syria and its people. The Turks have been forced to openly support their terror gangs as has the USA.

I am confident that Russian and allied strategists have prepared for this part of Idlib’s Liberation from the US Coalition of Terror.

God Speed to the SAA and all their valiant allies.


It may be a lie just like the F16’s bombing the SAA


Anything is possible in this convoluted and destructive conflict, I agree.


Canthama on syrianperspective has a great explanation.


I am not so sure about the bombing of the SAA. Even SF says this may be possible, and that Russia would not admit it to not loose face in the middle east.
If SF is right or wrong i dont know. But i would not outright dismiss it. The last days surely changed everything, and this new incident seems pretty plausible.
Again, everything has changed now. All bets are off. And Russian troops DID die some days ago.
Its endgame time in Syria. And the Turks are now again proxy for the US in part. Erdogan feels bold, and is in a very strong position.
The Russian forces in Syria are small, and Erdogan has his full military power directly bodering the scene. Remember, the same Erdogan that did deliberately shoot down the russian jet.


And i just saw, even RT Germany has also reported the airstrikes by turkey..


And also, Pompeo has just publicy said the US stands behind Erdogans “retaliation” attack rights.
The sides are clear again.

Ashok Varma

Turkey is a NATO vassal state, so the US has to support it. However, since Turkey is the clear aggressor and illegal occupier of a large part of Syrian territory, the SAA is obligated and authorized under UN charter to defend its land and people.

Zionism = EVIL

Well the Jew scum killed more Russians in the downing of the IL-20 in Syrian airspace.

Ashok Varma

Russian military is very capable and it is hampered by restrictive rules of engagement imposed by Mr. Putin.


Do you suggest starting wars with all enemies?

Zionism = EVIL

What all enemies? the Americunts are not going to fight and die in Syria and the only enemy left is Turkey who Putin is arming. Makes a lot of sense to me :)


Putin has better info and data than you and he knows what is he doing.

Pave Way IV

Come on, Russia. It’s about time. YOU know what to do…

comment image

comment image

A thirsty Smeagol is an obedient Smeagol.


Would such a water surge from the destruction of the Turkish dam ,risk damaging the Syrian dam near Raqqa , I wonder ?

Zionism = EVIL

Turkey is a weak cowardly fragmented failed state and even a major airstrike on its OPs in Syria would get the message across. The Turkeys are provoking the Russians with impunity as Putin has allowed them too, same as the old Soviet politburo failure in Afghanistan to respond to Paki terrorism and support bases for the headchoppers. Number one golden rule of war is to never let your enemies think that you can’t hit back, in modern days it is called the power of deterrence. So far the Turkeys have shot down Russian plane, the Zionists killed 15 Russians in IL-20 and over 200 Russians of regular military and Wagner Group have been killed with impunity and Russian military is hamstrung by the Jew pimp Putin. The Turkeys are getting more brazen by the day and it is time to roast a few.

Pave Way IV

It would probably be worth it to get some water flowing down the Euphrates and Tigris again. The Syrian dams are so far away and the rivers so low that they could probably handle the surge. It’s the poor people living on the river banks that would be caught by surprise. The big Turkish dams are all concrete though, so a few Russian bombs wouldn’t drop the whole thing. They could just punch a few holes in them to temporarily interrupt the Turkish water hoarding/theft.

Ray Douglas

I hope you are right as regards the Russians being prepared. They have flown a lot of stuff into Syria over this past year. i hope its not needed to be used but if it is I hope its not found wanting. At the same time, the Turks are flying terrorists out of Syria so perhaps this is just a sideshow to keep attention away from the Turks stabbing there erstwhile terrorists friends in the back.


Yes, that makes good sense. Erdogan though is rather a Blunt Weapon when he really needs to be surgical and pushing too many Turkish military into the front lines as human shields is very risky for him.

Zionism = EVIL

The Turkeys are overreaching in Syria as their Wahhabi terrorists are taking a battering. Most of the terrorists in Idlib are Turkeys, who are following the Paki/CIA model of using regular troops in mufti. Putin’s appeasement policies have failed and even boomeranged and it is time the Russian military is unshackled and allowed operational command at theater level. This should also include providing adequate mobile AD cover. In now a shrinking region size of the west bank of Palestine, around a dozen batteries of TOR, BUK and Pantsir backed up by Russian S-400 and SAA S-300 should be adequate to blast the Turkeys out of the sky. Even a more advanced Zionist F-16I was shot down by a Soviet era SA-2, so Turkey’s aging F-16 with very pilots don’t stand a chance.

Black Waters

So Putin basically provided S-400 systems to an hostile vassal state… i’been telling this for a long time, this was the most stupid move of the XXI century. I don’t usually critique Putin stance, but to me that was a huge mistake, huge. I hope that there’s some kind of “As” under that move that i can’t see, because to this day to me was completely stupid, you can’t trust snakes like Erdogan, knowing how easily he will suck Goldman Sachs cock.

Zionism = EVIL

Putin works for the same Goldman Sachs Bilderberg Jew scum, he was very happy kissing their arse in Davos, before his Americunt masters kicked him out over Crimea. The Jew oligarchs have total hold over Putin. He is not that bright and has Asperger syndrome anyway with very little grasp of reality. Only in Russia a mere major in a defunct failed “intelligence” service could become President for life. The Russian military intelligence GRU (Aquarium) is very good, but they have been sidelined by Putin and the Jews. The GRU reporting and analysis was first rate and they explained every scenario including the Paki/CIA intervention. Just like the mess in Syria today. Russian military is perhaps the best in the world in terms of soldier quality and weaponry, but Putin is micro-managing them and humiliating them.

Me&Myself None

I wrote so many comments on RT’s, Vesti’s, Spunik’s youtube channels about that stupid move. I believed that Turkey bought the unit on behalf of the US. All the pretended animosity between Turkey and the US at that time was a way to fool Russia into speeding the delivery of the unit to Turkey.

Zionism = EVIL

I said the same. The Turkeys are a third world shithole and have no technical capability, the S-400 are already being dismantled in Nevada and are compromised.

Ashok Varma

Turkey is the new Pakistan of the Levant and will suffer the same blowback for sponsoring Salafist terrorism.

Ashok Varma

Turkey is playing a very destructive spoiler role and is the new Pakistan in terms of being a terror hub.


The Brave Turkish Warriors of the Holy Ottoman Empire are doing everything to fight for Freedom & Democracy! They recently celebrated the international reaction to The Armenian Genocide (also known as the Armenian Holocaust) was the systematic mass murder and expulsion of 1.5 million ethnic Armenians within the Ottoman Empire (most of whom were citizens) by the Ottoman government from approximately 1914 to 1923.

Assad must stay

get outta here

James Kira

1. asshead invites nonMuslims to fight Muslims
2. asshead is allied with iran and kufar
3. asshead iran hezbollah are traitors to Islam
4. asshead iran hezbollah and russia dont even gaf about the basic rules of Islam
5. asshead iran hezbollah and russia are nationalists which will be their downfall

Neo Onh

you have your head up your ass obviously…

James Kira

Thats a matter of perspective, and only one side can be right.

The kikes are going to lose, and Muslims are going to win, so asshead who ran to putin who is a fake christian, has his head up his ass and will go down the toilet of history with the kikes.

Zionism = EVIL

What Muslims arsehole? the fucking Wahabbis are even worse than Jews.

James Kira

Yes saudis financed mosques in Afghanistan and yes that was Talibans primary means of education.

Taliban couldnt afford Hadith Books and were jealous and complexed about that, until Sheik Osama(swt) gave them the lowdown on Sunnah and AHadith.

I was raised in west vancouver and actually my preschool teacher and grade one teacher were jewish ans taught me hannukah.

These are facts.


1. kikes are the worst
2. saudis are traitors
3. americunts and euros are bitches
4. And assheadists are russian nationalist

Change your alias to something less colloqial because surely you will die in your state.

And Ive sworn never to go back to canada, so be like me and gtfo of your western cuntry at least.

Otherwise you are evil.

Zionism = EVIL

Sorry, not interested in Islamist baloney and hairy fairy desert “gods” that have wrought so much misery for humanity. Get educated and get secular or get fucked by a Rabbi or a mullah.

James Kira

assheadism = zionism


Glownegro account detected

James Kira

Guy with an alias: “Yes, lets censor like the zios do.”

James Kira

Definitionally, irans alliance to russia makes iran a traitor to Islam.

Iranians cant face public daylight anymore, just like the zios and christians cant (unless theres paid security).

James Kira

1. iran is a new traitor
2. saudis are old traitors

3. Turkey is new neutral
4. Some Rebels were traitors

5. HTSAQTaliban hate the above

assheadists like zios pin the above on 5.

5 can pin hezbollah on iran and assheadists and russia

Facts are facts, and hezbollah cant disassociate from iran just as iran cant asshead.

These arguments go around in circles, but the Facts are Facts in the end.

Its true that Rebels get money from the west, and Rebels are sectarian, but needing money and being dumb arent criteria that would make them traitors or evil.

I know iran and hezbollah know the Criterion, because I was iran/hezbollah, thats why when russia bombed Aleppo I disassociated, whereas hezbollah and iran do associate and keep silent about it.

Im only here to enforce the Truth, because I know they cant get away with it.

I dont care about assheadists or even ProPalestians, because they are no different from christians who hang with zios in the same way assheadists associate with russia.

Its these finer nuances that assheadists dont care about just like kikes and americunts dont care.

But I know for fact that despite how uneducated and dirt poor Rebels are, they do know and they do care about matters of morality conduct and rules of warfare and chivalry.

putin is a joke and garbage but less so than assheadists. And hezbollah are more garbage than iran.

AQ is based and americuck and nationalists are a f7cking joke. assheadists are the new msm humping russians to save them from the jews, but relative to Rebels assheadists behave and act and think like jews, its disgusting.

Concrete Mike

Only isis uses the word kuffar, so i would say your correct well done!

Zionism = EVIL

Jew trained Wahabbi language.

James Kira

Yes they do and even Rebels use the Black Flag.

Kufar is how our Creator(swt) refers to you guys in AlQuran, even in Shia Fiqh.

The Black Flag is Human made, but one of a few closer representations of Religion that kikesis tried to steal.

Relative to the ghey iranian flag that looks jewish, the Black Flag is Based.

Zionism = EVIL

Jew boy, Assad is an educated secular leader and the best hope for Syria and in any case he has won as 85% of Syria (minus the Golan) is now under his control and we are at an end game.

James Kira

Yes hes edjewcated as you or I.

So we should know that as Muslims, kurds who control 30% of Syria cant ally with kikes, to your 85%.

brit jew boys claim to have land where the sun never sets, so maybe asshead and you equate that with winning.

end game is just precursor to End Times, which is precursor to Judgement Day.

Therefore self Judgement, and not being a traitor, is more important than an edjewcation or territorial control.

James Kira

kikesis asassinated about half a dozen AlNusra Commanders when Sheik Joulani left kikesis, so in a way I am the AQI ISIS but without the Zarqawi sectarianism or the bagdadi traitorism (Joulani has an awesome Legacy, and kikes fake christians and their new russian/iranian/assheadist ally is going down with them)

Our Legacy is Based, and we arent the traitors, and on Judgement Day we will all see what is the Truth.

James Kira

I will come back to upload my arsenal.

In the meantime:

1. iranians know they are traitors
2. you know you no different from jews
3. Rebels are not extreme, but the centerpiece of what the kikes, athiests, and nationalists hate so much.

nato and the axis are now drawn into the GeoSphere, with no more out.

And 3 years from now you will understand what Im saying.

Because I was touting russia and axis before even assheadism and southfront existed.

You assheads are riding my wake.

(You cant understand what a few days of trolling does to your psyche just like kikesis couldnt when I f7cked them up, just like how f7cked up the kikes have become knowing that Haplo J or R is japeth)

Three years from now you will be thinking “Im that jew”, because today I already warned you about it.

James Kira

The Bible is an awesome Book and Story, its truly Epic.

zios/jews/assheadists are simply people who have no interest in Religion except maybe christmas and new years.

Believers are People who have read it once like a Movie, and therefore understand the Story and agree what happened.

So as youve agreed, you arent interested yet and in 3 years you may know exactly what I mean.

Until then you will ride and game and read history, like I have, and then get bored maybe. Its your time and life.

Ive mountain biked in vancouver, iran, and japan, street, cross country, and mountain. And Ive played 2 player Contra, Streetfighter, and Doom, and the Incredible Machine, as well as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Ive even played the arcade PacMan when it came out The portable arcade Donkey Kong, and PS2 Armoured Core in NetCafes while my Wife read Mangas, in the 90s.

But Im Certain there is cooler stuff in the Afterlife. And Im Certain that aerial weapons with a civilian collateral rate of like 90% will not bode well for my future, so I make sure any taxes I pay never go to aerial bombardment, whether its jews, christians, or assheadists doing it.

I always stick up for the underdog even if the underdog will lose, Im 100% loyal to Gazans and any Humans like them.

Im Based and dont gaf what anyone thinks, no matter where I stand. Because I stand by my principles.

I conceptually understand Religion from a scientific basis, ergo Ive read it all so to speak. And I watch Star Wars Star Trek Transformers Marvel and DC over and over, because Im an expert between Right and wrong, whether its Fiction nonFiction Drama or SciFi, Business Economics History DNA GeoPolitics etc.

I know I come across as weird but Ive followed both Khomeinist(rh) and AlQaedists for more than 20years, including asshead his father that geezer khamenei and fatrullah when he boarded that bus with the bs to defend Zainabs Shrine.

I Believe in Shia Hadith but Believe Sheik Osama(rh) and similarly Sheik Joulani are the superheroes of our time.

I know everyones history in real time for 44 years, including Kids who left Iran and Iraq during that war.

Zionism = EVIL

Back to the MADrassa moron and sit in a headchoppers lap.

James Kira

Ive lived in a Madrasseh, in Mashhad Iran, and hung out with thousands of Iranians, and hundreds of Foreign Shias from around the world.

And Ive never been in a Sunni Madrasseh ever.


This guy is probably posting from Langley, VA

Joe Doe

As Turkey military shown aggression towards SAA from Turkey surrounded posts by SAA, Syria should not allowed any resupply of the Turkeys posts. Those Turkey posts are treat to SAA and should be eliminate. One way will be not allow any time of resupply. It would be upto Erdogan to pull those Turkey solders from the post to safety or let Erdogan starve own soldiers.

Assad must stay

lol torkis just keep fucking themselves

James Kira

asshead: legitimately invites the coronavirus into syria

putin: openly claims to use syria as a testing ground

asshead: gets offended when his paid stooges get knocked off like ragdolls

iran: knows that its now a traitor and deserves to get killed

assheadists: afraid to get beheaded

James Kira

btw: Turkey is ranked the strongest Islamic Military.

(nonIslamic = jews and their cucked christian all-lies)

Lazy Gamer

In times like these, there are usually airstrikes or missile strikes from the US or from Israel.

Cheryl Brandon


Concrete Mike


Jimmy Jim


Zionism = EVIL

Turkey is also the sponsor of terrorists and their quartermaster. Unless, the Turkeys pay a heavy price this terror war in the region will never stop. Even the puppet UN chief, today called it madness and cited Libya and Syria as the worst cases.

Cheryl Brandon

comment image

Zionism = EVIL

Well, with scum like Saudis, Emiratis, Egyptians and other Arab pimps collaborating with the Zionist gutter trash, they have more or less achieved it. The Zionist expansion in Palestine is now irreversible unless there is a unified war of liberation. Mahmoud Abbas, the old senile traitor and the corrupt PA are pimps for the Jews.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Are the Turks trying to kill Russian soldiers, it certainly looks like the are.
The Turks have been attacking the Russian controlled sector of Aleppo since january last year, and normally they’re just retaliatory strikes by Turkish artillery in response to ALF attacks in the Turkish controlled sector, but not lately, lately the Turks have been attacking this area with no provocation at all, only few days ago the Turkish proxies attacked 3 towns in this area and one of them was in the Russian controlled sector, they didn’t manage to take the Russian held town but they did over run the 2 SAA held towns for a while.
All the yellow areas around Tall riff at are Russian held territory and the Russians have regular patrols all through the area, and yet the Turks are happily bombing the whole area, I think it’s just a matter of time before an accident happens, 19 Turkish artillery strikes in 3 days is a good way to accidentally kill some Russian soldiers, I’m surprised Putin hasn’t pulled Erdogan up for it yet.


Luke Hemmming

Did anyone notice the shirt the commander was wearing as he was interviewed towards the end of the video? It has US army on it LOL.

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