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Turkish Forces Reportedly Besieged Large Area North And West Of Afrin City

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Turkish Forces Reportedly Besieged Large Area North And West Of Afrin City

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On March 17, the Turkish Army General Staff announced in an official statement that the Turkish Army units reunited north of the city of Afrin effectively besieging the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the district of Ma’batle and large parts of the districts of Bulbul, Jandaris, Rajo and Shikh al-Hadid north and west of the city.

Local sources have not confirmed the Turkish Army General Staff’s claims yet. However, sources linked to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) reported that the Turkish Army and the FSA had captured the villages of Shrkan, Tattara, al-Amiryiah, Sheikh Ubasi, Jaqli Jum, Khaltan Kherbi, Ashqan Sharqi and Jatal Qabu northwest and west of Afrin.

The Turkish Army and its proxies also continued their advance around Afrin itself and captured the central prison west of the, city according to the sources.

Meanwhile, the Kurdish Hawar News Agency (ANHA) reported that airstrikes of the Turkish Air Force (TAF) on the city of Afrin had killed more than 47 civilians over the past 24 hours.

The YPG didn’t release any new report regarding the ongoing clashes in Afrin area on March 17. This may confirm that the Kurdish force is collapsing all around Afrin. The Turkish Army will likely be able to capture all the remaining villages west and north of Afrin in the near future.

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Fehim İsa (Vanlı69)

Game over, now cry hard terorist supporters in this site, next goal manbij

John Brown

and then on to Kobane, Qamishli, Hasakah. If Kurds think life under Syria was bad maybe they want to live under the Turks instead, what is left of them after Turkey levels their cities.

javid soltani


Fehim İsa (Vanlı69)

im a Kurd man living in Van province of Turkey, Turkey is best place for Kurds ,we saw that kurdistan be like in northen iraq, hell no


you are shit, not kurd!

Fehim İsa (Vanlı69)

cry bitch im a kurd my father from bahçesay(müküs) and my mother from gürpınar(kirl) if dont belive me come to my village in van and ill beat u till you die


aha! you are that armenianskiller spue!

Richard M

You are George Soros!

Richard M

And then Vienna? Where you failed in 1529 and 1683?


What about İstanbul xD

Richard M

Occupied by Britain, France and Italy for 5 years 1918-1923! Who else, in the last century besides Berlin and Tokyo have had foreign troops in their capital for so long?


I wish assad will take omar field and north, then will be no more yellow in syria. Turkey, İran, Syria will make a peace after to many lost for nothing.

You can call me Al

The Omar field is East of the Euphrates, what are you on about ?.


Nort, Rakka, tel abyad etc.

Hulusi Akar

Those black smokes are caused by YPG, they burn the houses, cars and make propaganda. YPG is fleeing afrin right now all their commanders left the city.


Shut up you tirkish animal! Nuke you, then VX and tjhen marburg viros. the survivors + turkish animals from EU collent in miniturkey around Ankara.


You can call me Al

FOOOOK off you inbred POS. He is absolutely correct and as usual you talk drivel.


Nuke also mekka and tehran

Augsta “Augsta”

Nuke your mother in her dirty pussy…


Who talks such about women shpuld be slowly dissolved in acid.

You can call me Al

Not Tehran, I have nothing but respect for the Iranians……mmm, well I say that after spending 1 week there, so maybe I should reconsider.

javid soltani

how u know all the commenders lift the ?

Richard M

Yes, those dastardly Kurds are killing themselves by the thousands to make Sultan Erdogan and the Ottomans look bad ;-

Pave Way IV

Let’s see now… our entire source of Afrin ‘news’ consists of either suspicious (but little) Kurd propaganda – or – the usual Turk body-count reports. Yet pretty much NO reports from the ‘Turkish’ FSA. Are there hundreds of tFSA involved? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Turkey suggested they were predominantly Turkomen or ethnically Turkish, but Kurdish media say nothing about who they are actually fighting there. Regular Turkish troops there are huddled around their armor in fortified positions, not running around the weeds fighting Kurds.

So the only thing we can conclude with high confidence is that CENTCOM is not running the usual all-too-obvious and over-the-top propaganda campaign(s) regarding Afrin. PsyOps doesn’t get paid to just sit on their asses all day. If they are not astroturfing this operation for either the Kurds or the Turkish FSA, then the US already knows and expects the outcome (and it’s somehow favorable to US interests in Syria) or they want everyone to ignore the Turks ethnically cleansing Afrin of Kurds.


Ethnic cleansing and genocide by the Turks and their proxy jihad scum. And mind this: they will stay and not hand this land over to Syria like Israël occupies Golan.

Feudalism Victory



NATO invades syria (and the NATO tactics on the ground are actually boasted about in all the propaganda), and the usual low-IQ, Team Saker supporters on our side CHEER.

But look thru the comments here, and you’ll see the CIA/GCHQ shills who all scream anyone down (as the ‘sheep’ did in Animal farm on behalf of the ‘pigs’) when Putin’s fatal mistakes pointed out.

Look, let me make it REAL easy to understand. When Adolf Hitler planned to use ‘blitzkrieg’ to conquer much of modern Europe, he desperately hoped the allies would fail to prepare for this new form of warfare, and instead continue to hype OBSOLETE and USELESS methods of defense like the ‘Maginot Line’.

Those that cheer for Putin’s failed methods here are like those that said the Maginot Line could not be defeated. And many of those people were really Hitler’s own hidden agents in France at the time.

Turkey = NATO. No-one with even one functioning braincell can deny this factually. Turkey has launched a massive invasion of Syria, except the ‘turkish’ military methods are actually state of the art NATO tactics. The Deep State shills here who dribble one-line comments that are immediately upvoted need you to ignore the history of this NATO invasion.

1) Turkey traps and destroys a Russian jet engaged in fighting key ISIS forces.
2) NATO arranges a false-flag fake coup attempt in Turkey
3) America trains and arms kurds in the region.

This play is SO transparent, even Assad saw through it, and screamed to Putin that Turkey must not be allowed to invade Syria on its back. But Putin slapped Assad down, HARD, and gave the Deep State direct permission to begin the invasion. Putin is so pathetic, he needs to imagine friendships with people so obviously on the other side, it makes one’s jaw drop.

But the NATO invasion of Syria is nothing in and of itself. It has a vastly darker purpose- to act as a CONVINCER to doubters that the Deep State needs to convert. The people who must sign-off on the coming blitz on Syria by America, France and Germany.

Even at the height of his powers, Adolf Hitler had thousands of key people who were NOT formal members of the nazi party that he had to constantly convince to remain in favour of his key plans. Dribblers are told, in FAKE NEWS, that people like Hitler can just wave their hand, and everyone will fall in line. Nothing could be further from the truth. No matter how powerful, there are an extraordianry number of key people around and beneath you that you must keep on board.

Britain, America and France’s plan to blitz the Syrian government into final destruction has this exact issue. A metric ton of key people that must be convinced to go along with a plan that on paper places the West in direct conflict with Russia. The CONVINCERS used to win the support of these people are all PROOFS of Putin’s spinelessness, stupidity and servitude.

-Hence the NATO invasion of Syria- backed by Putin.
-the mass murder of russian irregulars in Syria- backed by Putin.
-the obscene UNSC sanctions against the people of N Korea- backed by Putin

The Deep State goes to its key people and reminds them of the above facts and many others. And then says “in the light of Putin’s history, do you really think we have anything to worry about if we blitz Syria and finish off Assad?”

The ‘novichok play’ was the last brick in the wall. The last chance for Putin to prove he had balls. And Putin failed the test perfectly as always. The doubters are convinced and the final preparations for the strike on Syria underway.

In the meantime, my simple-minded comrades, put on your blinkers for one last time, and go upvote all the CIA/GCHQ comments here that tell you what you want to hear.


Take your meds.

Feudalism Victory

Likewise putin cannot “wave his hand” he must convince his doubters and bring key people onside.

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