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Turkish Forces Opened Fire On Civilians On M4 Highway Once Again (Video)

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On July 22, Turkish forces again opened fire on civilian cars passing on the M4 highway in Syria’s northeastern region.

According to the Hawar News Agency, the cars were targeted with machine guns between the town of al-Julabiyah in northeastern Aleppo and the town of Ain Issa in northern Raqqa.

25-year old civilian Ahmad Ali from the town of Tell Abyad in northern Raqqa was injured when his truck was hit. He is currently receiving medical care.

The M4, which links al-Hasakah with Raqqa and Aleppo, was reopened with Russian guarantees last May. The step was coordinated with the Turkish military, the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian Democratic Forces.

This was the second such incident on the M4 this month. On July 5, Turkish forces targeted a truck on the highway with a shell. The truck was completely destroyed and its driver was injured.

It remains unclear if the Turkish military itself was responsible for these incidents, or whether Syrian militants were behind them. In any case, these attacks are disturbing peace in northeastern Syria and damaging Turkish-Russian cooperation in the region.


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johnny rotten

Centuries pass but the barbarians always remain barbarians, with no respect for human life, is what we see every day in Turkey occupied by the Mongols and in Palestine occupied by fake Jews from East Europe.


It’s time that Trading Standards seized all the ‘Fake Jews’ and disposed of them in an environmentally acceptable way. :)

Brother Ma

As far as I am concerned Turkey is an invader just as the US is and is not to be treated as an ally by Russia. Yes ,Russia suborned Turkey from the US in Syria but it still was at Syria’s cost ,not Russia’s. Russia should still be dropping hot lead on Turks ,their alphabet proxies and jihadis. Why are Turk forts not starved out yet?? Why hasn’t Idlib not being reclaimed yet? Why did Russia stop Syria’s attacks on Turkey in Idlib? Very shady and I don’t think it is 5d chess anymore.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Turks announced that they were going to pull their forces out of all the besieged OB posts in Idlib and Hama, but they were doing it for their own reasons, sadly not at Russia’s request, Turkish media made the announcements just a few months ago.

Brother Ma

I still believe almost all forts are still there , armed and supplied . Turk promises mean nothing until borne out in deeds. I haven’t heard anything here saying Turk fortresses have been shut down enmasse and leaving.

Proturks have gone quiet here which tells me a lot.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You can’t trust anything Erdogan says, 100% correct.
This is what the article actually said, other related articles hinted covid 19 was partly responsible for the change in stance, but don’t hold your breath waiting for the Turks to leave, you may run out of breath first.

“Recalling that the deal stipulated the creation of a security corridor stretching 6 kilometers to the north and 6 kilometers to the south of the M4 highway, Çavuşoğlu provided an update on the ongoing arrangements to make the area safer.
The creation of a new safe zone in Idlib is one of the objectives, the minister said, hinting that it could lead to a new defense line for the Turkish troops deployed in the enclave. That would result in the relocation of the Turkish troops in the area, including its observation posts in the southern parts of Idlib under full control of the Syrian and Russian military, he added.
Turkey had established 12 observation posts in Idlib in line with the country’s Sochi deal with Russia in late 2018, but half of them are now surrounded by the Syrian army as a result of a months-long operation by regime forces against opposition groups in the area. Russia has long pressed Turkey to withdraw these troops, but Turkey has been reinforcing them against a potential regime attack.”
Çavuşoğlu implied that the Turkish troops may be relocated in line with the new realities in the field and arrangements to be made with the Russians. That would practically end the Sochi deal that led to the de-escalation zone in Idlib and replace it with a new order and a map in the region.


Willing Conscience (The Truths

Russia isn’t the only ally of Syria that panders to Erdogan at Syria’s expense, Iran is just as culpable and possibly even more culpable of treachery to Syria, that’s if we really want to lay the blame and point the finger.
The most harmful thing ever done to Syria and Assad was resolution 2254, and that was Iran and Russia both stabbing Syria/Assad in the back at Erdogan’s request.
Assad refused to accept his Russian and Iranian allies resolution for nearly 5 years saying it gave the Turkish backed opposition too much power, but last year when the UN told Assad they’d make a new agreement with him, ASSAD ACCEPTED THAT NEW OFFER THE VERY SAME DAY THE UN MADE IT.
So he refused his allies for nearly 5 years and yet he accepted the new UN offer the very same day it was made, that was absolutely INCREDIBLE, Assad accepted the new UN deal because it gave the Turks way less say in Syria’s new political process, but Assad only accepted the lesser of 2 evils, it’s still a terrible deal and only just a little better than the Russian/Iranian/Turkish resolution was.
The only political group in the whole world that are now 100% pro Assad, and also totally opposed to resolution 2254, and also totally opposed to the Turkish intervention, and totally opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood, are the very same people who helped start the troubles in the first place, the Arab League Nations [AL], Assad’s old foes are actually now offering Assad way more help than either of his allies are, WAY WAY WAY more, 100 billion from the Saudis alone.
Everything changed in june 2018, the Syrian war actually ended when everyone said Assad could remain in power [the Arab league, the US, and Israel], and the only people who continued to say Assad couldn’t remain in power after june 2018, was Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood.
So the Syrian war only endures because Erdogan says it must, no one else does, and who helps Turkey the most, it’s Russia and Iran.

The sad truth is some people do play chess with other people’s lives, and even sadder still, Syrian lives still don’t seem to be worth much in those peoples eyes.
The Arab league aren’t any better than anyone else is, possibly even much worse, but they do have a common cause with Assad now, so that’s something Assad should be using to effect, but since moral men don’t do deals with the devil no matter how good the deal is, Assad just keeps saying no to them, sadly the Syrian people would be a lot better off if Assad was just a little less moralistic.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

SF really means damaging Turkish Russian and American cooperation LOL, don’t try to hide the truth SF, people like me can’t let you, US drone strikes against Rouse the Believers Operation Room members required Russian approval, ‘yes you can use your ninja missiles to chop up Erdogan’s love children’.
The M4 highway will be reopened soon, all the way east to all the way west, so the Turkish dream is nearly here, but HTS’s Salvation Government will be in big trouble when it’s reopened, they’ll lose out big time, but they won’t be the biggest losers though, sadly that title’s reserved for Assad, he’ll actually be the biggest loser when the highways finally reopened.
I keep telling everyone the SNC and SDC/SDF are nearly finished negotiations on a power sharing arrangement, is anyone listening, the SNC and SDC/SDF are nearly finished negotiations on a power sharing arrangement, I’ll say again, the SNC and SDC/SDF are nearly finished negotiations on a power sharing arrangement,
and all the slaves say, ‘so what’,
The Turkish backed Syrian Interim Government and the US backed Autonomous Government have already started the initial stages of what’s required to form a combined opposition Syrian Government, the very first stage of the very first stage of the very first stage, BUT IT’S THE START.

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