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Turkish Forces Opened Fire At Civilian Traveling On M4 Highway In Northeast Syria (Video)

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On August 2, Turkish forces opened fire, once again, at civilians traveling on the M4 highway in Syria’s northeastern region.

According to the Hawar News Agency, the incident took place near the town of Hushana, which is located between the towns of Ain Issa, in the northern Raqqa countryside, and Jalbiyah ,in the northwestern countryside of Aleppo.

As a result of the Turkish attack, civilian Abdul Qadir al-Nabi Ibrahem, 43, was injured. He sustained light wounds in his left leg.

This was the third Turkish attack on civilian travelers on the M4 since its reopening last May. On July 5, a truck moving on the highway was targeted with a shell, which wounded the driver. On July 22, another truck was attacked. The driver was also injured.

The Russian Military Police reopen the M4, which links al-Hasakah with Raqqa and Aleppo, after coordinating with the Turkish military, the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Turkish forces carried out a series of attacks in northeast Syria over the last 24 hours. Late on August 1, three children were injured in Turkish shelling on northern Raqqa.

These repeated attacks by Turkish forces could lead to a new escalation in northeast Syria, where millions are living in poor humanitarian conditions. Turkey committed to de-escalate tension in the region in two separate agreements with Russia and the U.S. last year.


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Mοve along please, nothing to see here, just another Turkish genocide.


There is that same Turkey coming your way, so you better get ready to do your part, because task will not be easy at all.


Leave us alone with them, without any country helping them especially Germany , Russia and America and you will see what has to be done.!

Jens Holm

Ypou give the whole point well. Its very wrong to let people like You decide too much.


” Its very wrong to let people like You decide too much.”We probably should not have given the lights of civilization to people like you … because you made the world a brothel. BIG MISTAKE … will not be repeated.

Mustafa Mehmet

Take it easy with baked beans


Do you hear bells ringing ???? Listen to the bells ringing …. oh yes the bells will ring again in Konstantinoúpoli.


Mustafa Mehmet

you mean kostabollocks. ISTANBUL RE stop jumping up down like headless chicken I can see you calling for help ?

Laurent Parodi

Do you see why I have concerns?


I do see your concerns but,

I was talking to the Greek not to the Russian…
IF Turkey resolves lower important obstacle like Greece, they will become over ambitious (they already are over ambitious but need affirmation of their true power). And in that case danger of clash with the country like Russia can become imminent.


If they were coming our way, they would have come already.
No they are not coming our way.
They do not dare.
They know what is going to happen to them, Erdogay knows.
He only fights weak countries and with proxies, he does NOT have a reliable army, half are in jail anyway.
WE WISH they d come our way, believe me !

Mustafa Mehmet

What you gonna do re slavic


Shhh… silence turkisis terrorist cockroach! Silence !

The Kurdsish women freedom fighters are coming to slit your kebap throat.

And that jewcunt that loves to take it up the ass iron(butter)zion too.

comment image

Mustafa Mehmet

What you gonna do re slavic pips


Your turkisis retardedness is beyond any known measurement to the human kind.
It must be your Mongolic – Mongoloid heritage.

Mustafa Mehmet

Re slavic you not given me the right answer.. What you gonna do?


Turkey is a country with only a criminal record

Mustafa Mehmet

Another Greek

Mustafa Mehmet


Peter Jennings

There is no reason why the Turkish admin are having their forces attack anyone on the highway. It’s not their land to decide who gets attacked and who gets left to pass by in peace.
However, these indiscriminate attacks on civilians come as no shock to those who are paying attention. I’m sure Turkish forces will be doing a lot worse if they get their way in Syria.

Turkish forces are there illegally and are only tagging along with Russian forces to keep an eye on things in areas they are not welcome. One would have thought that International Law and the UN would have kicked in by now. Sadly both organisations have been defanged and tied up in the yard.

Jens Holm

Well there are good reasons. According the Turkish plan the higway was Turkish and very good ligitics to take more along the border, then they have.

SDFs, Assads, Russians and Americans has stopped that “taking as You wish”. I am sure that include Ain Isa as well.

Thats how I remember their roadmap for it.

Jens Holm

There will be no peace there until all the armed are killed in the land of too many silly flags.

Asking and praying for Joe Biden taking over the wholke area today make sense.

Russians are the only ones, whch has accompliced something. It much easier and cheeper for them to control that smaller part of Syria.

Porc Halal

Satan can’t help you much on this…but keep praying for…

Jens Holm

I just reflect. Itwould be nice if You see the future better and tell me about it, so I can be prepared.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

What would the Turks have to gain by attacking innocent civilians driving along the highway, they actually want to reopen the highway for business, not keep it closed, so there’s a lot more we’re not being told.

Porc Halal

When the agony for the Syrian people will terminate? All the major power are playing Risiko with their poor souls

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