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Turkish Forces In Southern Idlib Became Target Of Second IED Attack


Turkish Forces In Southern Idlib Became Target Of Second IED Attack


UPDATE: The Russian Defense Ministry commented on the incident saying that 2 Turkish soldiers were injured and 2 vehicles were damaged.


On March 24, a Turkish military column became a target of an IED attack in southern Idlib. The incident reportedly took place in the village of Sefoen near the area of Jabal al-Zawiya. Pro-militant sources claim that a Turkish soldier was wounded and a military vehicle was damaged in the attack.

The March 24 incident was the second IED attack on Turkish forces in Greater Idlib within the past 7 days. On March 19, 2 Turkish soldiers were killed and several others were injured, when an IED exploded near the Turkish military column near the village of Muhamabal in eastern Idlib.

Both attacks were likely carried out by radical miltiant groups that were upset by the Turkish decision to sign the deal on the creation of a security zone along the M4 highway with Russia. Therefore, militant groups, which have received support from Turkey, are now becoming a threat to Turkish forces.




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  • jade villaceran

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  • klove and light

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    • good american

      If you blamed that Zionist Pig(tm), you’d probably be correct this time. Clever guy, eh? Like he knew this would happen…..

      • klove and light

        ofcourse he knew…….same with the Coronavirus…….THEY ALL KNOW from where it came..which lab…which Nation……..THEY ALL KNOW…….we 99% are just the sheep..

        as far as Zionist pig Putin is concearned…..his Actions in the last 5 years said it all….

        it started with the UNSC (united nations security council) votes on LIBYA

        Putin voted YES to the NATO bombarment of Gaddafi Forces.Period.and the fucking EXCUSE of “bad judgment” …….u cant be serious??????


        Putin voted YES for a ARMS EMBARGO against the HOUHTIS, while at the same time SELLING the most modern weapons to Saudi Arabis and UAE the aggresor states that have invaded and occupied against all UN chaters a neiboring Nation and has even embarked a total blockade on the Nation and it´s People which again is against ALL UN charters and RUSSIA of all nations should know the utter Evil consequences (LENINGRAD)….so each year fucking Putin REMEMBERS the Evil Blockade of Evil nazi Germany on Leningrad while TURNING a BLING EYE on jemen.ps. his Zionist masters are doing the same with GAZA.


        against your all 99% here moronic believe that RUSSIA saved syria…NOTHING could be further from the truth.
        HEZBOLLAH and IRANIAN SHIITE Forces were the turn tables in this war.
        and if you would use your BRAIN while lokking and comparing the syria map from 2015 to 2020…………95% of territory that Syria recaptured was DESERT territory from ISIS….a 100% Terrorist Fighting force that cant veen remotely be compared to a REGULAR ARMY.
        ALl cities from Aleppo , Douma etc.. were besieged adn surrouned..and each time puitn made the EVACUATION Agreements with the worst headchoppers…evacuating to IDLIB.I wrote About this ridiculousness years ago..and that later on in years to come SAA and allied Forces will haev to fight the same bitches that they had surrounded years ago.In that regard….WHY DONT YOU LOOK AT SOUTHFRONT ARTICLES from 13 December 2016 to december 31 2016…….About the evacuation Agreement between Putin and the head choopers(signed by erdogan for them)….and how HEZBOLLAH and SHIITE iranian Forces went BESERK when they heard About this treachery…HEZBOLLAH and allied fighters torched sevral buses and fired at them and stormed other buses which were full of HTS fighters.
        After the quick SAA advances the sudden halt was at the gates of IDLIB.
        And then along came Putin again with the FIRST Agreement between Turkey and Russia.

        followed by the agrrement between Turkey and Russia on idlib


        followed by the Agreement between Turkey and Russia for North east syria

        INVASION and OCCUPATION of North East Syria by Turkey


        ps. Maybe you´ll understand when puttin it all into context in a PHRASE!!!

        Only a madman who has lost all his senses or a treacherous Zionist PIG could have the IDEA and come to the CONCLUSION that a turkish Invasion and occupation of syrian land could BENEFIT the legitimate Government of Assad.

        • Mike

          Fuck off animal.

        • StafJustice

          You have a point but not all is correct…
          Russia really helped in turning the tables around more quickly with the air strikes…
          It is also true that both Hezbollah and Iran fought very well to expell the terrorists.

          I am equally mad with the agreement, but again russia also has his interest with Turkey….
          And as usual Putin don’t want those deals to go in the dust…so there is the need of pleasing Erdogan one way or the other.

        • Ricky Miller

          Vladimir Putin wasn’t President during the Libya UN resolution, Dmitry Medvedev was. President Putin’s responsibility is first and foremost, Russia. Russia is doing the most good she can in Syria without steering the people of the Russian Federation into major war, which the electorate say consistently that they don’t want. All of us wish often that Russia would just flex on all outside players in the region and clean up this mess quickly and for good but the Kremlin has many other factors to consider, like the safety and well being of 146 million Russian citizens. Exercising responsibility and trying to balance Russia’s foreign policy doesn’t make Mr. Putin a pig, a zionist or a sellout. And he deserves more respect from you. I’ve asked you before, I’ll ask again. What have you done or personally risked to confront jihadi gangs in Syria and help the SAA? Are you there now, Mr. Big mouth? You pull for the right side in all this but your hateful hyperbole has been over the top for a long time now.

        • Vollkrassmann

          Your permanent hateful bashing on Mr. Putin is not helpful. As far as I am concerned: I do not want to hear this BS all the time you appear in this forum.
          Why are you not able to focus on other topics than this one? You surely are not too dumb to see that the real bad guys warring against the Syrian people are on the side of Israel, Qatar, USA and Turkeys and their beheader crews.

    • Mike

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    • JustPassingThrough

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      what amateur troll you are. lmao

  • klove and light

    almasdar News SAA


    Home Syria Syrian Army’s patience is running out in Idlib: governor
    Syrian Army’s patience is running out in Idlib: governor
    By News Desk –

    BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:00 P.M.) – The acting Governor of Idlib, Muhammad Fadi Al-Saadoun, told the Syria-based Al-Watan newspaper on Tuesday that the Syrian government is exercising restraint despite the continued violations of the ceasefire carried out by the militant forces.
    “We do not accept that the terrorist violations of the Moscow Agreement continue and their disruption of the joint Russian-Turkish patrols on the international route (M4),” Saadoun said.

    The governor, however, pointed out that the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) patience is running out in the Idlib Governorate.
    The Syrian official stressed: “Syria is still exercising restraint to the utmost dimensions in order to implement the agreement to completely suppress the excuses of the Turkish regime,” he continued.
    “The Turkish regime may support the terrorists to disrupt joint patrols with Russia on M-4 Highway in order for the patrols to be Turkish only and the road is under its supervision,” he added.
    On Monday, the Russian Center for Reconciliation between the Warring Parties in Syria announced that their troops had conducted its second patrol along the M-4 Highway; however, it was cut short due to security reasons.
    “On March 23, in the de-escalation zone of Idlib, and according to the Russian-Turkish agreement, the second joint Russian-Turkish patrol was conducted on the M-4 road, which links the cities of Aleppo and Latakia,” the Russian Reconciliation Center said.
    The statement added that the Turkish side pledged to take measures in the near future to liquidate the extremist groups that hinder the movement of joint patrols on the M-4 Highway.

    • Mike

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  • Mike

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    • Al Balog

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  • Dušan Mirić

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  • Xoli Xoli

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  • JustPassingThrough

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    that’ll learn ’em.

  • Ronald

    While there is some headway being made on the M 4 going from the east moving west, it will take a year at this pace. It could be geared up by an equal joint push from the west end moving east.

  • Vitex

    Popcorn, anyone?