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Turkish Forces In Greater Idlib Will Respond To Any Syrian Army Attack In Coordination With HTS – Report

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Turkish Forces In Greater Idlib Will Respond To Any Syrian Army Attack In Coordination With HTS  - Report

FILE IMAGE: aa.com.tr

Turkish troops deployed in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib had been ordered to respond to any attack by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) after coordinating with the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation (NFL) and al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on October 2.

According to the London-based monitoring group, Turkey also ordered the NFL and HTS not to shell government-held areas around Greater Idlib before informing its liaison officers.

The Turkish military maintains more than 60 posts, camps and bases throughout Greater Idlib. A day earlier, the SOHR revealed that the Turkish military deployed mortars and anti-tank guided missiles in these positions. Prior to that, self-propelled howitzers were deployed in the region.

According to the SOHR, Turkish artillery units are deployed in Greater Idlib as follows:

  • Heavy towed artillery at Binnish military post in eastern Idlib;
  • Rocket launchers and self-propelled howitzers at Taftanaz base in eastern Idlib;
  • Rocket launchers and self-propelled howitzers at Almastumah camp in southern Idlib;
  • Self-propelled howitzers at Sarmin military post in eastern Idlib;
  • Self-propelled howitzers at Abian military post in western Aleppo;
  • Rocket launchers, heavy towed artillery and anti-aircraft guns at Mount Ayyub military post in southern Idlib;
  • Self-propelled howitzers at Baluon military post in southern Idlib;
  • Rocket launchers and heavy towed artillery at al-Tawameh military post in northeastern Idlib.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan failed to reach a new agreement on Greater Idlib during a meeting that was held in the Russian resort city of Sochi on September 29.

Official Turkey sources alleged that the two leaders had agreed to maintain the status quo in the region, where HTS remains the de-facto ruler. Nevertheless, some Syrian observers believe that the SAA is preparing to launch a ground operation in the region with support from Russia.

In a recent interview with Germany’s Der Spiegel, Turkey’s presidential spokesman praised the role Turkish forces are playing in Greater Idlib.

“Some of our European friends criticize us for deploying troops in Syria. However, this should please them. We keep people in areas we control. Only because Turkish soldiers are in Idlib, 2.5 million people are not fleeing the region,” said Kalin.

Kalin didn’t mention that the region is being ruled by an al-Qaeda affiliate, or explain Ankara’s long-term plan for the region.

A ceasefire agreement on Greater Idlib that was brokered by Russia and Turkey on 5 March 2020 is barely holding up. The situation in the region is spinning out of control. Yet, Ankara appears to be determined to continue shielding HTS, the NFL and other militias occupying the Syrian region.


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Dennis Kovac

Perfect targets for Tochka missiles and this is bullshit info from Zio SOHR in London as usually

jens holm

As a minimum You should give another and better source. You cant. Next SOHR is one of the most reliable sources for Syria.

It explains nothing You write its bull as well. You should tell why, but You cant. Now go back and communicate with Your TV, Assad, the Jihadists or Erdopedia.

And dont forget to use the mirror and look at the most clever person in the world. You might take selfies too and send them and become President somewhere, where no one lives. Just wait. Soon none will live in Syria. Only the people living in tents will be alive and take over as some new United Nation Country.

Some Kurdish female will be THEIR President and support by being a nice person and re raise this god forsaken country runned by dirty transplantations of socalled honor and respect.

Missiles should have no missions there anymore. What have they solved.

Give all weapons to the women and let them kill anyone they wish. We certainly need more feminised men instead of the representatives You have now all born with magnifying glass to look bigger and more clever.

The main problem is You dont compare with the rest of the world. That seemes to be Haram, Ham or something.

Syrians do something is outside Syria because they leave. Some even take svimminglessons.

Dennis Kovac

Varför blandar du dig i ME? Danmark hatar ändå utläningar och du kan inte flytta över en fru till Danmark om du gifter dig men utläning utanför EU. Många danskar bor runt Malmö och Helsingborg, pga deras fruar kan inte komma till Danmark…

You Danish can not joke, every one knows that SAA will not attack Turkish soldiers
All problems in the ME are created of USA, England, France, Turkey, Saudi, UAE and the biggest creator Israel, who is the brain behind everything…
I do not support Israel and genocide in Palestine. Please read Yinon plan… EU is also skit, just ignoring everithing, because EU is USA puppet.

Just create Israel in USA and England, then it should be peace in Palestina and other countries.

Have a nice weekend my Danish neighbor…

Last edited 16 days ago by Dennis Kovac
Dennis Kovac

Hi Jens
All problems today strarted from Lowrance of Arabia, role divide and role. England and France created whole ME and strange borders/ walls between the same ethnic groups

England created the biggest problem 1947 and it should take a lot of time to discuss about it.

You are right about other problems around the world you described . I am supporting you 100%.

Last edited 16 days ago by Dennis Kovac
Chris Gr

Yeah, England and France did bad but people are killing each other there. Don’t forget that the oppositions of Iraq and Syria actually welcomed the US! And the US exploited it.

Dennis Kovac

Thank you, but Saudiarabia and UAE are worse then USA, England and France. Who created ISIL? Israel planned, Saudiarabia and UAE payed, USA implemented…. ISIL did not attacked Saudiarabia, Jordan, Turkey and Israel who supoorted ISIL and Jihadist in South West Syria… Especially Daara region… Do you remember all Toyotas… SAA and Russia sends ID numbers from distroyed and captured Toyotas to Toyota in Japan. Most off them were sold to UAE and Saudiarabia… Google and you will find information about it, even in USA media…

Yes, England and France are responsible for the kaos today after Lowrance of Arabia. (Divade and role) …

Last edited 16 days ago by Dennis Kovac
Chris Gr

Jordan and UAE now are more pro-Assad. And Saudi Arabia has modernized and abandoned jihadists after 2017.


yeah half true…….however it took outright western invasions to try to convince those oppositions to comply no?……..come on no?

jens holm

I see many ups and downs too + +

jens holm

Thats a relative. I see the Ottman Empire as constant declining. Maps show the osmans only controlled the coastlines, where the saudis are now.

WW2 by germany created Israel nd You forget Jordan is doing fine.

I learned a nasty joke from TV:

Some Palestinian should have a new passport and under “occupation” `same as job. he wrote Israel.

Chris Gr

Ottomans controlled Hijaz. Hijazis fought with Saudis and lost.

Chris Gr

UAE supports Assad now.

Dennis Kovac

Hmmmm UAE can be Trojan Horse after Israel agreement(Mossad agents) . What happened to Jemens Socotra who controls by UAE. Many Isarelis “tourists” are there.. Many Jews arabs are speaking perfect Arabic, passports with Muslim names are easy to manipulate in UAE by Israel…
Israelis are smart and using stupid Muslims, exept some Muslim countries which are still alive and resisting USA “democracy”….

Last edited 16 days ago by Dennis Kovac
Chris Gr

Maybe Assad is crypto-Jew? I believe that for some time.

Dennis Kovac

Hmmm you never know…


you are so stupid XD


Baba en adam pir mard hasti…..he don’t know the basics and told him it’s too late to learn in middle age. Education na dare.

Chris Gr

I am not. Alawism may have some connections to Judaism. That’s why he is secular and dislikes islamism.

jens holm

Jeg er min egen og ikke Danmark. Muslimer har af gode grunde skabt kratige kontraster og fx dansk folkeparti. Faktum er, at trods udddannelse er totalt gratis, så har 50% af de muslimske ikke arbejde efter 10år.

Hvorfor skal Vi betale til folk, der ikke vil lære at hjælpe til og endda stiller en masse særkrav som ikke tolerante danskere råber op om. Så derfor har man disse mærkelge stupode regler i Malmø, Flensborg og andre steder.

Og Jo Dennis. Historie er også min hobby, så Vi har tidligt lært en del om det gamle i ME. Og også grækenland. Vores kristne religion kom derfra med Salomon, Noah, Moses, Kain og Abel med Abraham og jeses og de mange profeter.

Jeg skriver ikke mere, for det bliver nemt taget bort …

Dennis Kovac

Tack Jens. Vi förstår varandra och jag håller med dig. Alla som som har ursakat alla krig måste ta hand om det. USA invarderade Irak, Afganistan, Lybien, även delar av Syrien. USA måste ta ansvaret och ta han hand om alla flyktingar och skicka de till USA, ej till Evropa. Hur många av de är ISIL och USA vägrar och vill destabilisera Evropa med de. Jag pratar om nutiden…Låt USA städda efter och ta hand om allt, ej vi i Europa…

Sorry my friends this was internal discussion between us…

jens holm



it says you are wasting everybodies including your own time


Jens, the only bull is when you drop your pants and kneel over for the Muslim boys after they finish with your wife

Chris Gr

Probably the deal is to let SAA and Russia bomb NFL and HTS but not Turkey and let Turkey along with NFL and HTS to bomb SAA and not Russia.

jens holm

Túrkey partly and direct has made many of those refugees too invading the SDF and not only the Afrin part.

I see no spinning. I see old skinny elephants trying to propagandize, they have a mission.

Assads must go. They have nothing to offer for people apart from control and non devellopments kindly assisted by corruption as if it was a mistake Allah made some light there.

Turks are not better. Ankara since it was started as Turkey and was made too too big in 1923 still act as some insane Kemal traumecenter and by AKP do it in the hard way to control the rest even they hardly has 50% of the votes. The Castle of Erdogan should have bars and AKP should reman there and nowhere else.

How many refugees, dead and wounded and dead and destruction is victory for any unless they are abnomalities born by accident.

I kind of feel for those Jihadists too. They grew because of Assads. Many was normal ones until the glass was full.

And sure. Kurds just as Jews, west, USA, Mossad, zionists, LGBTs, EU, Nato not even in Syria all are perfect scapegoats for the local,s because they are lied and indoctrinated to name any other choises then the local bad ones as even worse.

Nothing says we or for that matter many parts of the world is worse then Syria. Half off the population dont live at home. They have no home.

Thats the succes ???

Assads and Turks should retreat and leave the rest to decide themself.

Nothing will change until some very nasty leaders dies by age, but as long as you kill each other, You dont come here.

Chris Gr

You don’t speak the truth. Kurds are not one thing. Kurdism is fractured between 4 countries and they have so many tribes and so many different ideologies and groups.

The fight between Turks and Syrians was mostly ethnic until ideologies swept in.

Erdogan uses the Iraqi Kurds in order to advance his interests in the region. But the truth is that far back ago Turks and Kurds were allies and they killed Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians together.

jens holm

The now genosided danish Mink has better conditions then most Syrians.


The turks spill their guts and finally admit they are actively supporting terrorist orgs including al-qaeda.

Somewhat ignorant for a supposed nato member. Nice work turk clowns. nato supporting al-qaeda (rebranded), imagine that.

Chris Gr

NATO is dysfunctional and USA is against Turkey right now.

The Objective

“Kalin didn’t mention that the region is being ruled by an al-Qaeda affiliate, or explain Ankara’s long-term plan for the region.”

Bullshit. Assad should sit down at the negotiating table with the opposition or risk war with Turkey. But Russia/Assad want to take Idlib by force and reinstate dictatorship. This is highly highly unlikely to happen. If Russia thinks that Turkey is another Ukraine, then Putin is welcome to start this war. But it will mark the end of Russia’s presences on Syrian soil and the Mediterranean.


You are delusional,don’t get above your station in life.

The Objective

We’ll one day find out.
USA Taliban
Muslims are backed by a much more powerful force than the physical weapons you see. This has always been the mistake of our enemies.

Peppe il Sicario

Tell the Mongols that, you Sunni demonic Wahhabbi swine.

Chris Gr

Taliban were backed by Iran and Pakistan. But now if Tajiks invade with the help of Russia they will lose.

Chris Gr

Syrian opposition not Syrian jihadists. Big difference. Idlib and Afghanistan are ruled by jihadis.


afghanistan is ruled by jihadis and idlib is ruled by takfiris this is a different aswell you are ignorant about and again afghanistan taliban rule might be one day accepted but idlib will never be accepted takfiris will be wiped out al qaeda in afghanistan are also takfiris we will see talebs wipe them out or they will be seen standing together and the bomb will hit them together that we will send to the takfiris

Last edited 15 days ago by farbat
Chris Gr

Takfiris and jihadis are the same. Taliban were congratulated by the Al Qaeda of Syria, Somalia and Pakistan and also Hamas.


this is so idiotic this is the result of clueless people coming to west asia trying to get involved in issues they dont understand and you know what turkey is even more idiotic than you because an entity who lies to itself is utterly clueless not just of what it does but also where it will end

The Objective

What makes you think you understand any better?


war with turkey it is


we will not come short in any aspect if turkey wants war than it will get it and we will take all of asia minor and of course all those who object can try to stop us if they seek to die that is but anyway that will be the consequence of turkeys doing

Last edited 15 days ago by farbat
The Objective

We’ll see

Chris Gr

Stop saying bullshit. Turkey and Iran are allies.


we will not recognize any takfiris taking any lands they will be wiped out so dont be mistaken

The Objective

We’ll see.


btw the al qaeda part of taliban is why taliban are terrorists because al qaeda are takfiris and aslong as talebs dont get rid of this scum we might get rid of them

The Objective

Taliban is 100% advocate of Shariah. All this nonsense about takfiris, terrorists, etc. is targeted at any Muslim advocating for a return to pure Islamic law. So, your nonsense doesn’t worry me one bit.
Shariah will rule Muslim lands again whether you like it or not.

Chris Gr

Taliban are terrorists.


Open NATO alliance with terrorists – NATO is not engaged in a war ON terror, rather a war OF terror against selected non-compliant states marked for regime change operations. These US regime change operations are formally approved by US Congress under policies of US longstanding National Policy for Endowment of Democracy Program. This is an annually approved, formal and well funded, US program of organized subversion and violence against entire states.

Chris Gr

France has said that NATO is obsolete. This is correct. The new forces are Europe and Islam.

cheryl sanchez

Is the Turkish occupiers actually threatening Syrian on their own territory? are they that stupid? SAA and the Russian fighter pilots will sort them out real soon

The Objective

We’re watching.


How soon Syrian mujahideen waiting for them

Capt Steven Hiller USMC

good luck with that scumbags, SAA and russia will flatten your shit and end your pathetic lives in seconds!!!!!!!!!!

The Objective

Okay, we’ll see.


this just means that russia has to respond aswell together with syria its so stupid of turkey to think it could simply do as it pleases take territory as it pleases etc pp and now they miserably threaten russia with crimea so it would accept their terrorist capital of idlib non of this will be accepted by syria nor by the resistance

The Objective

Let Putin start bombing the Turkish forces.


So why stupid Iranian Mullah take over South Azerbaijan territory.. we are watching you

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