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Turkish Forces Established New Military Post South Of M4 Highway In Syria’s Greater Idlib (Videos)

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On November 20, the Turkish Armed Forces established yet another post in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

The new post is located near the town of Baluon, south of the M4 highway, which links Lattakia’s port with Aleppo city, Syria’s industrial hub. This is the second Turkish post to be built in Balun’s outskirts.

A day earlier, a Turkish military convoy entered the town of Kansafra, south of Baluon. Several opposition activists claimed that a Turkish post would be established there soon.

According to a report of the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Turkish forces have at least 71 posts in Greater Idlib.

Earlier this month, the Turkish military began evacuating several “observation posts” besieged by Syrian government troops in northern Hama, southern Idlib and western Aleppo.

These posts were supposed to “observe” the ceasefire in Greater Idlib. However, the Turkish military deployed heavy weapons and thousands of troops there, turning them into combat positions.

Turkey is likely planning to keep its troops in Greater Idlib for a long term. In a recent speech, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan talked about annexing parts of Syria, namely Idlib and Afrin.


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Peter Jennings

Erdogan obviously isn’t in the information loop between Damascus and Moscow. He mistakes patience for weakness and is using the troubles and misery of another state to further his political aims, and no doubt lots of praise from his business associates.

When push finally comes to shove in Idlib, Erdogan will have to fall in line with what Moscow wants unless Erdogan connives with nato to keep Moscow busy with some troubles of its own.

Mark M. Nobelman

Alot of mouth breathes kept saying this shxxt Turkey won’t go into Syria first against ISIS then said the same thing against SDF in Afrin then said again in eastern-Euphrates and then said again vs SAA. 4 times they were wrong and then said Turkey won’t go into Libya and then Nagorno-Karabakh how many times these mouth breathers were wrong it is countless

Peter Jennings

You seem to be under the impression that hostilities have ended and the Turkish admin has won a great victory. It has secured nothing but trouble ahead. Idlib is in Syria and will remain in Syria. Damascus and Moscow have decreed it.

The Syrian’s have already lost land to a nieghbouring pirate state. They sure ain’t going to let the Turkish admin walk in and take Idlib too. I don’t think the Russian admin will just stand around either. Russian/Turkish agreements are tentative at best. The Turkish admin will be forced to take a shite or told to get off the pot. At which point they will probably run back to nato.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

They declared it but did nothing to make it happen, our eyes don’t lie.

Mark M. Nobelman

If you think anyone can force feed Turkey 4 million fleeing refugees you are in for a rude awakening. They will show direct confrontation with anyone trying to force that down their throats it is national interest number 1. Russia won’t start WW3 over Idlib it is to insignificiant

Fog of War

But everyone said Turkey was leaving Idlib and it was only a ” matter of time “. So naive.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

All the Turks did was pack up and relocate the OB post, is anyone really surprised, probably not, but the location is a bit of a revelation. Erdogan’s put this one right where his favourite moderate opposition group the NFL have been copping a huge hammering from the SAA lately, he’s put it right in the middle of his NFL forces in an attempt to stop Assad bombing them into oblivion, LOL, it didn’t work last time so I don’t think the NFL should get too comfortable or feel safe just because they have new neighbours. The Turkish soldiers that are manning this OB post should also buy some really good earplugs, it’s going to be really hard getting to sleep with the sound of SAA artillery going off just up the road, and the screams of dying moderate opposition fighters won’t help either, it might give them nightmares. :]

Svincius Savickas

Turkish pigs occupy Syria, but blame Armenia for Nagorno Karabah. Double standards of the islamic pig erdomuzdogan

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