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JUNE 2023

Turkish Forces Employ Israeli-made Loitering Munition To Striek Libyan National Army (Photos)

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Turkish Forces Employ Israeli-made Loitering Munition To Striek Libyan National Army (Photos)

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Turkey, which likes to present itself a ‘defender’ of the Palestinians, is employing Israeli-made loitering munitions to attack units the Libyan National Army (LNA). (Another fun fact is that the core of the Turkish tank fleet was created thanks to Israel) A wreckage of the Israeli-made IAI Harop suicide drone was discovered by the LNA near the village of Hamada.

The Turkish military and Turkish-funded Syrian militants (redeployed from the Turkish-occupied part of Syria) are fighting against the LNA on behalf of the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA).

IAI Harop loitering munition:


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Hasbara Hunter

Turkey not with ISraHell?! Hahahaha…them Turkish Dönmeh Muslimbrothers ARE ISRAHELL!

By way of DECEPTION thou shalt do war


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Hasbara Hunter

One-star but that is only because you asked so noice…now Piss off…

Icarus Tanović

Erdogan’s muslimbrotherhood treacherous regime thinks that he cheatd all. Well, that’s not the case. Syria will turn to Turkish Vietnam.

Hasbara Hunter

Well I personally think the Original plan A was the Creation of a Greater ISraHell with the help of ISIS…when that Yinon-Plan was Bombed to Smithereens by them Russians…Plan B was an Ottoman Empire 2.0 with Dönmeh Muslimbrother: Sultan Erdocunt


Your thoughts have much merit, HH.

Assad must stay

torkis are literally wasting their lives in libya and syria for nothing

Jens Holm

MY FRIEND WIKKI SAYS:Users and producers As of 2020, loitering munitions are in use in several countries, including:

Azerbaijan – IAI Harpy, IAI Harop, Orbiter 1K China – IAI Harpy, CH-901, WS-43, ASN-301 Germany, India, Iran – Qasef-1, Raad 85 (UAV), and possibly others Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – organized program of acquiring commercial drones, and improvising them for loitering munition role Israel – IAI Harpy, IAI Harop, IAI Green Dragon, IAI Rotem L, Aeronautics Defense Orbiter, Delilah, SkyStriker. Indigenous manufacture of additional types by Israel Aerospace Industries,[59] UVision, Aeronautics Defense, Elbit Systems and Israel Military Industries[64] Kazakhstan, Poland – WB Electronics Warmate South Korea – Devil Killer, IAI Harpy Taiwan – NCSIST Chien Hsiang, NCSIST Fire Cardinal Turkey[69] IAI Harpy STM Kargu STM ALPAGU TOGAN


Rafik Chauhan

Erdogon is israeli agent in turkey . his task was to destroy Libya and Syria and ressitance. in Syria. Erdogon and turkey has nothing to do with Palestine cause. they are thief and whabhi slave scum.

Icarus Tanović

Stupid Wahhabi from Turkey thinks that he outsmarted everybody. Well, maskerade is over you treacherous pig.


Suicide drones are such a waste of money, all that equipment destroyed just to do what a tiny GPS-guided free-fall bomb could probably do better. Looks like this one hit nothing anyway.

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