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Turkish Forces Deploy New Equipment At Al-Watiya Despite Recent Airstrikes

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Turkish forces are reportedly deploying new military equipment at al-Watiya Air Base in western Libya, despite recent airstrikes.

On July 9, Libyan activists shared a video showing a Turkish military convoy heading towards the air base. The convoy was moving military equipment, which was shipped to Mitiga International Airport earlier.

Forces loyal to the Government of National Accord captured al-Watiya Air Base with direct support from Turkey on May 18.

The activists provided no information about the nature of the new equipment being deployed in al-Watiya. Some sources speculated that Turkey is attempting to deploy a new air-defense system.

Last week, the Turkish military deployed a MIM-23 Hawk medium-range air-defense system at the air base. However, the system was quickly destroyed. A number of pinpoint airstrikes, which are thought to be carried out by allies of the Libyan National Army, targeted the system.

Turkish sources are now reporting that a new air-defense system will be installed in al-Watiya. The system may be one of the upgraded S-125 Pechora, which Turkey bought from Ukraine earlier this year.

Turkey is reportedly hoping to turn al-Watiya into a permanent base for its troops in Libya. The recent airstrikes were a major blow to this plan. However, Ankara is apparently still determined to achieve this goal.


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some Kh-31 will do the job


And Europe , it looked away; Accessory on genocide, warcrimes, and the rise of the next dictator. No way the can say” Wir haben Es nicht gewusst”

Brother Ma

The current crop of European leaders are stupid ,fat and emasculated. Either because they are love-the-devil Lefties or because they are fat comfortable capitalists thinking only of money.

Europe is too much the victim , and will be Salafist Moslem within ten to twenty years time if things don’t change drastically. Already Italy is pals with Turkey . At least France hasn’t become pals yet.

Both Italy and France became pals with Turkey in 1920-1921 and betrayed its allies , Greece and the UK. France still got Syria and Lebanon but Italy got shafted and got nothing! It will probably get shafted again in this new war .

Icarus Tanović

Fake Muslims or Wahhabis are disease to the planet.

M.A. Lamett

Of course Turkey will do it. Turkey is invited officially to Libya by the legitimate government of Libya. The airstrike a few days ago was an intimidation effort which obviously failed. Now watch out how Turkey will response. It may hurt badly.


ahhahaha get ready to be bombed again…and then again and again….so stupid

Mustafa Mehmet

Take it easy with ouzo re malaka

Brother Ma

Nothing legitimate about it . Not elected and hated by all average Libyans . Only Salafists love it.

I suppose you consider Guiado the legitimate ruler of Venezuela as well?

Icarus Tanović

Only Wahhabis love that.

Brother Ma

GNA has Headchoppers of all types but mostly Turco /Moslem Brotherhood Headchoppers. They can call themselves what they like. If they brutally kill other people they are feces to me and right-thinking people and will be resisted.

Badis Badis

The only legitimate body in Libya is the ELECTED HoR.


Time for round 2 then? Maybe the Turks would learn their lesson if they where blown up again.

cechas vodobenikov

more turkeys weapons of no destruction to be bombed…when their lira is bombed into toilet paper they will have something to use in their outhouses

Badis Badis

I guess Erdoğan likes to get his ass spanked.

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