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Turkish Forces Deploy In Azerbaijan To Participate In Joint Military Drills Amid Tensions With Armenia (Photos)

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 Turkey and Azerbaijan are set to conduct large-scale joint military exercises in Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said on July 27.

“According to the plan, exercises involving the land forces will be held from August 1 to 5 in Baku and Nakhchivan,” the statement read.

“The joint exercises, it added, will involve military personnel, armored vehicles, artillery mounts, and mortars, as well as military aviation and air defense equipment.”

“Exercises with the participation of military aviation will be held from July 29 to Aug. 10 – in Baku, Nakhchivan, Ganja, Kurdamir, and Yevlakh.”

Turkish troops and equipment already started deployment in Azerbaijan’s Nakhchivan:

Turkish Forces Deploy In Azerbaijan To Participate In Joint Military Drills Amid Tensions With Armenia (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

Turkish Forces Deploy In Azerbaijan To Participate In Joint Military Drills Amid Tensions With Armenia (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

Turkish Forces Deploy In Azerbaijan To Participate In Joint Military Drills Amid Tensions With Armenia (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

Turkish Forces Deploy In Azerbaijan To Participate In Joint Military Drills Amid Tensions With Armenia (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

The announcement of the joint drills came just days after the escalation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border in the Tovuz region. At least 11 Azerbaijani soldiers – including a major general and a colonel – were killed. Azerbaijan blamed Armenia for aggressive actions and instigating the conflict. Turkey declared a full support to Azaerbaijan claiming that it would not hesitate to support its eastern neighbor in the conflict.

Armenia, in own turn, blaimed Azerbaijan for the escalating saying that it started with an attack of Azerbaijani forces on Armenian positions. The deployment of Turkish forces in Azerbaijan and the announced joint drills were described by the Armenian Foreign Ministry as a threat to the regional security. It added that the announcement was made just a day after an Armenian soldier was killed by sniper fire on the border with Azerbaijan.

“All this testifies to the fact that the leadership of Azerbaijan … hinders the efforts of international mediators to settle the situation and resume the peace process,” the Armenian side said.

It is also interesting to note that the Armenian leadership continues to repeat mantras about some ‘international mediators’ that should help to de-escalate the sitaution and rescue Armenia in the event of an open conflict with Azerbaijan and Turkey. In fact, no country besides Russia will lift finger to really help Yerevan. Nonetheless, the foreign policy of the Armenian leadership in previous years was clearly aimed at undermining its relations with Russia and pleasing its ‘Western partners’. Therefore, the Armenian government’s actions put the entire country in a pretty dangerous position in the region.


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  1. Lone Ranger says:


    1. lovethemapples says:

      You mean Turkish Islamic State of Iraq and Levant? Makes sense they have military bases both in Syria and Iraq

  2. HiaNd says:

    It seams that Turkey tries to be everywhere lately.
    They most definitely do things that will bring them on long run, in collision course. Not only with Greece, but with Russia also.
    Only Russian wrath at the end, will be able to put Turk Otoman Empire ambitions in the right place, where they belong.

    1. Lone Ranger says:

      France too.

      1. occupybacon says:

        France never puts her money where her mouth is.

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          They bombed Lybia…

          1. HiaNd says:

            occupybacon “never puts” his mouth where the brains are needed

          2. occupybacon says:

            They asked USA to help as always, now they can’t face Turkey without go crying to NATO headquartes cause Turkish vessel opened a frequence radar onnthem and they had to flee.

      2. HiaNd says:

        France see herself as dominant power when it comes to her ex-colonies and Maghreb in general.
        They see Turks as would be power and intruder in their backyard.

        Maybe I’m wrong but I do not see France engaged directly in war against Turkey over Libya.
        As key member of EU France can use other non military methods to hurt Turkey.
        They can also send significant military help (weapons) to general Haftar and complicate Turk position in Libya even more.

    2. occupybacon says:

      In Armenia, Erdogan just helps Putin to change the pro-Western government. Behind the doors Putin and Erdogan are allies.

      1. HiaNd says:

        you are an idiot obsessed by US and Putin bacon,
        it is riddle how to talk to an idiot

        1. occupybacon says:

          Calm down pal. I didn’t even criticized Putin. He and Erdogan play a good game.

          1. lovethemapples says:

            wow some people here are on the edge huh? breathing heavily and typing very hard, unless you are aligned with their point:)). I wish patience to you mate.

          2. HiaNd says:

            You are from the West and for you Armenia is an exotic country about which you never understood much.
            So why would you care and how could you possibly understand what was this all about?

          3. lovethemapples says:

            ok tiger chillout. I have a special way to understand things, its quiet unorthodox but works all the time. called reading and using the brain, works like a charm

          4. HiaNd says:

            I can see how it “works” from your comments.
            You comment on countries or situations that you know jack s*it about and on top you couldn’t care less about those people!
            Picture this:
            there are plenty of people from Eastern Europe like me who are sick and tired of you westerners patronizing us East Europeans while the West is starting to look like giant shit hole.
            Clean your house first at least and only than com to us with your “wisdom” about how we are suppose to live our lives.
            And stop fighting your proxy wars against Russia through the small countries like Serbia, Georgia, Armenia and many others!
            You are making lives of millions of people here on East, miserable!
            You know where Putin lives so GROW PAIR and go and find him and regulate your differences with him you WESTERN COWARDS !

          5. lovethemapples says:

            If it is so miserable then Crimea River. Your misery is your problem. When your politicians are busy with internal power struggle you get protests like Khabarovsk. And when government silences it, and carries on enriching themselves and oligarchs close to them, the result is the misery. Your government, your misery, your problem.

          6. HiaNd says:

            This was not about “Khabarovsk”
            This was always the same problem of US & NATO dominance over the rest of the Europa and Asia.
            But since they are COWARDS to face Russia on battle field they try other methods through their eternal NATO expansion and proxy wars, color revolutions, NGO’s , propaganda, thus torturing all Eastern Europe with ideological neo-liberal bollocks and anti-Russia dogma!
            If Putin is source of all evil do what you have to do and try to remove him !
            Stop parroting your propaganda and face Russia if you can.

            Put up or shut up !

          7. lovethemapples says:

            You mentioned your misery not me. Khabarovsk is the reflection of your misery. Tip of the iceberg though.
            All those covert operations are art. Centuries old art of coercion. Russia used to be good at it as part of USSR but had lost it sadly. Now all KGB agents do is act like personal hitmen for Kadyrov. Again we come back to politicians and their personal interests. If they would be busy with governance and doing things for the country and people not themselves and their families, then perhaps Russia would also be good at such covert actions. Sadly it is not, and there is no reason for others to abandon it just because Russia is incapable of it.

          8. HiaNd says:

            If you are right than destroying DIVIDED Russia will be walk in park.
            But because of all these info are just product of Western propaganda NATO and US COWARDS will not attack.
            They will use their fascist NAZI media for spreading usual anti-Russian rubbish in which most of the Western simpletons believe.

          9. lovethemapples says:

            Yes yes its all western countries fault that Russia is what it is now. But as your Medvedev says, “we don’t have money now, but you hold on.”
            So hold on mate, hold on:)))

          10. HiaNd says:

            Medevev resigned and for reason

            Nobody cares what he said before, specially not now.

            Since you pretend not to understand my comments I’ll repeat:
            If Russia is so divided and Putin so evil than what are you waiting COWARDS ?
            Finish Russia up! It will be only 30 cowardly countries against ONE !

          11. lovethemapples says:

            I don’t coment of hypothesis. It is your hypotetical comment that Russia is divided or Putin is evil. Not my comments. Or do you want me to explain to you what you yourself wrote?:)))

          12. HiaNd says:

            you are boring and have nothing to say really and you think that you are witty and bright on top of everything….go away Western wimp

          13. lovethemapples says:

            im am not here to entertain you. want an entertainment then watch the 55th remake of a movie on ww2. Have anything to say on the topic go ahead, if not farewell

          14. HiaNd says:

            Again mediocre and of no interest or importance.
            You are waste of time.

          15. lovethemapples says:

            Subjective view. Don’t waste it then. You keep writing, I will keep responding.

          16. Sencer says:

            Imbecile , according to UN predictions the population of you drunkards will be 83.7 million by 2100. ( Dissidents ”jumping” out of windows exluded in this forecast . LOL.) So why attack a bunch of gopniks who are already on a self destruction path ?

          17. HiaNd says:

            Why attack indeed when you couldn’t deal with bunch of ISIS terrorists in Syria before bringing whole Turk army, your very “special” forces and tanks.
            Whole NATO is needed (30 countries) for your posturing against Russia, that’s how big heroes you are.

          18. Sencer says:

            ”Couldn’t deal with bunch of ISIS terrorists in Syria” That was rich coming from an imbecile like you . LOL Do you want to tell us how you deal with ISIS terrorists ?

            Lets start with Beslan massacre if you like.You remember Beslan ? It is where your ‘special forces” killed 333 hostages ( mostly kids ) and still managed to lost trace of the terrorists involved.

            What are you , a fucking joke ?

          19. HiaNd says:

            That was not ISIS but your terrorist friends killing defenseless women and children.
            That is Turd and terrorist specialty – only in situations like that you are brave.

            But for you Turds… I was talking about how helpless you were against ISIS in the 1st days of your Syrian war interventions.
            ISIS have killed many Turd “special ops” soldiers and even destroyed Leopards and captured few.
            Incompetent army and would be military power…how sad.

          20. Sencer says:

            It was YOUR special forces who killed all those defnceless women and children in Beslan , sweetie.

            A chaotic battle broke out as the special forces fought to enter the school. The forces included the assault groups of the FSB and the associated troops of the Russian Army and the Russian Interior Ministry, supported by a number of T-72 tanks from Russia’s 58th Army , BTR-80 wheeled armoured personnel carriers and armed helicopters, including at least one Mi-24 attack helicopter.[81] Civilian witnesses claimed that the local police had also panicked, even firing in the wrong direction.

            You morons attacked a primary school with tanks , special forces , armored carries and attack helicopters.

            Result ? You killed 333 hostages , and the terrorists escaped.

            ”Potent” gopniks. . LOL.

          21. HiaNd says:

            That’s what you were reading in your favorite terrorist Wahabi newspaper.
            Now things have changed and Russia have killed thousands of terrorist rats like you in Syria.
            Who is laughing now?

          22. Sencer says:

            That was from wikipedia , at least show a glimpse of intelligence and google it before posting above crap to me .

            Russia is there in Syria since years and Syria is still in 3 pieces, what are you good for ? Grasping syrian phosphate mines which were delivered to Yevgeny Prigozhin, valuable touristic lands handed to Russian ‘businessmen’ does not count of course.

            And if you are looking for dead rats in Syria , look no further . I can always guide you to some impoverished russian mother crying for his dead Wagner son.

          23. HiaNd says:

            Syria was about to fall completely before Russian arrival .
            Russia have changed that.

            Western and Arab world + Turds wanted to remove Assad…
            And Assad is still around despite efforts of 20 countries (among which was US as well) to remove him !

            So be patient !
            I am sure that Russia will deliver whatever they have promised to Assad and in due time

          24. Sencer says:

            ”there are plenty of people from Eastern Europe like me who are sick and tired of you westerners patronizing us East Europeans while the West is starting to look like giant shit hole.”

            That was sad ,I almost cried. Where are you actually from , imbecile ?

          25. occupybacon says:

            What can I say, I’m a keyboard cowboy :)

          26. lovethemapples says:

            hahah, on point

          27. HiaNd says:

            You see Putin everywhere and your understanding of situation in Armenia is poor to say the least.
            Russia doesn’t care if Armenia destroy herself with their impossible pro Western policy.
            Armenians simply can’t survive as nation without RUsian help and only idiot like you can accuse Russia to CO OPT on extermination of Orthodox Christians in agreement with Turkey and Azerbaijan.
            That is disgusting accusation!
            If you are really from Ukraine (like “Zionist evil” claims) writing such nonsense can do only total moron!

          28. occupybacon says:

            Yeah, I see Putin worshipers sucking his balls, btw a christian wouldn’t worship a wannabe god that bans comics about himself.

          29. HiaNd says:

            Fuck you Americunt pile of lard
            Majority of Russians are Orthodox Christians and they do not ever conspire with Turks on extermination of other Orthodox Christians !

          30. occupybacon says:

            Russia is a poor shithole, 90 of exports are natural resources like thebanana republucs, in 30 years lazy moscals couldn’t build a competitive industry. Once the oil and gas is over they go back in lines for food. That only in the best case, if not even canibalism. Only Africa, Papua and Russia had cannibalism in the 20 century. Ukraine too because Stalin sized their food to feed the other peasants from central Russia. I apoligize to banana republics for comparing them to lazy ass muziks.

          31. HiaNd says:

            Americunt shitburger pile of lard retard.

          32. Sencer says:

            Asswipe , Russia is nothing but a big gas station , filled with drunkard gopniks below replenishment rate. Your love for the midget will not change this fact , go cry elsewhere.

          33. HiaNd says:

            Fuck off Otoman terrorist monkey

          34. Sencer says:

            Go fuck yourself propagandist gopnik. Go invade Crimea or something.

          35. HiaNd says:

            Even better, you try to “invade Crimea” Otoman terrorist monkey and see what happens

          36. Sencer says:

            It is already invaded by you , reflectionist propagandist gopnik.

          37. HiaNd says:

            Liberated for centuries already…. but if you see it that way , do something about it cowards.
            Put up or shut up!
            Come out of your rat holes don’t be so scared!

          38. Sencer says:

            You have no knowledge of history , do you ? What ”rat hole” you are speaking about , what kind f ”putting up’ you need , why ‘we should do something about it , propagandist imbecile ?

            Or are you trying to say , ‘ yes we invaded it come and get it ” ? Is that yr argument fuckwit ?

          39. HiaNd says:

            ha ha ha!
            Pretending not to understand ?
            And I am sure that you have understood well you cowardly Otoman monkey

          40. Sencer says:

            Try replying above without dodging the questions and hiding behind canned laughters ,fuckwit.

          41. HiaNd says:

            Do you understand when I call you Turk terrorists, a cowards?

          42. Sencer says:

            I dont sweetie, may be you can quit being a coward and try answer above question of mine so that we can both see who is what ..

          43. HiaNd says:

            There is huge Russian bear shadow, over the Turkey.
            Do not upset the bear Turds…Be reasonable.

          44. Sencer says:

            Hmm Ok.

          45. occupybacon says:

            And miss me with your Orthodoxy hypocrisy, Russia killed more orthodox christians than muslims and catholics combined. Ohh and black plague. Russia is worse than black plague.

          46. Lone Ranger says:

            Commies did, not Russians.
            U.S. is worse than black plague*

          47. occupybacon says:

            Communism fit perfectly in Russia, like North Koreans they like to stay hungry and pull the trigger against their own if God Leader says

          48. Lone Ranger says:

            I doubt that.
            They fought against communism hard.
            Unlike the EU and the U.S. nowdays.

          49. occupybacon says:

            Ukrainians yes, fought the most against communism, followed by poland. Russians pulled the triggers against their own people cus Stalin said so.

          50. Lone Ranger says:

            Is that why Russia suffered the most?
            To be honest Stalin made a mistake leaving ukrops alive.
            Eventho Im not a commie nor do I support genocide, but in case of Ukropisstan I would make an exception…
            You are worse than nazis…
            But its never too late…

          51. occupybacon says:

            Hehehe, Ukraine is a pain for moscals like you and NATO is there, yesterday a global hawk was flying over Dumbass, check liveuamap if you don’t believe me.

          52. Lone Ranger says:

            Ukropisstan is a pain to everyone.
            U.S. and EU included.
            But don’t worry it will be balkanized soon.
            Khazars will need their old/new homeland, soon…
            Whoops I already told too much…
            Global Hawk is obsolete, they are being phased out…
            Even Iran can shoot the down.
            Let them fly a few farewell rounds before scrapping…

          53. Lone Ranger says:

            P.S. I’m still Hungarian…

          54. Lone Ranger says:

            Ukropnazis are doing that nowdays.
            Arent they…
            Slow clap…

          55. occupybacon says:

            There are no such thing as ukropnazis, they live only in the nightmares of fragile Russian minds.

          56. Lone Ranger says:

            I know Truth hurts but try to handle it…

          57. occupybacon says:

            Yeah, I can barely sleep thinking your mom has to work her ass for you to have buckwheat tomorrow.

          58. Lone Ranger says:

            I like bacon with eggs and toast, plus earl grey with lemon, no sugar…
            Try it instead of the pills, you may get somewhere…

          59. occupybacon says:

            Ohh she worked late tonight. I guess she deserves all that good food. A happy Russian family,maybe not so lucky as when they were with the reds but the rich will fall soon and they will take their priviledged positions back cuz they kissed Putin ass good. So much they are tired and can’t wait the capitalism to fall, maybe tomorrow.

          60. Lone Ranger says:

            Sounds like your PCB just kicked in…
            Have fun…
            Good Night…

          61. HiaNd says:

            Why don’t you say it than when and where have Russia massacred orthodox Christians ?

          62. occupybacon says:

            The whole hystory of Russia after 1600 to modern times was in a permanent ethnic cleansing and grain sizing from remote regions, Stalin alone killed over 20 million.

          63. HiaNd says:

            Stalin was not Russian but Georgian communist you effing Americant moron!
            Soviets were NOT Orthodox Christians and often not even ethnic Russians!
            I knew it, that you don’t have any valid example you Western ignoramus

          64. occupybacon says:

            Ahh yes and Hitler was Austrian not German, let’s blame the leaders only. That’s the backward mentaliry if slaves, they are not responsable for anything, boss says kill your grandpa, you kill your grandpa cause the Georgian said so.

          65. HiaNd says:

            It is not about “leaders” you MORON but about the facts that Soviets were MULTI-ETHNIC COMMUNISTS so they had nothing to do with Russian Orthodoxy!!!!!

            You are an IDIOT so you can’t see the difference in how close Austrians and Germans are. Difference between German speaking, Austrian and German is minor.
            While difference between Slavic Russian and Georgian is very big!
            Everything you say is totally ignorant and retarded !

          66. occupybacon says:

            The vast majority of the reds were Russians. And ethnic cleansings were performed by the previous tsars too. And today many Russians pay great respect to Stalin, then they go to church and pretend they are also christians. Russia is a nation of fake christians, fake communists, fake democrats. All they listen is fear.

          67. HiaNd says:

            Your argument was that Russian Orthodox RUSSIA have killed more Orthodox Christians than anybody else you FILTHY LIAR and S.O.B.!
            HERE YOUR WORDS;
            ” Russia killed more orthodox christians than muslims and catholics combined”

          68. Sencer says:

            Without that ‘ Georgian Communist’ now you were all speaking German .
            You forgot to mention that fuckwitt.

          69. HiaNd says:

            you will not speak Russian, you will go back where you came from to your daddy in China

          70. Sencer says:

            Listening this BS since 1000 years sweetie, nothing happens.
            Empty words , hollow threats. What else you got other than juvenile trivia you learned from 3rd class political threads ? Something more to enjoy me ?

          71. HiaNd says:

            Agree with you there…
            1000 years nothing happens than Turkey makes wrong moves and suddenly they must go back where they came from…
            Life is boring but also full of surprises.

          72. Sencer says:

            Glad we found a common point finally. Keep dreaming , hoping and wait for surprises,miracles.

            Keep also hoping that yr beloved Russia will not be blown into smithereens by the Yanks or swallowed by the Chinese while you are peacefully drinking yr vodka in yr cozy corner dreaming about the good days to come.

          73. Lone Ranger says:

            Sounds more like the British Empire and the U.S…

          74. occupybacon says:

            The difference between Western and Russian imperialism is that the Westerners are rich enough to let others become rich and earn even more from them while Russia being forever hungry, skins everyone as fast as she can. Like the mongols.

          75. Lone Ranger says:

            I guess thats why the U.S. killed 40million people since the end of WWII and destroyed much of central and south American countries, plus whole Africa…
            While Russia defeated every Empire whom wanted to steamroll Europe.
            Plus rebuilt central and Eastern Europe, Vietnam, China, India, and keeping them thriving with cheap energy.
            You are living in denial…
            I think you dont believe your own BS, its only for the paycheck…
            Which will soon end when Sugardaddy will go belly up…
            I would panic too…lol.

          76. occupybacon says:

            That’s what your grandparents told you, Russia rebuilded Eastern and Central Europe? If you went to the school in Hungary they wouldn’t teach you that. Either your grandparents were Russian or Hungarian, it’s clear that they loved Stalin and the were the priviledged ones back then.

          77. Lone Ranger says:

            Not really.
            It’s a fact.
            But what would you know growing up in Canada spoon-fed with ukropnazi lies.

          78. occupybacon says:

            And that’s why so many people from Eastern Europe are in Canada and not in Russia, cuz Russia goood.

          79. Lone Ranger says:

            It is nowdays.
            That’s why people are flocking back.
            Not only to Russia but to Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia.

          80. Lone Ranger says:

            Contrary to ukropnazi and I.S. Schools we teach fact based things here.
            No sugar coating, no BS.
            Meanwhile in Ukraine they teach that Greek Gods were invented by Ukrainians same as ancient civilisations…??

          81. occupybacon says:

            Like Russia rebuilt the Eastern and Central Europe. Look what the West did, they destroyed everything :( it was so nice when your parents were story telling what theyr neighbours were talking, very interesting job.

          82. Lone Ranger says:

            Sorry if you can’t handle the Truth…

          83. Lone Ranger says:

            My parents aren’t ukropnazi bricks…
            So I doubt…

          84. occupybacon says:

            No, are those who colaborated with the political police in communism

          85. Lone Ranger says:

            They didn’t.
            But ukropnazis collaborated with genocidal maniacs.
            Still do…

          86. occupybacon says:

            They did, that’s why they lied you that Russia reconstructed Eastern Europe. They brainwashed you well.

          87. Lone Ranger says:

            No they didn’t.
            Unlike your grandparents probably…
            Russia did help rebuild east Europe.
            It’s a historical fact.
            No use to deny it.

          88. occupybacon says:

            All Russia built in Eastern Europe was 100K statues of Ivan the Rapist soldier, and those with their money too. Luckyly they were demolished.

          89. Lone Ranger says:

            Only shows how uneducated you are.
            Housing, powerplants, reactors, radar stations, airports, dams, hospitals, Hungary and Russia even rebuilt Vietnam after the U.S. was defeated.
            Many hospitals in Nam have Hungarian and Russian names.
            But than again your lack of education…

          90. occupybacon says:

            Russia and Hungary also rebuilt the piramides after Anglosaxons and Bandera destroyed them. They have a paraoh in Kremlin, making estetic surgery every year to stretch eyes wrinkles.

          91. Lone Ranger says:

            Lay off the drugs…

          92. Lone Ranger says:

            But what would you know in Canada lol.

          93. occupybacon says:

            That’s how limited Ruskies are, if someone lives onnanother continent, he couldn’t know what Ivan the Rapist did in WW2.

          94. Lone Ranger says:

            You dont know what nazis and bandera did…
            So you proved my point…

          95. occupybacon says:

            Let me guess Bandera allied with the nazis against Stalin. Like all the Eastern Europe. Good for him.

          96. Lone Ranger says:

            Thanks for admitting you are a nazi…
            He also killed millions of Ukrainians and tens of thousends if Poles.
            How does it feel to get your paycheck from a jew?

          97. occupybacon says:

            *Russia killed millions of Ukrainians, Poles, Romanians, Hungarians and Kavkazians.

          98. Lone Ranger says:


          99. occupybacon says:

            Those were saints comparing to mongol hungry muziks

          100. Lone Ranger says:

            Sure, they only killed 50million Europeans, and shot women and children into the ditch, after raping them.
            Glorious banderistan…

          101. occupybacon says:

            Who, the nazi or ukrainians?

          102. Lone Ranger says:


          103. occupybacon says:

            Ok, how many Russians where from those 50 million?

          104. Lone Ranger says:

            Around 30.

          105. occupybacon says:

            And Stalin how many people killed?

          106. Lone Ranger says:

            According to the U.S. 200billion.
            According to statistics around 4million +2million ukrops.
            Worth to mention that in the late 20s and 30s 7 million U.S. citizens starved to death during the great depression.

          107. Lone Ranger says:

            Not that ukropnazis havent killed a few million of their fellow citizens and Poles.

          108. occupybacon says:

            So the Germans killed 50 million?

          109. Lone Ranger says:

            Around 35-40million directly.
            10-15million indirectly.

          110. Lone Ranger says:

            Nazis raped 10million women.
            U.S. 2-3million in France, west germany , Italy and Japan.
            Russia 1-2million.

          111. occupybacon says:

            And that’s why the Russian soldiers wear the nickname Ivan the Rapist even today.

          112. Lone Ranger says:

            Thats a PR stunt, you can thank the CIA for it.

          113. occupybacon says:

            People from Eastern Europe were using this nickname, under Russian occupation, not under USA

          114. Lone Ranger says:

            Ever heard of Radio Free Europe…?
            No you are probably too young for that.
            Another CIA front.
            Part of Operation Mockingbird.
            Im Hungarian and we never used that term.
            We always called Russians Ruszkik(ruskies).

          115. occupybacon says:

            Russia is a shithole and Putin is a pedo.

          116. Lone Ranger says:

            You spelled the U.S. and Pedobide wrong again :)

          117. Lone Ranger says:

            Poles were Russian allies.
            Same as Yugoslavia.
            And Romania in the later phase of war.
            Im not impressed with your Canadian education…

          118. occupybacon says:

            Lol Romania and Poland lost the war, they didn’t ally with USSR,they got occupied, don’t you have schools in moscalito shithole?

          119. Lone Ranger says:

            Maybe you shouldnt get your history lessons from cornflakes boxes and soros.com…
            Poland and Romania fought with Russia in the later stages of war.
            Even before they were occupied.
            U.S. still occupies UK, Italy, Germany, Ukropisstan…
            Japan, South-Korea.
            Parts of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan…

          120. occupybacon says:

            So why were they occupied uf they fought along with Russia? Logic 101

          121. Lone Ranger says:

            To create a bufferzone to make sure it wont happen again.
            It worked…
            Whats the reason behind U.S. occupation…?

          122. occupybacon says:

            To keep peace, of course. So are right the Eastern European to hate Ruskies for them feeling entitled to treat them as buffer zone?

          123. Lone Ranger says:

            Only some poles, baltic nazis and Ukropnazis hate Russia.
            The rest isnt.
            Even in Poland and Baltic states and Ukraine there are many pro Russian citizens.
            Same as in Hungary, Romania or the Czech Republic.
            Russia went home 30years ago, U.S. still using countries as bufferzones.

          124. occupybacon says:

            Finland, 3 Baltics, Poland, Slovakua, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaidjan, all these hate Russia.

          125. Lone Ranger says:

            Sorry, not true.

          126. occupybacon says:

            True! Maybe not all as much as Ukraine and Georgia but at some degree

          127. Lone Ranger says:

            Finns mostly like Russia.
            Czech same story.
            Many in Poland and the Baltics too.
            Hungary as well.
            On avg I see kire hatred towards thd U.S. and nazis, and rapefugees than against anybody rlse.

          128. occupybacon says:

            Are there people worried about the Ukrainian nazi in Eastern Europe?

          129. Lone Ranger says:

            Yes, thats why you wont ever get into the EU.

          130. occupybacon says:

            Actually Ukraine is too big to be absorbed in EU, like Turkey. But my question was rethoric, nibody except few German tabloids seen a real Nazi problem in Ukraine.

          131. Lone Ranger says:

            Even the U.S. is worried nowdays about too many nazis.
            France, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, Romania, only to name a few countries whom voiced their worries and distaste.
            The paramilitary nazi units arent under govt control which makes them even more dangerous.
            Isis and ukropnazis were working together in the past.
            Ukropnazis were even present at HK riots.
            Wouldnt wonder if they were present in the U.S. riots nowdays
            Ukraine could be easily absorbed with less than 40million people.
            Ukraine worked together with the deepstate to take out Trump.
            You think he will forget that?
            I dont think so…

          132. occupybacon says:

            Thanks for telling me what fake news say in Russia, very clise to North Korea and China. Same culture, same lies.

          133. Lone Ranger says:

            You can wave your magic wand, wont change anything.:)

          134. occupybacon says:

            The hill is woke like politico and buzzfeed

          135. Lone Ranger says:

            Did soros tell you that?
            CNN is also right from time to time…

          136. occupybacon says:

            All those are with soros

          137. Lone Ranger says:

            Same as ukropnazis…

          138. occupybacon says:

            Yes, they have to chose the smaller evil for them. If Soros is with them that means all Russian hysteria about Ukrainian neonazi is fake.

          139. Lone Ranger says:

            Only shows how naive you are.
            Ukrainian neo nazis are fake but the threat they pose is real.
            Same as isis arent muslims but the threat they pose is still real…

          140. occupybacon says:

            Isis are muslims, islam = sharia law

          141. Lone Ranger says:

            On paper only.
            In reality its a CIA/Mossad/ MI6 creation with black ops operator leaders like al big daddy aka eliot simon and a bunch of mkultra trolls on heavy duty drugs.

          142. occupybacon says:

            Hmm interesting, if you pay more attention this publication supports Ukraine’s strugle against Russia.

          143. Lone Ranger says:

            Than it should be above any suspicion..
            The neonazi problem is very real in Ukraine.

          144. occupybacon says:

            I don’t think so. It’s a Russian hysteria.

          145. Lone Ranger says:

            Ukrop hysteria*
            Trump wont forget it…
            You better pray he wont be reelected…

          146. occupybacon says:

            Ukropnazy fear is a Ukrop hysteria?

          147. Lone Ranger says:

            No relation.
            Two different things.

          148. occupybacon says:

            You said it, again

          149. Lone Ranger says:


          150. occupybacon says:

            I am aware of the Hungarian government about that, I think they are right about 50%.

          151. Lone Ranger says:

            In what are they wrong according to you?
            Romanians and Poles made a very similar stance by the way in regard of their minorities.

          152. occupybacon says:

            Well, the other neighbours only on declarative level, Hungary was bold only after the conflict started which somehow shows a backstabbing behaviour

          153. Lone Ranger says:

            Ukraine backstabbed its minorities.
            We have no obligation to Ukraine.

          154. occupybacon says:

            Anyway you are Ruskye.

          155. Lone Ranger says:

            You only wish.
            But you are a Canadian ukrop.

          156. occupybacon says:

            Don’t hurt my feelings

          157. Lone Ranger says:

            You dont like Canadian Bacon?

          158. Lone Ranger says:

            Isnt it Ruskie by the way?
            Not a gramnar nazi…

          159. occupybacon says:

            I am not the expert, thanks for clarifying it for me.

          160. Lone Ranger says:

            No problem.
            You dont have to be an expert for basic grammar…

          161. occupybacon says:

            That’s not grammar, that’s vicabulary but ok :)

          162. Lone Ranger says:


          163. Lone Ranger says:

            Hungarians are never afraid.
            We revolt against anybody.
            Ottomans, Habsburgs, nazis, commies, EU, libtards, neo nazis.
            Our trackrecord is consistent for a 1000 years.
            Hero status confirmed…

          164. occupybacon says:

            But Orban took attitude immediately after the conflict started only.

          165. Lone Ranger says:

            Could you be more precise?

          166. occupybacon says:

            Immefiately after the conflict in Donbas started Viktor Orban started to push for autonomy.

          167. Lone Ranger says:

            No immediately.
            Only after minority rights were taken away.

          168. occupybacon says:

            LOL a blog with conspiracy theories, really mate?

          169. Lone Ranger says:

            Hard facts*

          170. occupybacon says:

            Hard to not laugh

          171. Lone Ranger says:


          172. occupybacon says:

            Are you crying when you read conspiracy theories?

          173. Lone Ranger says:

            Conspiracy Facts*
            Not really.

          174. occupybacon says:

            You said it

          175. Lone Ranger says:

            And I stand by it.

          176. occupybacon says:

            What is this blog, it looks like antifa brochure, quarter of the articles are about big bad trump.

          177. Lone Ranger says:

            Being against nazis doesnt equal Antifa.
            There is a whole World in between.
            I know Truth hurts but try to handle it…

          178. occupybacon says:

            Yeah, the big bad orange, it hurts so bad

          179. Lone Ranger says:

            UK fought with the U.S.
            Same as Italy in the last two years.
            Yet…still occupied…

          180. occupybacon says:

            Hmm interesting and who had it better under occupation, UK and Italy or Poland and Romania?

          181. Lone Ranger says:

            Thats a double edged question.
            Who has it better now?
            While UK and Italy turned into liberalnazi shitholes, Poland and Romania are fine and stronger than ever.

          182. occupybacon says:

            Lol, in a paralel universe

          183. Lone Ranger says:

            You are living in one, indeed.

          184. occupybacon says:

            Yeah, USA sent ppl on the moon here, did Russia walk on mon there?

          185. Lone Ranger says:

            You mean the Stanley Kubrick directed flip at Area 51..?

          186. occupybacon says:

            Well, that’s Your unuverse, we already estabilished Americans are didn’t do shit there, but Russia did?

          187. Lone Ranger says:

            Was that in english.

          188. occupybacon says:

            I will never get used with these phones.

          189. Lone Ranger says:

            Only probes landed on the Moon.
            Both from U.S., Russia, China, India.
            The rest is crap.
            Ever wondered why nobody “went back” for 48years?

          190. occupybacon says:

            Me? Yes, it’s very expensive, nothing interesting found and too much radiation.

            Plus when Americans landed, Donetsk and Lughansk republik separatists were already there and offered them Rocher candies

          191. Lone Ranger says:

            You are high again…

          192. occupybacon says:

            I can’t understand why people like to be low.

          193. Lone Ranger says:

            Most people arent drug addicts…

          194. occupybacon says:

            You are but your ddugs are pathetic

          195. Lone Ranger says:

            Yeah, if we consider chocolate a drug…:)

          196. occupybacon says:

            And your comfort zone which means being afraid to think.

          197. Lone Ranger says:

            I cant follow your logic…
            Drugs good chocolate bad?
            At least Im not on CIA/soros payroll…
            How smart are people whom are working for the very people whom are destroying their country?
            Not very smart..

          198. occupybacon says:

            Hold your horses, stable boy. You mean you don’t realise you have only 2-3 comebacks? I mean I would get bored of myself to say the same thing few times per day.

          199. Lone Ranger says:

            2-3 is more than your sole point.
            Russia, Russia, Russia. Bad bad bad…:)

          200. occupybacon says:

            I have a lot more, putler, deripaska, abramovich, lev leviev

          201. Lone Ranger says:

            Putin aint jewish.
            And the rest aint got a saying in Russian foreign policy.

          202. occupybacon says:

            They own putinazi by the leash, he’s full of gifts from them.

          203. Lone Ranger says:

            I dont think Putin would need gifts.
            Its the other way around, Putin controls them.
            Russia just made it law to confiscate every bank account in relation with ngos, money laundering, foreign intel operators (suspected), and crime syndicates.
            There is a lot of crying and raging :)
            They should have done this 20years ago but better late than never.

          204. Lone Ranger says:

            I can be more creative, but why waste it…

          205. occupybacon says:

            For yourself, nit for me

          206. Lone Ranger says:

            Im too old to impress myself…

          207. occupybacon says:

            Do you don’t get bored reppeating the same thing?

          208. Lone Ranger says:

            I could ask you the same…

          209. occupybacon says:

            I never repeat the same phrases, I reply according to the comment or article.

          210. Lone Ranger says:

            Putler evil, Russia baaad, baaahhhh, beeehhhh baaahhh
            Sure…if you say so…

          211. occupybacon says:

            I say the same idea but not in the same words, I use context. You have the same words. Now you should say No U

          212. Lone Ranger says:

            Good night Bacon.
            Sweet dreams.?

          213. occupybacon says:

            You too, stable boy.

          214. Lone Ranger says:

            Swap Russia with the U.S. and its legit :)

          215. occupybacon says:

            It’s exactly the opposite, natural resources are only 12% of USA exports. But I guess it’s a conspiracy theory like the Moon Landing, yes?

          216. Lone Ranger says:

            Indeed it is.
            Facebook is not a product.
            Its smoke and mirrors.

          217. occupybacon says:

            Businessmen sell services like facebook, peasants sell oil and wood. That’s the difference between an economic power and a banana republic.

          218. Lone Ranger says:

            The U.S. is a banana republic nowdays..
            Who will pay your bills when Sugardaddy will go belly up…?
            Hope you have a plan lol….

          219. occupybacon says:

            Better a banana republic than a shithole. Guess what, USA won’t go anywhere near your life time, I hope it’s not your life goal to see that cause that means you live a pain.

          220. Lone Ranger says:

            It’s both a banana republic and a shithole nowdays…
            At least banana republics have some freedom and aren’t over regulated.
            It’s already gone if you haven’t noticed it yet..
            The U.S. of today doesn’t even resembles the old U.S., in a bad way…
            Now on the brink of civil war…
            I would look for a new job if I were you…

    3. Sencer says:

      Just like US Empire put you gopniks where you belonged by simply supporting and arming Taliban during Afghan war. LOL. Your woman was all around EU and TR screwing for a pair of Levis 501 jeans and a package of spearmint Wrigleys after the fall , already forgot that ?

      1. HiaNd says:

        you are pathetic monkey from insignificant terrorist country that is pretending to be some kind of military power

        1. Sencer says:

          Triggered ? Dont be..Everything I wrote above was true and we both know it.

          But calm down: We know that you gopniks can create miracles under the gunpoint of NKVD or communist commissars pushing you to the frontlines.

    4. Liberal guy says:

      U know what is the problem of Turkey that it is in the middle of everything am talking about its strategic geographical situation and most in it is Istanbul.

      1. HiaNd says:

        Turkey is in the middle of everything in the region because of Sulatan Erdogan’s insatiable desire for power.
        Their strategic importance is little bit overestimated in their own eyes since they act as if they are major world power….which they are not.

        1. Liberal guy says:

          Ofcourse but they are in a unique position

          1. HiaNd says:

            When one with huge appetite bites more than one can chew, that is of course “unique position” to swallow lot but also unique position to choke.

    5. Raptar Driver says:

      Don’t hold your breath as long as Putin is in power.

      1. HiaNd says:

        Putin was ( kind of ) in power during Georgian aggression and Georgians even waited that he goes to Japan to attack. In those days he was only prime minister, while pro-Europan liberal twat Medvedev was in charge of Russia as President (So president
        Suck-a-willy was convinced that to be golden opportunity to quickly invade Ossetia and kill everybody who opposed to that).
        Things didn’t end up well for Gerogia despite direct US help and “instructors” who had to run away quickly and leave some equipment behind…

        So I don’t know how to explain to the people of your club that Russia has her own way of doing things because they use BRAINS in everything they do. They have their objectives and methods in place always. And they try to be prepared for almost every situation.
        Donbass goes from frozen to low intensity conflict all the time. Since only other option (to escalate conflict and force hand to Russia to invade Ukraine) would start NATO assisted proxy permanent war in Ukraine and ruin Russian economy and permanently oppose Europe to Russia.
        That was; is perfect scenario for US. To have war that will ruin enough EU and put them in total submission and dependence to U.S. and fro full revival of NATO.

        That is the scenario that people like you support because you don’t have Russian best interests at heart or you don’t use your brains.
        Syrian situation is much more complex from military, political and every other aspect.
        Russia is keeping these conflicts low key to leave enough room for her economy to breed and develop.
        If Russian economy collapses Russia will lose every war one way or another.
        Now that is not the case since Russian economy has huge potential and quite bright future.
        Putin is shrewd and experienced politician that waits actions of his opponent to turn that kinetic energy into the opposite of what they wanted.
        And stupid Americans have finally understood Russian aikido kind of politics, so they try to adapt now and use different less straight forward tactics …

        1. Raptar Driver says:

          Listen to me everything you told me I already know. I’ve been a huge Putin fan since his Munich speech but since 2014 I have seen the cracks in his armor. You’re right Putin is a supreme politician but what we need are leaders not politicians. I am also Serbian And I know the history of Russia very well and I understand the Russian mentality. Yes they have their own way of doing things because they have such a large landmass and wealth with power but sometimes they just can’t fall back on that and this is one of those times.

          1. HiaNd says:

            That’s your little nice theory with round corners?
            Not interested, sorry

            I don’t care about theories or “explanations”, just deeds that advance somwhere (when it comes to things that are important for me)
            I talk theories with people here to amuse myself on subjects I don’t care much about….but sorry state of affairs in Russia doesn’t amuse me at all because it is linked directly on survival of my own people.
            I put my faith in God I do not trust Putin or any other schmucks that are around him.
            I tell you this because i presume that we are on the same side but normally I would not talk about this “sensitive” subject with somebody.

          2. Raptar Driver says:

            Okay fair enough. And yes I entertain myself with theories.

          3. HiaNd says:

            You have given good answer which leaves you on the top of your own game.

  3. lovethemapples says:

    Seems like a response to Russian-Armenian drills.

    1. HiaNd says:

      Russia has military bases in Armenia and usual regular “drills” with Armenian army are tradition, nothing special (at least nothing special for Russia)
      Armenia is of no strategic importance for Russia, now when they have multiple military bases in Syria.

      1. lovethemapples says:

        And it is first time Azerbaijan and Turkey are having drills? If it is nothing special then this topic wouldn’t be news worthy. Unless you are saying guys in Southfront are bored and have nothing better to do:)))

        1. HiaNd says:

          What am I supposed to answer on such stupid, insignificant comment?
          Mediocrity transpires, from your every word.

          1. lovethemapples says:

            you are not supposed to do anything. my comment is related to your as much as yours is related to mine.

          2. HiaNd says:

            That was rhetorical…you are very far from being able to explain to me anything .

          3. lovethemapples says:

            confirmation bias is a tough nut to crack. but i will keep trying. im ready for you anytime. just write i will respond. quarantine time, plenty of time and energy, and happy to chat.

      2. Sencer says:

        You propagandist piece of shit.

        Tovuz ( where Armenia attacks ) is where Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline, the Baku-Supsa oil pipeline and the Southern Gas Corridor is located. Almost two months before the Armenian provocation – as part of the test launch of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) built to transport Azerbaijani gas to Europe – the first batch of gas from Azerbaijan reached the territory of Albania.

        This is a pipeline that carries gas to EU without using Russian soil.. No strategic importance for Russia , huh ?

        Fucking liar..

        1. HiaNd says:

          Typical ignoramus !

          Quantity of Azeri gas delivered are minor and of no big importance.
          Germany is completely switching on gas from atomic energy so the EU demand can only grow much bigger.
          They will buy everything that is offered.

          Enough room for Azeri gas as well.
          Of course Iran and Russia will continue to block Turkmenistan in Caspian but that is another story. They have China as customer for their gas anyways

          1. Sencer says:

            Lots of BS from a propagandist POS against well known facts. I am not even speaking about the fact that Tovuz is an important railway hub in addition to all those pipelines.

            An imbecile like you under Kremlin’s payroll shud work its arguments better before posting here.

          2. HiaNd says:

            It is painfully intimidating for would be ottoman empire to be under permanent Russian dominance…did you understand that?

          3. Sencer says:

            Imbecile, you completely lost it. LOL.

            Why you low IQ Kremlin trolls resort to their imaginery worlds once they get crushed in a simple political argument ?

          4. HiaNd says:

            Simple political argument is that Tukey is regional power of limited importance that can not dictate or pretend to be in charge of other countries.
            If you don’t behave you will be sent back to China.
            And there… it is not fun at all, just ask your cousins Uighurs.

          5. Sencer says:

            Yes , TR is a regional power of limited importance, but a country which you can not touch although she has stepped in yr feet in Syria and Libya. You have no power to send anyone to anywhere , hot air is all you produce nowadays. Nothing less , nothing more.

          6. HiaNd says:

            Frustrated much?
            Turds stop nobody, specially not Russia . Just your NATO umbrella is the one that protects you. Nothing else.

          7. Sencer says:

            On the contrary , you seem to be frustrated sweetie. NATO declared they will not be involved in Syria and Libya , not even speaking the fact that Russia is on the same side with Greece and France , both NATO members.

            ”Turkish successes in Libya humiliate Russia and the UAE”

            So what were you selling exactly ?

          8. HiaNd says:

            I am not selling NATO articles of the Bulgarian NATO satraps like you.
            Russia is not in Libya and Russian mercenaries have the right to work for money where they want.
            You NATO twats are so scared that you see Russians everywhere.
            As for Syria ; NATO has lost their war in Syria… Now it is time to get rid of US and after that Turkey and Israel in Syria.

          9. Sencer says:

            Here, the mouthpiece of Kremlin strikes back. Flood the country with former Russian soldiers , sell every kind of weapons including air defence systems and war jets, and then come here and say ” but but Russia is not in Libya”

            Furthermore try to defence that killers on payroll saying that they have the right to workd for money whereever they want.. Fucking clown.

            By the way , Russians will not risk theirselves by getting rid of US,TR or Israel. Russia is there for its own interests and get it own share , not protecting Syrians or something.

            So when mighty Russia will attack US and get the oil wells back ? LOL.

          10. HiaNd says:

            ‘So when mighty Russia will attack US and get the oil wells back ?”
            WHY attack?
            Once dollar collapses they’ll leave.

            They will be forced to leave just like Turkey will …and in due time.

          11. Sencer says:

            Seems that the ”huge Russian bear shadow” you were talking about was actually a possum waiting midnight to loot the trash.

        2. Bogdan Latow says:

          It’s so boring to read your perpetual insults. I’m french and christian. My wife was ukrainian from Crimea ( that I visited many times from 1990 ). I can speak about propaganda. All the crimean people spoke russian and felt russian. Do you know that there was a border between Ukraine and Crimea. Never Crimea wanted to be in Ukraine. Certainly your islamist brothers dream of it. Muslims speak very much but don’t act like Russians. Armenia, it’s the same : don’t touch it !

          1. Sencer says:

            Bogdan , yr name definitely proves that you are french . LOL.

            I am not interested in yr religion , yr wife and what ‘my islamist brothers” would dream of it, as most of the Turkish originated people are loong gone by Stalin eta.

            There is also 25% of Iran speaking Turkish and feeling Turkish . This does not mean that TR has the right to invade that part of Iran.

            We can not shape borders and military invasions on yr personal experiences and yr ukranian wife , can we ?

            If you are so bored to read insults , there is an ignore button on yr own disqus. Feel free to use it.

        3. Nzhdeh says:

          Haha you’d cruelly beeline that stupidity? We have pipelines with Iran we don’t need anything from Azeri terrorists

          1. Sencer says:

            You have no idea what I was speaking about, do you ?

          2. Nzhdeh says:

            You like Armenian coffee ?

  4. King Cliff says:

    A war between Azerbaijan and Armenia will also be a war between Turkey and Russiq,Truth is that was is in the making and any moment it could kick in. Turkey had undermined Russia in Syria,they had killed Russian pilots,they having conflict with greece,they at odd against the france and Egypt in Libya. I pray Allah doesn’t happen but it were to happen they wouldn’t get help from NATO and the Russian would get a rid of a treat and run supreme in the black sea and the Russian would also carried the orthodox Christians world on it’s back once they grab control on the Sophia orthodox cathedral….Russian have a lot to gains in this war and so much to gain and I wouldn’t be surprised it happens in the next few months ,as mush I’m against war but the atmosphere is saying is right and the dice might rolls, May Allah help all the innocent one….I still pray a war dont happen but I inevitable…..

    1. HiaNd says:

      “A war between Azerbaijan and Armenia will also be a war between Turkey and Russiq,”

      No it will not

      1. lovethemapples says:

        schrodinger’s cat

    2. Nzhdeh says:

      The Turk and Azeri radicals want to destroy Armenia and we will not allow it

      1. HiaNd says:

        do not turn your back on Orthodox Russia
        if you do that you will have no future as country

        1. Nzhdeh says:

          We’ll take over Russia too

          1. HiaNd says:

            no shit you are that much dangerous ?
            I bet everybody is scared Russia included and waiting on Armenia’s first move ….good luck with that you will need it.

          2. Nzhdeh says:

            I’m joking lol I like Russia

          3. Andranik says:

            Finally an Armenian who I can agree with. ?

          4. Nzhdeh says:

            Nice to meet you!

          5. Andranik says:

            Nice to meet you too jaan, nice name! I like you style ?

          6. Nzhdeh says:


  5. Porc Halal says:

    a major military confrontation between Russia and islamist turkey is only a matter of time …I mean it is something hardly to ignore!…

    1. HiaNd says:

      Ready to fight Islam to the last Russian?

      West have tried same tactics of Using Hitler against Stalin and USSR.
      That didn’t work the way you have planned.

      You Western wimps are already half way of becoming caliphates in your own home so you need somebody to fight Islamic take over in Europe..
      Russia is not interested in that role.
      Russia is not in odds with Islam only in odds with would be Otoman Sultan Erdogan if and when he crosses the red line.

  6. Cikitas GAYreecepulos says:


    Turkey government is Nahçevan the official guarantor.

  7. ruca says:

    HiaNd , you are absolutely correct and the people trolling you are wrong.

    1. Sencer says:

      Every beavis needs a buthead .And there you are.

  8. Black Waters says:

    We had enough with Zionist trolls, now we have Turkisis running around, jesus.

    1. Sencer says:

      In addition to above there are also some Kremlin trolls and daydreaming naive leftists around as well. Keep commenting though , soon I will find out where your cheap ass belongs .

    2. Nowruz says:

      Birds of a feather flock together.

  9. Nzhdeh says:

    The two sub human cultures will have to accept defeat, Azeris do not control 20% of the so called de jure territory, it is Armenian land, turks cannot change that, go home to your other stolen land.

    1. Mustafa Mehmet says:

      Young lady I think you crossed the red line now.. be careful you lose what you got too.. N. Ka belongs to Azerbaycan

      1. Nzhdeh says:

        Throughout history it’s apart of Armenia going back thousands of years, before Azerbaijan even existed. It has always had a majority Armenian population and the parliament of Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Oblast voted for independence in 1988.

      2. lovethemapples says:

        sub human cultures?:))) With that attitude no wonder why they have been genocided. Seems like they are itching for another one

        1. Mustafa Mehmet says:

          genocide never happened I don’t agree with that. agree they asking for gd slabbing

          1. lovethemapples says:

            you are free to remain on your opinion.

  10. MH370 Atok The Deceiver says:

    if turkey decide to invade armenia…nothing putin can do about it except for a deal including S-600

  11. The Objective says:

    Good show of solidarity with other Muslims. We’ll one day witness collective military drills including the armed forces of Turkey, Pakistan, Qatar, Azerbaijan Niger, Algeria, Libya, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sudan, and God willing, Egypt.

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