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JUNE 2021

Turkish Forces Deploy I-Hawk Air-Defense Systems Near Syrian Border (Video)

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Turkish Forces Deploy I-Hawk Air-Defense Systems Near Syrian Border (Video)

A screenshot from the video

A video of I-Hawk medium-range surface-to-air missiles deployed to the Kirikhan and Yayladagı provinces of Hatay in southern Turkey is also circulating online. According to reports, the missiles were deployed close to the border with Syria. The I-Hawk’s operational range is about 40-50km.

Multiple media outlets linked the deployment with the ongoing preparations of the Turkish Armed Forces to launch a military opeartion against Kurdish militias in Syria’s Afrin.

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Pff, old 60’s technology. Just like much of the Turkish armed forces. Maybe if the Turks had some Patriot batteries the SyAF and RuAF should be worried. But I reckon if they had those they wouldn’t have had to beg NATO to station some Patriot batteries, like they did a couple of years ago, nor buy the Russian SA-400.


Turkey deployed borrowed German Bundeswehr owned Patriot missile batteries on Turkish-Syrian border around 2013. To protect militant base camps and supply depots in southern Turkey from any threat of SyAF bombing. But then in classic Erdogan style, he created so much political animosity with Germany on raft of issues that within two years the Germans packed up the batteries and took them home.


Tommy Jensen

Erdogan has good relationship with Ukronasis. He could buy BUK or S-125 from Ukraine.


True, but Erdogan has an entitlement complex – he thinks being in NATO entitles him to freely access the technology of his allies.


patriot systems are operated by the usa nomatter in what country they are deplayed..


negativ germany operats the system too! Because they build it back in time!


Oh yes, because PKK and it’s spin-offs possess such a strong airforce and countless choppers.

Does Erdogan know something we don’t?


This might be stupid but, shooting down US helicopters or low flying air craft providing support to Kurdish militants?


i dont thing its for uncle sams planes! the SAA or russians are targets too!


No, but he has a loud mouth like almost no one in the region. Mostly a lot of hot air though.

Hanny Benny

So the turks can do what they want, like everyone does it in this times..
Erdogan jsut understand the technik of “realization”: “Get and hold it”.
The US does the same with Rojava, but in the end they will sadly betray their partners(kurds) like they ever do..
And yes this war is almost dirty shit..


Possibly to counter drones? I’m sure the US has quietly supplied the Kurds with drones or at least drone making technology.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Assad doesnt trust Erdogan and Viceversa…HTS ( Al Qaeda) are attacking SAA in Idlib and use Turkish armour vehicle to avoid artillery shrapnel…while Assad is allowing east kurdish forces go to Afrin through SAA controlled areas in Aleppo!..Assad thinks that under the pretex to fight vs Kurdish..Erdogan seek deploy troops and allie suni islamic terrorist militia inside and along Northwest Aleppo Syrian border..

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