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Turkish Forces Clashed With SDF, Syrian Army & Shelled Refugee Camp In Northeastern Region (Video)

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Late on August 12, the Turkish military and its proxies in northeast Syria launched several small-scale attacks in al-Hasakah and Raqqa.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Turkish forces clashed with Syrian Arab Army (SAA) troops near the towns of al-Qasmiyah and al-Rashidiyah in the northern countryside of al-Hasakah.

Similar clashes broke out between Turkish forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) near the town of Kur Hasan west of the border town of Tell Abyad in the northern Raqqa countryside.

Turkish forces also shelled the Ain Issa refugee camp in northern al-Hasakah. Fire erupted in several farmlands bordering the camp. Nevertheless, no human losses were reported.

In the last few weeks, Turkish forces carried out several similar attacks in northeast Syria. The SDF and the SAA are yet to respond.

Last year, Turkey signed two separate de-escalation agreements on northeast Syria with Russia and the U.S. The recent attacks are a blatant violation of these agreements.

Turkey may be attempting to provoke a response from the SDF or the SAA in order to justify a new military operation in northeast Syria. Some recent reports suggested that Turkish forces are planning an offensive in northeast Aleppo and northern Raqqa.


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they keep pushing their luck and they might regret it one day…

Jens Holm

None is luck for them. Its a matter of priority, long time planning and space.

Many here dont see how strong Turks are. They only are blocked by Russia and USA.


they seem to think that indeed …how otherwise to explain excessive adventurism

Jens Holm

Its a kind of new clothe. We shall see AKP are real Osmans and not from basements and poor farmers.

Peter Jennings

The Turkish admin’s aim has been to take the north of Syria to solve their PKK problem, to establish an enclave in Syrian and take oil tribute. I don’t see the US doing anything but get in the way. They certainly have no resources or opportunities to block anything, from either side. The US hasn’t checked any Turkish advance anywhere in northern Syria.

Turkish forces are about to be embroiled in a very long conflict in Libya whilst having their supply lines seriously affected by disgruntled neighbours who value their stuff. Warmongering is full of surprises.

Jens Holm

I think I see more then that. USA actually keep Assads from the oil.

According to the Nato oath USA does its best to block against Turks but Trump has done what he promised, when he was elected. By that the Obama promise to rge SDF kurds has not been kept. I so Turks had not invanded the SDF part of Syria.

And oh yes, USA certainly has resspurces. Its a matter of priority.

I also wonder if the Turks can handle Libya and now seemes to be in a job against Greeks with France.

USA also yesterday told, they would not help Turkey upgrafing their F16s.


Great outlook. A “Aleppo” 2.0 and Raqqa 2.0. back to the future with Erdogan.

“Last year, Turkey signed two separate de-escalation agreements on northeast Syria with Russia and the U.S. The recent attacks are a blatant violation of these agreements.”

When such agreements are not enforced, even with the 100s of violations, they are not worth the paper they are written on. Russian forgein ministry is yet to clearly say anything to the Turkish voilations. Nada. Erdogan must the shivering of fear.

Jens Holm

That make sense


Manke tak, Jens.

Jens Holm

Selv tak. Maybee You have Viking DNA and Your ancisters used this. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/88759f41552422bee67dd47571e98cf4322fdb587a65e0953532ade7237bbff6.jpg


I do. But i also have Slavic DNA and that of several germanic tribes according to who my ancestors are.

Quite a combination, i admit.

Jens Holm

Its visible Assads & Co has lack of troops. Attacks like those might make it impossible for Assads to take more land south of Idlib.


Not wrong; unless all of Syria unites otherwise Syria has lost and the Turks with the US will possess half of Syria.

Graham Steinberg

The HIDEOUS Tel Aviv Inc, continue to regularly hit Syria & flout intl law. “The COWARDS of the skies.”

Jens Holm

To me Syria is a wrong and very immature state, which never should have been created. Finally they became their own being helped 23 years being educated to be able to be a strange konglomerate.

After 2 years it went to war with 1000 s of others and attacked outside its territory and borders. They not even liberated themselves from the Osmans.

Political and economicle they has lost ever since even blaming others inside their own country for it as well as all those, which by Balfour and Lausanne.

Now it finally seemes they with Hesbollah and their invasion has destroyed Lebanon and the sensible and all productive there connecting to the restof the world and other arabs.

Systematic patterns has been created. Some relative few rich has most money but all are involved in corruption and making less and less future. Here the connection to Syria is very visible.

I will make no plus plus for Israel in this, but they and Jordan actually act as Sates and both has defended themselves inside as well as outside and aree no freebees.

I see no alternative to Israel for the Jews there. Its the same for Golan. Syria and several others has attacked them many times, has asked them do go home or they will be killed. They cant.

And we not even has refugees from the Westbank and Gaza but from all of You. You even deny to take them back even if we pay Your corrupt non productive Leadership well supoorted by anciant Russian weapons and stupid warfare of the worst, where Syria has 550.000 dead ones and 5 millions not even in their own country.

The base for that is clear. Artificial creative versions of honor and respect is created as excuses for not changing anything Yourself. New Feudals are Leaders of doing nothing well supported being raised to be nothing.

You even say all 20 million brains are worth less then some few by Assad and its Baathists. You say womens and womans right are Haram to update for today and the future and work hard to keep them even more uneducated then Yourself.

I dont know where You come from but the system is clear. A minimum should be to educate and work Yourself. We do and it pays off. The only jobs Assads has made are by making contrast, so many love to finance unimplyed mercenaries there. 50% for the men and maybee 95% for the vomen.

And the system is semilar for Bagdad and Teheran.

For goos reasons less then half of the ones comming here fit in at all. After 10 years they still has no job and women often are forbiden by unomplyed men to educate and take a job even they are more able to.

Almost all women work here. Education to top level is free. Hospitals are free. They even can read the Holy Choran and the rest in Danish and get their rights and responsabilities, so Old men only looking back dont decide today and the future.

I finally see no cowards. I see the Jews has no realitic choise and against all odd actually made their own state. Thar sometimes is a very bad state. Their problems are they look and behave mopre and more like the Arabs.

Servet Köseoğlu

exactly…syria,ıraq and lebanon are artificial states and these states are Irans backyard…war at syria transforms hezbollah to a middle-state..

Cheryl Brandon

They have the Russians

Jens Holm

But who are “They”? I cant see its most Syrians.

If the 25% out of the socalled country supported Assads and helpers, they easy could remove enemies of Assads. But they dont even their homes are there or their homes are there anymore or not.

They even prefare to arrive to here, where they are not needed and wanted because so many by long time statistics are known as minus and problems. We didnt get our living standard by remaining as we were. WE CHANGED and we think we have done it to the better often doing the opposite of what Russia, Iran and Assads do.

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