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Turkish Forces Claim 63 More Kudish Fighters Killed Under Operation Olive Branch

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63 more members of Kurdish militias have been ‘neutralized’ in the Syrian area of Afrin, the Turkish General Staff said in a statement on January 31. According to the statement, in total 712 so-called terrorists have been neutralized since the start of Operation Olive Branch On Janary 20.

However, the numbers provided by the Turkish General Staff in its statements are clearly overestimated, according to local sources. Furthermore, the Turkish Armed Forces and its proxies from the Free Syrian Army have still been not able to break the defense of Kurdish YPG/YPJ forces in a number of points across the Afrin area. If Turksih forces are not able to do this in the near future, the Turkish leadership may face additional pressure from both the international community and own population.

Turkish forces are at Bursaya Mount:

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Milan Šimjak

“neutralized”?sounds like “terminated”,from Schwarzeneger’s movie


Cultural marxists aren’t the only ones who prefer to use politically correct words to sanitize language. ;-)


It is a form of dehumanising opponents , which would make killing/murdering more acceptable to the general population.

“We have neutralised 771 terrorists” sounds so much more acceptable then “Our forces have killed mostly lightly armed militia and civillians by bombing and shelling”.

It would even be possible that worded like this some people would have second thoughts about this invasion.


I think the dehumanising part is calling everyone you kill terrorists. Because then they’re no longer lightly armed militia and collaterally killed civilians but faceless bad guys. And who doesn’t object to taking out bad guys? But since we’re living in sensitive touchy feely I’m so quickly offended times neutralized sounds less offensive then just killed. A decade ago during the Iraq occupation and the Dutch army presence in Uruzgan X number of insurgents and Taliban killed was fine. Apparently, now that’s no longer the case.


>> If Turksih forces are not able to do this in the near future, the
Turkish leadership may face additional pressure from both the
international community and own population.<<

I think I can live with Erdogan having some discomfort in that regard. Although it probably sucks for the regular Turkish grunts who have to pay the price for his arrogance.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Macron isn’t happy and has said if this is a land grab which would be counter to the talks it can lead to some consequences. Now they want to refer to the resolutions seems a bit hypocritical right now.


Who cares about Macron and France anyway? France is the economic sick man of Europe. The days that France AND Germany jointly controlled Europe are over. It’s all Germany now. Just like the days that the French had some backbone and were willing to stand up against the US.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

You men the days of the US controlling Europe are over, the two top countries may have some backbone but not sure it’s enough. The EU is on it’s last legs and run by Belgium not Germany or France , like Rick Moranis inStreets of Fire said “time to get myself out of this shithole”.

Anthony Paul Mapes

TAF: “we have neutralised the entire area, although there might be people with guns still running about”!

I would be more impressed with Swiss proper gander stating they have over run the United States!

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