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JUNE 2021

Turkish Forces Capture 2 More Points From YPG In Afrin Area (Map)

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On February 12, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) captured the village of Muhammadiyah and Amarah Hill from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the Syrian area of Afrin, according to the Turkish media. Pro-Turkish sources say that few YPG members were killed there.

Earlier on the same day, the YPG shot down a Turkish unmanned aerial combat vehicle and repelled few minor attacks of the FSA across the region.

According to pro-Turkish sources, the TAF and the FSA have captured over 50 various areas since the start of the operation in Afrin. According to the Turkish military, 31 Turkish soldiers have been killed and 143 have been injured in the clashes.

Turkish Forces Capture 2 More Points From YPG In Afrin Area (Map)

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Pro-Turkish militants involved in the Turkish operation in Afrin:

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The Kurds are in deep trouble there…..ruthless terrorists-butchers on the one front (fsa) ,plain butchers (TAF) on the other……it would be interesting to have a translation on what the old man says to the terrorists,,,,


It seems to me both sides are having problems. Turkey is obliged to send more and more men and armour into Afrin, just to compensate for losses and modest increases of deployed forces. They are advancing very slowly under increasing losses and with SDF slightly changing tactics by using more and more guerilla style counterattacks in occupied areas of Afrin.

At the same time SDF is sending more and more reinforcements into Afrin and Manbij, incl weapons and kurds from KRG, Turkey and Iran even are arriving in increasing numbers but as of yet on an individual basis. No doubt the attacks on and murders of civillians are making life harder.

US has tonight send another convoy of some 50 trucks into Northern Syria, uncertain whether for US military or for SDF and US set aside some $500 million for arming SDF in 2019, mainly YPG

It will be interesting to know what will happen between Matthis and AKP government.


Let Syrians alone and go create a country in Iran where kurds belong.

Deo Cass

Kurds already have a whole region there in Iran called Kurkistan which they administer. Kurds are Iranians with a different dialect. But the customs and cuisine are the same. Put in a nutshell, they don’t need a country of their own cause they already have a home. Only the Zio/NAZI interests are trying to brainwash the Kurdish Iranians that they need an independent state obviousely controlled by the Zionists, for their own geo political and military reasons.


kurds are iranian-turks. They have nothing to do in Syria. But, when you are nice and kind, people try to fool you.

Be aware of bad people. There are a lot of bad people.


Kurds are living in syria for more then a 1000 years


kurds in Syria are iranian and turks refugees.


Syrians are just leftovers of the crab people who missed their last spaceship to dimension 7 and so they are condamned to stay in this fucking dry and hot land. Next lift in 7.000 years. OmG…

Jamil Abdin

…and that itself shows that they are welcome and shall live together with us for another 1000 years.


Kurds live there for very long, no doubt. Some how i can even understand that they want their own county but ….I think, the better way is countries like Iran, Irak, Syria and Turkey should built a common Union like eu, open the boundries, use their sources for development, respect the different ethnics, religion and live peaceful together. Then there will be no sence of borders as long as every group live peaceful and respectful together. The nationalisim and cooperation with nations, which do not belong there couse war pain, destruction, poverty.


Sounds like a good idea, lets hope those countries manage to build this!


This stupid Trump comes to TV and say with his gay voice “We build schools in Afghanistan and we don’t build schools in USA”. XD. What a prick. Who tell you to build schools in Afghanistan ?? XD. You rather build military bases.

USA is so a shithole that it’s better not to know it.


Tell that to the many kurds that think otherwise. It just doesn’t make any sense


just go to a mental hospital, where you belong


It really sucks meanwhile. I will seriously block “Serious” now. Bye bye you serious moron…


So, kurds invade Syria?!


That is exactly why Turkey making noises about shutting Incirlik NATO bases in Turkey.
As US 2019 Pentagon budget allocates $550 million for YPG – of which $250 million is ear marked for the problematic ‘border security force’ that implies de-facto, and illegal, Syrian partition and was Pentagon announcement that riggered Turkish military action. Turkey and US at political and military loggerheads directly over YPG has long way to go yet.



totally agree


FSA are fanatics and very aggressive.

Maybe call Assad, the nice guy.


Why do people that don’t belong to their lands create a lot of trouble ?

turks belong to Asia, kurds belong to Iran, hebrews belong to south Iraq, Americans belong to Europe.

Go back to your fuc.ing lands low life shit terrorists.


you must be a retard


he/she´s unbelivable…


Asi if it was an argument. XD. What I say is very obvious. It’s not Swedish that create troubles.


Be aware Germans. Kurds and Turks in Germany will annex your lands in 200 years.

Igor Dano

looks like 20.


Syria faces the same problems as Germany. Military occupied by USA and turks and kurds fighting inside Syria.

Maybe Syria and Germany should ally and fix the problem. XD.


Nonsence again. Germany have never been occupied by Turks or Kurds. What the Fxxx are you talking about)


As many kurtds in Syria than in Germany. So, kurds will ask for getting a part of Germany. XD.


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Half of Germany for kurds and the other half for turks. Poles have already taken a quarter of last Germany. Everything occupied by US military bases.


If Americans love kurds, why do they give them other people land and not Seattle and California. In the same way, Americans can give Florida to israelis.


Sorry, Serious, but California belong to the Mexicans and Florida to the hispanics and Seminolas.

İbrahim Çetin

I thought California belonged to Armenians.


You could make the same argument about the Jews wanting a country of their own after WWII. If the US and Western Europe loved them so much, why not give them a piece of their own countries?

The same answer applies, it’s far easier to pass that burden on to some other country instead.

Vauxhall Astra

This war will never end.


“according to the Turkish media”,
this is exactly the point where you can stop reading.

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