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Turkish Forces Besiege Rajo District Center In Afrin (Map, VIdeos)

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Turkish Forces Besiege Rajo District Center In Afrin (Map, VIdeos)

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The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have captured the villages of Banikan. Memalan, Maskanli and Atmana from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and surrounded the town of Rajo in the Syrian area of Afrin.

The town of Rajo is now the key target of the TAF and the FSA west of Afrin. If Rajo falls into the hands of the Turkish forces, the entire YPG defense northwest of the city of Afrin may collapse.

The YPG has destroyed a vehlicle belonging to the FSA in the village of Gawanda in the Rajo area. According to pro-Kurdish sources, over 40 members of the Turkey-led forces have been recently killed in clashes.

Meanwhile, the Kurdish news agency ANHA reported that Turkish attack helicopters had struck the villages of Ramadiya and Hamilka as well as had conducted raids in the areas of Badina and Mobata.

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Both Jinderes and Rajo are under pressure from TFSA dirt bags. Dutchboy is sure to be pissed off twice. :D

Rita Munson

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I flag you for being a google spam bitch :)

King Tudor777

I did it too.

Lelouch Vi Britannia

Raco is already captured by Taf. Coward terrorists fled from city. They just know using tows and landmimes. American rats

Hulusi Akar

I hope the drone footage of their cowardness will be on internet. Their literally ran away.

Mute Smith

God, I hate land- https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4d8bf1072cd3720960b5da057264bc1cf6cda930d7f902eaa188065f6e6e8001.gif mimes! They always act like they’re doing something but really they aren’t doing shit! I just want to yell “There’s no box you asshole!”


I have been looking at the presented map and I do not see a siege. Turkish forces are neither in the city nor have they encircled the small town, so there is no siege at all. That does not mean the town isn’t threatened, it is.

As for a collapse noth west of Afrin city, this is a fairy tale. The road towards Afrin goes through mountainous area’s and a collapse is unlikely. Furthermore, SDF would be foolish not to have a second, maybe even a third line of defense.

Losing the town will be a setback though.

In any case, one can wonder how much lossess the FSA can take. ANF reports that TFSA “declare” their dead to MIT in order to receive financial compensation for those killed. SDF sources within TFSA have access to those declarations and published part of one of those lists, on the 24th of february, where TFSA “declared” 43 being killed on that day.

One wonders if at a certain point TFSA, or factions therein, will reach a breaking point. One thing is sure, TFSA and TSK will have to continue pouring in more and more fighters and soldiers, just to keep up their numbers.

Hulusi Akar

Keep living in your fantasy dreamland. Raco is fully captured. Now the pressure is on sheikh hadid and Cin deresi. https://twitter.com/op_shield

These YPG bots are pathetic


look at better



Pathetic according to pro pkk/ypg sources… Who gives a sh.t about the propaganda of thesr losers anyway? Its like listening to the lies of a 5 years beating up mike tyson and mohammed ali lol.fking desperatr propaganda ratz. They never provide any evidence to their claims/lies. Most of the time they even steal TFSA footage because they have no own XD

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