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Turkish Forces Are Preparing To Withdraw From Hama Post Besieged By Syrian Army – Reports

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Turkish forces are preparing to withdraw from an observation posts in northwestern Syria, al-Watan Online reported on October 18.

Mohammed Fadi al-Saadoun, charge d’affaires of Idlib governorate, told al-Watan Online that Turkish forces will withdraw from a post besieged by government forces within 48 hours.

“We have information that Turkish occupation forces are preparing to withdraw from an observation post that’s besieged by the Syrian military,” al-Saadoun said, without providing any further details.

The observation post is located next to the town of Murak in the northern countryside of Hama. The post was established in April of 2018. Syrian government forces besieged it in August 2019. Several other posts are under a similar siege.

Pro-government activists shared recent photos of the observation post showing the removal of some equipment and fortifications by Turkish forces.

The al-Moharar Media, a news outlet affiliated with the Turkish-backed Sham Legion, confirmed that Turkish forces were making preparations to withdraw from Murak post.

In September, Turkey refused a Russian request to lower the number of its posts in the Syrian region of Greater Idlib. The refusal led to some tension with Russia.

Turkish forces maintain more than 60 posts throughout Greater Idlib. Thousands of troops and dozens of battle tanks, howitzers, rocket launchers and air-defense systems are deployed in these posts, which are supposed to “observe” the ceasefire in the region.


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Fleecing Rabbi

Turkish cousins must take Damascus as it rightfully belongs to them historically.

Guy Metdrapedes

I have noticed quite a startling similarity. Turks cry out in pain as they strike others as well.

Maz K

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Jens Holm

The skin is used for Turks converting to west. They think its enough.

Lone Ranger

+25 Shekels…


Of course it does,everywhere belongs to them,fuck off.

Jens Holm

ts a relative with a big minus in front. For a longer period, it was true.

They should be asked. Thats the mainproblem for Assads too.

J Ramirez

Your Turkish cousins are being stuffed with dicks in preparation for Thanks giving ;}



Jaime Galarza

Your history sucks. Much before the Otoman Empire existed, Syria already did.

Davide Herzog

Your turkish brothers affirme they will re-take Jerusalem as it rightfully belongs to them historically .

Samuel Vanguard

Turkey and America should leave Syria since non of them were ever officially invited by Syrian Government,i say no to imperialism.


it’s just another step towards a syria free from occupying forces and that includes the idiots from the disunited states of A as weell and then Assad can deal with the kurdish turncoats any which way he likes.

and after that turkey, iran and syria and iraq and hezbollah can have sit down and agree on how the demise of the jews in palestine shall be executed on the understanding that there shan’t be one single live jew left in palestine when they’re done.

Assad must stay

Hahahaha finally yes victory!!!!!!



johnny rotten

Like everyone who has come and gone from Syria in the last 10,000 years, the turkeys will also take off.

Jens Holm

Yerrrh, even the Syrians take off:)


did they get tired already spending tons of money on useless posts that offer them nothing?

Lone Ranger

Cia trolls and hasbarats will cry and rage ?

Ice Icegold

Pack your things and go you filthy Turks.
Get out of Syria , get out of Cyprus , get out of Libya. Stay put and try to have good relationships with your neighbors… finally.

Icarus Tanović

Try to have decent relations with neighbors, that is too much for a idiot.

Mustafa Mehmet

dirty filthy scumbag go and jump front of high speed train

Traiano Welcome

Hey Kebab, I found out the Father of the Turks is a Jew. Is that true?


Get out of “Turkey” as well and return to the Mongolian caves!

Ice Icegold

I think your solution is much better than mine ?



Icarus Tanović

Runnong away? Azerbaijan and Lybia bigger chunk for Genghis Khan, rather corrupt idiot with support from America.

Svincius Savickas

Turkish occupants must be all eliminated.

cechas vodobenikov

as the turkey proxies suffer huge defeats—turkmen tribes, ISIS, HTS, the CIA SDF, amerika, turkey retreat into their teepees…a veritable plywood nation of beggars and homeless…now that the median income in USA is 34,000 $ annually their peasants retreat from reality w burgers and meth

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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