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MARCH 2021

Turkish Forces Are Preparing To Withdraw From Hama Post Besieged By Syrian Army – Reports


Turkish forces are preparing to withdraw from an observation posts in northwestern Syria, al-Watan Online reported on October 18.

Mohammed Fadi al-Saadoun, charge d’affaires of Idlib governorate, told al-Watan Online that Turkish forces will withdraw from a post besieged by government forces within 48 hours.

“We have information that Turkish occupation forces are preparing to withdraw from an observation post that’s besieged by the Syrian military,” al-Saadoun said, without providing any further details.

The observation post is located next to the town of Murak in the northern countryside of Hama. The post was established in April of 2018. Syrian government forces besieged it in August 2019. Several other posts are under a similar siege.

Pro-government activists shared recent photos of the observation post showing the removal of some equipment and fortifications by Turkish forces.

The al-Moharar Media, a news outlet affiliated with the Turkish-backed Sham Legion, confirmed that Turkish forces were making preparations to withdraw from Murak post.

In September, Turkey refused a Russian request to lower the number of its posts in the Syrian region of Greater Idlib. The refusal led to some tension with Russia.

Turkish forces maintain more than 60 posts throughout Greater Idlib. Thousands of troops and dozens of battle tanks, howitzers, rocket launchers and air-defense systems are deployed in these posts, which are supposed to “observe” the ceasefire in the region.




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