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Turkish Forces And Syrian Army Exchange Artillery Fire In Idlib Zone


Turkish Forces And Syrian Army Exchange Artillery Fire In Idlib Zone

Image: aa.com.tr

Turkey’s Ministry of National Defense announced in the early hours of June 28 that its armed forces had carried out “effective strikes” on positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) around Syria’s Idlib.

The ministry said in an official statement, that the strikes were a response to the recent artillery attacks on one of its observation post in northwestern Hama. The attack killed two Turkish service members and injured at least two others. Ankara had held the SAA responsible for the attacks.

Syria’s state TV confirmed that several positions of the SAA in northern Hama were struck by the Turkish military. However, no casualties or material losses were reported.

“More than 18 rockets launched by Turkish forces in Shir Mughar and southern Idlib landed in the towns of al-Kareem, Qaber Fidda and in the outskirt of the town of Hwaiz in northern Hama,” the channel said in a report.

The SAA responded to the Turkish strikes by shelling the observation post in Shir Mughar, once again. The Syrian TV confirmed this, making it the first ever official Syrian attack on Turkish forces inside the country.

The upcoming days may witness more escalation between Syria and Turkey. Ankara appears to be determined to maintain its military presence around Idlib, despite the fact that terrorist groups are operating in the same area.

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