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JULY 2022

Turkish Forces And Syrian Army Exchange Artillery Fire In Idlib Zone

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Turkish Forces And Syrian Army Exchange Artillery Fire In Idlib Zone

Image: aa.com.tr

Turkey’s Ministry of National Defense announced in the early hours of June 28 that its armed forces had carried out “effective strikes” on positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) around Syria’s Idlib.

The ministry said in an official statement, that the strikes were a response to the recent artillery attacks on one of its observation post in northwestern Hama. The attack killed two Turkish service members and injured at least two others. Ankara had held the SAA responsible for the attacks.

Syria’s state TV confirmed that several positions of the SAA in northern Hama were struck by the Turkish military. However, no casualties or material losses were reported.

“More than 18 rockets launched by Turkish forces in Shir Mughar and southern Idlib landed in the towns of al-Kareem, Qaber Fidda and in the outskirt of the town of Hwaiz in northern Hama,” the channel said in a report.

The SAA responded to the Turkish strikes by shelling the observation post in Shir Mughar, once again. The Syrian TV confirmed this, making it the first ever official Syrian attack on Turkish forces inside the country.

The upcoming days may witness more escalation between Syria and Turkey. Ankara appears to be determined to maintain its military presence around Idlib, despite the fact that terrorist groups are operating in the same area.

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Erdogan is not clever. Erdogan want to kneel Syrian nation to Israel and America.


I don’t like Erdogan but he is much more clever that you think. He got the disgusting Sotchi agreement from Putin. He will get the S400……and I’m not sure this is not with US consent.

Edvin R

Now they f….!,SAAs biggest mistake.Such dumb army…


Not my friend, this is the right thing to do it. Turkey is an invader country, and Syria has the right and obligation to send these Turkish back home, using any military means.

Mustafa Mehmet

Gone get ugly now . you should go and help breanless idiot

Concrete Mike

Why are you obsessed with preserving al nusrah?

How does this benefit turkey?

Its madness, wake up whores!!

Mustafa Mehmet

let me tell something. Fuck Al nusrah and Al kaida and rest of them don’t don’t give shit about any terrorist they can go to hell. Assd and his buddies has to find a peaceful solution .. you can go and save civilian. we don’t want any more ref


Turkey is there are observer, not to back up jihadists. There is no peaceful solution with Al Qaeda. Refugees are stopped at the border, they are not an excuse to take troops into a neighbors country.

klove and light

number 1……

it is “going to get ugly” u turkish Donkey fucking moron

number 2……

yes u are “brainless”…………. learn how to spell turkish Donkey fucking moron it is not “breanless” LOLOLOLOLOL

Mustafa Mehmet

Spelling can be wrong sometime happens… yes Cockroaches Im only fucking your mama nobody else pl believe me. im not having a affair with poor donkey .. ???

Hanny Benny


Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Erdogan has to show some pretense of still being allied with the USA

Taz T

Thanks to Russiain Turkey has a foothold in Syria and they will not leve unless they are forced out Mr Putin.


Turkey is an invader in Syria, and Syria has the right and obligation of sending Turkey back home for good, using any military means.

Rafik Chauhan

SAA has to force turkey out of Syria by any means . once attack will start international community will pressure turkey to remove soldier from Syria. Russia will not doanything to help either side.

Mustafa Mehmet

Which international community? iran?or Russia. or terrorist organisation hessola..

klove and light

good good good News

lets get it on……..enough of Turkeys “picknick” like invation and occupation of syrian land…..make them know they are at war…make them feel the pain of war…..the cost of war etc…….. until now syrian political and SAA Leadership espeically the General protected by russian Special Forces are and were weak. under Baschars Father this all would never have happened on this massive scale…………and still as mentioned in this article…SAA Leadership is so weak, they cant even take 2 small VILLAGES (not towns , let alone cities) when having complete air superiority.ridiculuos pathetic.

David Parker

Have you forgotten that someone has given the head-chopper terrorists new MANPADs and that the head-choppers hit a Syrian Mig-23 with one about three weeks ago? Right, send in more expensive aircraft in low altitude bombing runs to get shot down and the pilot tortured if he survives. No, the answer is artillery as everyone from Napoleon to Stalin has said. Precision guided laser targeted artillery shells, such as the Russians and Chinese have developed. That and some special forces snipers to blast the heads off everyone in Idlib who has a weapon. The problem is that stuff costs big money and takes some special diplomatic arrangement to acquire.


The Turkish army entered the Syrian state in a fraudulent manner. If the Turkish army is defeated , then the terrorists will not have the means to procure weapons and ammunition and food. The one who feeds the jihadists is Turkey and all those who want to break up Syria ,the European Union, USA, Saudi Arabia ,United Emirates ,Israel etc.

Jim Prendergast

Turkish families will have to adjust to their sons coming home in pieces. Syrian families are used to this. No sympathy from Bulgaria nor Greece. Not from Crete. No sympathy from Armenia or Georgia. Maybe a few words of condolence from Russia. Not much sympathy from the Kurds,

Edvin R

Yes…shelling the second or third NATO army by strenght is very smart…

Leon De Elias

Nor from Hungary..Our elderly people used to say,what came from the Turkish invasion times, ”never turn your back on Turks..”,looks like they never changed ever since..


Don’t forget this situation is due to Putin who autorised Turkey to be in Syria and confirmed by the disgusting Sotchi agreement.

Free man

It seems that the SAA has recently made all possible mistakes. Why attack the Turkish forces? Is there one person who thinks that the SAA can defeat the Turkish army? If the current conduct continues, the SAA will disappear.

David Parker

Seems the Kurds just kicked some Turkish ass and they are really nothing.

Free man

The war in Syria seems to have reached the stage of a war of attrition. A “Meat grinder” to anyone involved. So everyone would be wise to seek a political solution. Among other things by the departure of foreign forces.

Lazy Gamer

Time to determine whether idlib and afrin are annexed or not. But judging from SAA difficulties, Turkey might have already won. Now, they have all the reasons to move in and not just observe.

David Parker

The advantage always goes to the defender. Erdogan will get a very expensive war if he invades Syria with the open intent to take out the Assad government. At that point, the Turkish army becomes offensive targets with no civilians getting in the way of the SAA targeting the Turks and their CIA head-choppers.

Lazy Gamer

His proxies are already there. And the SAA could not retake the area.

David Parker

Still Erdogan has a supply line that Assad does not. The advantage always goes to the defender. Plus the Russians have a lease with the Syrian government, not the Turkish government, for bases at Khmeimim and Tartus. After Erdogan shot down the Su-25 that resulted in the pilot and one Russian Marine being killed by the head-shoppers, the Russian MOD installed an S-400 system to protect the Russian bases. Erdogan will not get away with any more sucker punches and he knows it. I have not doubt the Russians will install software that prevents any Turkish S-400 from shooting at Russian aircraft or ships.

Len Zegelink

is time fore erdogan to go out of syria ,erdogan is a usa slave ,a slave of qatar.its time for a regime changes in turkija.

You can call me Al

That is it; bomb the fucking Kebabs and send them back home.


Which of them?

You can call me Al

Let’s do doner tonight and chose the next tomorrow.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL It’s not just the SAA shelling Turkish OB posts, the Russians are also getting in on the action too, syrialiveuamaps is reporting that the Russians are using their artillery to strike rebel positions just a few hundred meters away from the OB post near Murak, and the SAA are also hitting that area with mortars and airstrikes as well. I think Erdogan must be frothing at the mouth by now, that accidental death of a Turkish soldier due to Russian airstrikes a few years ago may not be the last one if things continue like this, because it’s looking like the Russians are very possibly going to accidentally kill a few more soon, that’s if the Turks don’t move out of the area the Russians and SAA are bombing. Erdogan was warning the SAA to stay away from his precious OB posts but they just ignored him and hit them even harder, so I wonder what the Russians will do if Erdogan asks them to stop bombing near his OB posts, hopefully the same thing the SAA is doing, just ignore him. Is Putin having a change of heart when it comes to the Astana agreement, or have his top military commanders just taken matters into their own hands, maybe they’ve gotten sick and tired of Erdogan’s shenanigans putting Russian personnel at risk, and are finally doing something about it themselves, perhaps without Putin’s express consent.

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