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JUNE 2021

Turkish Forces Advance In Afrin And Claim It Foiled VBIED Attack Of Kurdish Forces (Videos)

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Turkish Forces Advance In Afrin And Claim It Foiled VBIED Attack Of Kurdish Forces (Videos)

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On February 7, the Turkish Army and its proxies of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) captured Hawiz Hill, Khuroz Mount and the villages of Sheikh Khuroz Fawani, Sheikh Khuroz Wastani and Sheikh Khuroz Tahtani in the Bulbul district north of the city of Afrin, according to Syrian opposition sources.

Moreover, the Turkish Anadolu Agency reported that the Turkish Army had foiled a VBIED attack of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) on a position of the Turkish-backed FSA west of Afrin on February 6. The source said that a battle tank of the Turkish Army destroyed the YPG’s VBIED before it was able to reache its target.

The military operations of the Turkish Army and the YPG in the Afrin area slowed down during the last two days. Observers believe that this decrease in violence could allow both sides to reach a political agreement for the crisis in Afrin soon.

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Here´s from me a song, especially for the great turkish Führer. ;-)



It’s just a military fashion show…


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Again SF acting like the propaganda tool of Erdogan against Kurds.

First it was SAA propaganda against SDF and now for Erdogan.

Proper reporting would have included most of these locations have already been retaken.

Maybe SF should look sometimes, say once a day, on the site of ANF or Anha?

Reading only SF, one would wonder whether all of Afrin was already taken by the islamists of arab and turkic origin.

Harry Smith

I think SF is using the principle “no photos – not confirmed”. So you can freely post a link to the instagram or twitter with photographic confirmation of your words.


Wtf are you talking about? The map shows only minimal gains for the turks and their mongoloids.

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