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Turkish FM Says It’s Too Early To Discuss US-proposed ‘Security Zone’ In Syria

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Turkish FM Says It's Too Early To Discuss US-proposed 'Security Zone' In Syria

On January 25, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that it’s too early  to discuss a US-proposed “security zone” in Syria because the trust between the countries is stiill not restored.

“We have experienced a loss of confidence. Until it is restored, until clear steps are taken to re-create it, I think it is wrong to discuss these topics [security zone]. We do not know what their intentions are, but first we need to eliminate the atmosphere of distrust,” Cavusoglu said following a proposal by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to establish a US-Turkish security zone in the Afrin area in northwestern Syria, according to Turkish media.

Cavusoglu discussed the situation in Syria with the US state secretary on the phone and called to cease the US support for the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).

“The United States does not want to face Turkey in the north of Syria,” he said hinting to Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch.

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  1. Merijn says:

    Sorry for reposting this mail, but I think it’s applicable in this case, to be continued…..

    This game of chess that is played at the moment, is being played in the correct manner….. with Turkey (seems they have made a U-turn or it’s just another double cross who knows) fixing some issues with the PKK, in this way Syria doesn’t have to fight the YPG-U.S. Proxy….. Turkey is allowed to fight the Kurds by Russia & knowing NATO won’t put an obstacle in the way, for they are an ally, so Turkey is the right country to bring the SDF-Proxy to the negotiation table (forgive me if I’m wrong, but with all the disinfo-agents & presstitutes these years and the constant shift from friend to foe, you can only come to the conclusion that you never can be sure about a damn thing anyway). If Assad had gone against the YPG it would have meant serious repercussions by some third party (of whom we all know that it likes to test it’s newest laser guided bombs on civillians) and most of all Assad wants to keep Syria for All Syrians including Kurds…. so it’s better to stay a little bit friendly for future talks. Assad now got both hands free to clean up the last remnants of ISIS & FSA. Don’t get me wrong I am in no one’s favor but I am very thankful for every warrior that have put his/her life on the line and many actually died (Honor to them) to fight some low life Satanic-Daesh-Al-Qaeda-Headchopping-Demons, that dared to call themselves muslim, which is an insult to true Muslims. Putin plays his game smart: keep your men in the field and stay on the background. Let the opposition make mistakes….. which they have done overwelmingly. Here in Europe more & more people get to know the truth….. I’ve been following this war since the beginning, and a lot of things got very very clear. This is a very nasty and smelly situation where some NATO partners already are sneakin’ out. And if it wasn’t for all the misery that the West brought to the Middle East (kids & women duped the most as always), I even would be glad that I got to know what this Europe I lived in for so many years stands for…… soon I will leave Europe for Asia… I’m done with their lies, a lie has no legs and most of all I hate LIARS. Let us be brothers, there are more urgent things happening on this earth that need our attention (and I don’t mean this Climate-Tax-Change fairy tale) instead of poor people fighting eachother for the wealth and power of a handful elitists, which above all are a bunch of desperate psychopathic suicidal idiots that obviously want to end existence here on this planet. They don’t like it, to see their well maintained, centuries old power structure come crumbling down right in front of their eyes at this very moment….. In that perspective: What a beautiful day & age we live in. Let wisdom and wise decisions prevail…. for all parties involved. Stay sharp & vigilant……. and to Leaders: Be a righteous Leader first of all….which can be pretty hard at times, I can understand that.

    1. You can call me Al says:

      I enjoyed reading your comment, for which I thank you.

      Regards Syria, I am in two minds about your summation, as I believe it could be even more complex than you highlight; it would not surprise me if the US subtly withdraw sooner rather than later with their tail between their legs (fingers crossed, prayers thought). But as you state which I like and admire – forgive me (AS WELL) if I’m wrong, but with all the disinfo-agents & presstitutes these years and the constant shift from friend to foe, you can only come to the conclusion that you never can be sure about a damn thing anyway.

      1. as says:

        The only way to ascertain the situation nowadays is to directly witness them and to describe them for what it is.

    2. BMWA1 says:

      It’s simple Really, isn’t it? :)

    3. as says:

      If Turkish prove themselves to be impervious against YPG/SDF tactics and strategy that the only way to halt them is directly intervene they would throw the Kurds under the bus and jump into the Turkey train with FSA/Muslim Brotherhood/Al qaeda as their main proxy. Simple as that. The only thing is what they’re going to sell the Kurds of their change of policy and what they’ll tell their soldiers of the new policy since their current policy advertising the kurds as their brother in arms worth to fight for. Well they’ll most likely obeyed anyhow. They all lack of critical thinking to do otherwise.

      1. Beatrice says:

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  2. s Slippy says:

    But but its all lies, since PKK has said that the FSA has gained no ground why would the PKK need “security zones” its all a big lie.

    Please spoon feed me some more PKK propaganda I saw a picture yesterday of 50 turks captured then it means it must be true.

  3. Merijn says:

    At least the lies are out in the open, they used to be hidden in the dark realms of snakes….

  4. Merijn says:

    And I don’t think people should fall in the trap of short term developments and react to that. That is what they want, always think a couple of steps ahead. Otherwise you keep following THEIR game they can win a battle….. but who wins the war?

    1. Solomon Krupacek says:

      this tell to pootin

  5. dutchnational says:

    Whatever or whomever the US does or does not want to face, the kurds and SDF are willing to fight it out as surrendering to a kurdophoob and his islamo fascist army and their bearded mercenaries will only gain them etthnic cleansing and mass murders to the point of genocide.

    So they will fight and that fight will kill of most of the bearded mercenaries.

    One can only hope that TSK lossess will increase rapidly and, once the beards are gone, the TSK lossess will hopefully reach the point where the people say “enough”.

    It is already clear that the fight is way beyond Turkish expectations and the invaders more or less have nothing to show for their efforts, but large lossess and little if any gains.

    International opposition is growing rapidly now that the real objectives are becoming clear to many western countries.

    1. You can call me Al says:

      Sorry, but again I disagree. Allegedly the Turks are killing many a Kurd and vice versa (if even some of the reports are true) and the Yanks have fought, funded, betrayed both sides. Surely, both sides must know that. So whilst you get the likes of that twat Tillerson gobbing off about restraint and peace; who is gong to listen ?; NOBODY.

      Now regards Syria, they are speaking the Turkish aggression bit and do the propaganda threatening, but Syria, Russia, Iran don’t want to go up against Turkey, because they want a peaceful and fruitful future, Syria especially.

      Whish leads me to my view on the matter. A political all party discussion will happen (or is happening), where Turkey will get its border guard in Turkey or Syria and Iraq and it will be a multinational guard (Syria, Turkey, Russia, Iraq or something), the Kurds will fook off back to their regions, Syria will get back producing the oil and gas in the East, the terrorist are all killed – even the FSA / HTS and the likes and the US will suddenly realise they have no business left in the ME.


      1. dutchnational says:

        The above does not really go into my comment at all.

        I do not really know what fook off back to their regions is about, but Afrin has ever (documented till around 1100 ad) been kurdish so ,as far as Afrin is concerned, the matter on hand, they are in their own region. Or are you, like Erdogan, proposing ethnic cleansing of around a million people?

        Become a war criminal too?

        1. Solomon Krupacek says:

          kurdish terrorists were not abel to defat turkish army for decades. while in turkey are millions of kurd terrorists. it is slear fantasy, that several thousand ypg terrorist are ablo to defat turkey. :DDDDDDDDDDDD

          1. dutchnational says:

            So far SDF forces, in Afrin mainly kurdish YPG, are doing pretty well actually.

            They also had a successfull raid into Idlib and, if all this continues, one can expect more raids into Idlib and the turkish Azaz colony

          2. Solomon Krupacek says:

            against some little units. WHEN the second turkish army will attack, you will run.

      2. Ronald says:

        “A multi-national guard” that is not US and Turkish .

    2. Solomon Krupacek says:

      sdf will turn back to ypg animals

  6. Rob says:

    Finally Zionists, Jehadists, terrorists on loosing side.

    1. Solomon Krupacek says:

      And America on advancing side.

  7. mhtsaropinigitakis says:

    Dear Southfront i really enjoy visiting you site and reading your posts…BUT this spam with the donation money must stop… it is getting really annoying..every click i do i get a pop up asking me to donate money…even if i wanted to donate i loose all my interest to do so.. every time i visit the page…and i do daily.. i get that po-up.. every time i click back or refresh i get that pop up again… i can understand that you need money to operate…but spamming that pop up window wont help you more. if someone has the ability and will to pay he will. spamming wont help someone to change his mind…even it might be worse cause it might piss him off.keep up the good work and plz remove that pop up.!

    also id like to add that when i visit from android mobile i cant click the X button to close the pop up…it is even worse..

  8. Ronald says:

    “A proposal to create a US-Turkish security zone in Afrin ” , by Tillerson .,
    We have “the American reversal” , taken a bad situation , ( they have no reason to be in Syria) , and given themselves one , patrolling Syria’s northern border “protecting their ally” .

  9. François says:

    What is obviously suspicious is that 2 countries (Turkey/USA) have their own plans in a foreign country.
    Syrian Government is not even invited in the game. Consequently there is nothing positive to hope from Turkey, which is undertaking a true invasion in Syria. Then they will reinforce FSA and everlasting war with SAA.

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