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Turkish Drones Destroyed At Least 9 Pantsir Systems Of Libyan Army In Last Few Days

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Turkish Drones Destroyed At Least 9 Pantsir Systems Of Libyan Army In Last Few Days

Over the past days, forces of the Government of National Accord (GNA) and Syrian militants supported by the Turkish military continued developing momentum against the Libyan National Army (LNA) in northern Libya.

After capturing the Watiya Air Base from the LNA, the Turkish-led forces established control over all the areas surrounding it and deployed to within striking distance of Awlad Badr, an important LNA strong point south of Zawiya. At the same time, they attacked the town of At Talaiyah aiming to cut off any LNA forces still deployed southwest of Tripoli. The LNA repelled the Turkish-led attack there early on May 21st. Clashes north of the town are still ongoing. Another hot point is Tarhuna. The GNA declared it a zone of military operations and deployed there additional reinforcements, mostly consisting of militants arrived from Syria. Nonetheless, up til now, the new round of the battle for Tarhuna has been limited to artillery duels and airstrikes.

According to pro-Turkish sources, 9 Pantsir-S1 air defense systems, which the LNA had received from the UAE, have been captured by GNA forces or destroyed by drone strikes. 2 systems, one of them almost fully destroyed, were captured at the Watiya Air Base. Turkish Bayraktar TB2 combat drones also struck LNA-operated systems near Sirte, Tarhuna and al-Wishka. Turkish media claim that a total of 15 systems have been lost by the LNA since April 2019.

The successes of the Tripoli-based government are mostly based on Turkish military efforts. Ankara strengthened the Tripoli defenses with additional air defense systems, electronic warfare systems and Bayraktar TB2 drones at the airbase there. All of these are in fact operated by Turkish military personnel. Turkish warships off the coast of Tripoli also provide additional cover to specialists operating in the area. Meanwhile, Turkish special forces and thousands of Turkish-funded militants in Syria support GNA forces on key chunks of the frontline with the Libyan National Army.

In their turn, the main supporters of the GNA, Egypt and the UAE are not directly involved in the current military standoff. However, if the situation develops further in the current direction , this may soon change.

On May 21, LNA air force chief Saqr al-Jaroushi announced the beginning of the “largest aerial campaign in Libyan history.”

“You are about to see the largest aerial campaign in Libyan history in the coming hours,” al-Jaroushi said. “All Turkish positions and interests in all cities are legitimate targets for our air force jets and we call on civilians to stay away from them.”

The announcement followed the statement by President of Egypt Abdel Fattah el-Sisi that his country will not tolerate terrorists or those who support them (as in Syria, a large part of Turkish-led forces in Libya are linked to al-Qaeda or sympathize with the group’s ideology). Cairo and Abu Dhabi see the current Turkish expansion in Libya as a direct threat to their national interests. Therefore, they are preparing a response to the actions of Ankara.

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I’m getting push notices of South Front’s reports, but they are not appearing in my email. So after viewing, they drop from notice, but with luck, I might find in history if I want to reread. Would like to get in email besides the push notice.


Why not use an RSS/Feed-Reader? There are even free ones with cloud sync, useable on all platforms. You can add all possible news sources there and read them in one place/app. Notifications are nearly instant, and you can get them on all devices, desktop or mobile App.. Inoreader or Feedly are the best options, and there are also free open source options for maximum privacy.. For Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac..

El Mashi

If Erdogan makes a peace accord with Syria, and accepts that he will never create a micro vassal state in Idlib. He can focus on actually creating a vassal state in the much richer Libya. Unlike Syria where Turkey’s military experience is defeat and humiliation, he can freely learn and gain valuable military experience in Libya. Otherwise, as Turkey intensifies the war in Libya, Syria will attack Turkey’s flank in Idlib as it will. The SAA and Iran are keeping a close watch in Libya as is Russia. Turkey must choose. Don’t be surprised if the United Arab emirate, Saudi Arabia and Egypt begin to fund Bashar Assad. The next decision is Erdogan’s.


He doesn’t want a Vassal state in Syria in a first place. He wants to place Turkmans and loyal arab tribes along the border to create a buffer between Turkey Kurds and Syria Kurds, that effectively eliminates the threat of unification calls. If not, we can expect Russian Turkish campaign in the east side of Syria, but only after US pulls out of Iraq (only viable supply line to Syrian bases.)

El Mashi

Those Turkomans and loyal Arab tribes is the definition of vassals. Erdogan wants vassals in a buffer zone. Some people call that treason. The Syrian people will never allow the theft of any part of its sovereign territory. When the right time comes, Syria will liberate the Israeli occupied Syrian Golan Heights. That will happen: specially once the United States implodes as its happening as we communicate.


not really. It will still be part of Syria, under protection of Turkey though. That does give Turkey a buffer, but it doesn’t give Turkey enough influence over Damascus to call it Vassal. Easier to incorporate within Syria than to annex it. And Damascus will not object since they have their own beef with Kurds.


“Protection of Turkey” means, what, exactly? Controlling the area’s armed forces? Controlling its law enforcement? Its migration or freedom of movement? If it looks, walks, and talks like a vassal, it’s a vassal. How does Orwellian Newspeak change the truth on the ground…?


migration and freedom of movement


Uh huh… And considering the economy is also tied into freedom of movement, how is this not a de facto vassal?


How is economy of Syria tied to the freedom of migration in the northern buffer zone which is 10-15% of the territory?


I meant the economy of northern Syria. You originally claimed that “it will still be part of Syria” and not a vassal state in Syria, yet with Erdogan’s administration controlling its law enforcement and economy, it functionally is a vassal inside Syria.


That’s easier said than done. Most of those people were not originally from northern Syria and they desperately want to go to Europe so trying to force them into a vulnerable vassal state that could collapse at any moment is not going to be that easy.

Robert Ferrin

The shape the EU is in would be the last place I would want to go,the EU is a bankrupt group bordering on a depression and the last thing they want or will permit is more people from the Mid-East.

viktor ziv

southfront; this might be typo “the main supporters of the GNA, Egypt and the UAE”, as mentioned countries are LNA supporters.

David Price

Seems Alot of Pantsir systems destroyed I’m not buying


A powerful motor car needs a competent driver and not a ‘monkey’.

Pantsirs are a potent system when being operated by crews with the education and military skills operate them.


They have shot down 15+ Turkish drones in Libya. Realistically they are not meant to be used alone but rather in tandem with other systems like BUK, TOR, S-300/S-400, ground radar stations, satellites, AWACS, fighter jets. There is only so much they can do alone.

Today though the LNA claimed to have shot down 2 more Turkish drones. 15 have been verified but the real number is probably much higher if any of the reports are true.

Xoli Xoli

Look like this fagots drones are more superior.


15 Turkish drones lost at the very least… so I don’t think so. Turks are just flooding the airspace with drones throwing them at the enemy with reckless abandon, as if they’re Kamikazi planes. $8 million a piece LOL

Xoli Xoli

I hope and believe that your assumption become a reality.Because if it so then this drone mass attack on Russian Latakia base is Erdogan ochestrated attacks.I hope LNA and Syria comes up with counter drone elimination process. By the way thanks for positive thinking rather then my negative thinking.

Cronos Sin Apellidos

They say UAE provid the Pantsir. How many did they initially buy? UAE is small, and surely they didn`t send all of their pantsir. Did they need that much?

Why were the majority of those pantsir offline?

Turkey supply line of heavy equipment is long. Could libian aircraft hit their transport ships?


Maybe they were using them in Yemen, before they pulled out


I can’t find the source currently, but I read GNA claimed that LNA has around 20 Pantsirs. So, half of them are gone.


15 Turkish drones verified destroyed

7 Pantsirs verified destroyed


cechas vodobenikov

http://www.sott.net/article/434830 like amerikans the turkeys defeat themselves


very nice article you have there.

Porc Halal

Lybians they only need 2-3 houti fighters and all turdish islamist crap is gone!…


the reason of this catastrophic failure is due to the fact these soldiers operating with the pantsir have not been instructed and schooled for the job they had absolutely no experience with this weapon we all have witness the destructive force of these pantsir in the Syrian Idlib conflict when soldiers have been well instructed and schooled they are very lethal weapon

cechas vodobenikov

http://www.sott.net/article/434976 more proof that the turkeys r liars


there are so many errors in recent reports.

here is one from this report>> “In their turn, the main supporters of the GNA, Egypt and the UAE are not directly involved in the current military standoff. “

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