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Turkish Drone Strikes Injure Several Civilians, SDF Fighters In Northeast Syria (Video)


Five Syrian civilians were injured when a Turkish unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) targeted their car near the town of Ain Issa in the northern Raqqa countryside.

The incident, which took place in the morning of October 25, was reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). The UK-based monitoring group revealed the victims were an entire family, the parents and their three children.

“The mother was severely injured, she is a coma now,” the SOHR’s report reads.

Late on October 24, a Turkish UCAV targeted a position of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the northern al-Hasakah countryside. At least three fighters of the Kurdish-led group were injured as a result.

It’s still unclear if Turkey’s agreements with Russia and the U.S. allow it to conduct airstrikes against Kurdish forces in northeast Syria.

The airstrikes appear to be an attempt by Ankara to force Kurdish fighters to withdraw from the 30 km deep “safe-zone” along its border. Both Moscow and Washington are supporting the establishment of the zone.

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  • Mustafa Mehmet

    propaganda no more

    • xTheWarrior22

      That’s all you can say?

      • Derek Johnson

        The two commenters above you make a good point – Toronto Tonto and Mustafa Mehmet.
        When Turks or Americans drop bombs, this rag makes propaganda of it by showing you the poor civilians killed or injured and people like you lap it up.
        When Russia, Iran or Syria does the same you “see jack sh*t” on this site as their bombs only kill the “terrorists” as Russian registered Southfront would have you believe.

        This rag showed fruit and vegetables being thrown at the Yanks when they left and Russians being welcomed into the towns.
        They never mentioned the location of the towns or the ethnicity of the people.
        Video Comparison: How Locals React To US And Russia Troops In Northeastern Syria
        Just bald faced Russian propaganda, The Kurds were throwing the fruit and veg because the Yanks were abandoning them and i can only assume the Arabs of other towns were welcoming the Russians , yeah they hate the yanks but love the Russians as that video would have you believe.
        Total B.S.

        So xTheWarrior22 is that all you can say?

        Makes no difference to me, Syria has been bombed back to the stone age, regime changed did not succeed but Syria is f*cked for the next 50 years.

        • Toronto Tonto

          Well said DJ .

        • xTheWarrior22

          Syria is not “f*cked for the next 50 years”. Certain parts of the country didn’t witness war, like the beautiful west coast, with the alavite mountains, or the center of Damascus. So Southfront is registered by the Russians, because it tells the truth about Syria?

          So Russia does the same like Turkey and America? Sure? What about this?


          I know there have also been many strikes on the infrastructure, but don’t forget that the terrorists use civilian infrastructure as bases for their operations. Houses can be rebuilt, but civilians who die from rocket strikes launched by the terrorists for example won’t return, so destroying these bases, ammo depots etc. is important.

        • Concrete Mike

          If this is a rag, what is the new york times?

          The Syrians and russsians can bitch all they want, especially the syrians AS ITS THEIR FUCKING COUNTRY TABARNAK!!!!!!

          Usa and Turkey have no business in Syria now, they are the obstacle to a peaceful solution, today.

          USA’s justification of fighting ISIS is no longer relevant.
          It never was, but now it really isnt.

          But you always ignored the instances of when the us/sdf supported isis againt SAA.

          So.you think because of a lack of location data, you can say its not true they dont hate us!!
          Sadly they do hate the usa, as they are seen as foreign occupiers.

          You obviously.dont care about syria, we can see that.

          • Toronto Tonto

            Nor does greedy putin but you know .

          • Toronto Tonto

            And is it really the Syrian people talking , I as the rest of the globe says NO

          • Bob

            You categorically don’t represent the Syrian majority or their national interests.

  • Toronto Tonto

    This in Syria like all the others Russia blaming there bombing on others , they wait for someone else to bomb than this comes out , the Russian terrorists NEVER have civilian casualties do they .

    • BW_corps

      Lol, calling russians terrorists when the U.S has been financing TERRORISTS on the Russian border for almost 3 decades.

      Your masters will pay in blood for what they did, no money, blood.

    • Bob

      To clarify – given you criticize Russian anti-terrorist operations, do you in fact support the al-qieda/al-nusra/HTS Islamist extremist factions occupying Syrian territory in Idlib?