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Turkish Drone Strike Kills Five SDF Fighters In Northeastern Syria

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Turkish Drone Strike Kills Five SDF Fighters In Northeastern Syria

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Late on September 16, a Turkish combat drone targeted a position of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) near the town of Ain Issa in the northern countryside of Syria’s Raqqa.

The drone strike reportedly killed five members of the SDF. Two were fighters of the group, while the rest were members of its Military Police unit.

In an initial response to the deadly strike, the SDF targeted positions of the Turkish military and its proxies in the villages of Jahbal and al-Misherfah which are located to the north of Ain Issa. A few hours later, the group shelled a Turkish base near the town of Azaz in the northern Aleppo countryside.

This was the second Turkish drone strike to target SDF-held areas in northern and northeastern Syria this month. The first strike, which took place on September 9, targeted a position of the group near the village of al-Tawillah to the West of Tell Tamer town in the northern al-Hasakah countryside. Back then, no casualties were reported.

Tensions in northern and northeastern Syria have been on the rise since May, when Turkey began threatening the SDF with a new large-scale operation.

The Turkish military and its proxies completed their preparations for a new operation in Syria around two months ago. However, Ankara is yet to pull the trigger.

Turkey is not interested in a de-escalation with the SDF. However, it has been working to restore relations with Syria. Ankara wants to coordinate and cooperate with Damascus against the SDF. This is seen by many in Turkey as the only way to end the  threat posed by Kurdish forces in Syria.



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Eu hires kweers for serbian police

No secret sdf are part of the biden/nwo libby dream,Turkey sees them now as kurdish/isis allies!


SHITturks are ISIS


SHITrussians are Ku Klux Klan

The Objective

If Russia is really sincere in its stated goal of ending the Syrian war, why does it drag its feet on eliminating the Kurdish problem? Russia wants Assad to be fully re-instated as Syria’s dictator. This is impossible without a war with Turkey. I can’t see the AKP allowing an oppressive rule in Syria again.

The only thing preventing an end to this war is Russia’s determination to re-impose dictatorship and prevent any kind of democracy in Syria. Russia committed too many crimes against the Sunni majority of Syria that it fears expulsion should democracy prevail in Syria. I think it cannot avoid this fate.

Russia could well surpass Israel as the biggest threat to world peace. This Syrian problem could explode into something much bigger that Russia will regret. If Russia thinks that Turkey has zero nuclear cover, it will be making a serious mistake. Conventionally, Russia CANNOT defeat Turkey. In fact, Turkey will defeat Russia’s conventional forces in Syria, the Mediterranean, and black seas were a war to occur. looking at the pathetic performance in Ukraine, I think few doubt this fact now. You guys have no conventional weapons with which to push Turkey out of Syria. It is either the Syrians and Libyans are allowed to choose their leaders in a free and fair election or Russia is headed for a clash with the Sunni Muslim world, including Imran’s Pakistan.

The Turkish military must further cement its ties with the Pakistani military. All it needs from Pakistan is nuclear cover. Building Pakistani nuclear-armed military bases in Turkey (funded by Turkey) should do. This is all that is required. Turkey will take care of the rest of Russia’s trouble for the Sunni Muslim world.


kurd morons now aligned w CIA—they are treasonous in Syria Iraq, Turkey and Iran

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