Turkish Diplomat Killed In Iraq’s Erbil Shooting (Video)


Turkish deputy council-general in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region was killed in a shooting in the region’s capital, Erbil, in the noon of July 17.

The Iraqi Rudaw network said that the Turkish diplomat was having launch in the HuQQabaz restaurant, that is located in a trendy and newly-constructed area of Erbil, when he was shot and killed by unknown assailants.

Turkey’s Anadolu Agency confirmed the death of the Turkish diplomat and said that the armed assailants were wearing civilian clothes.

Kurdistan Region security, known as Asayish, said in a statement that an Iraqi citizen from the region was killed and another was wounded in the same attack.

Asayish locked down the attack scene and evacuated the entire area after the attack. All roads leading to other cities were also blocked to prevent the attackers from escaping.

Turkey and the Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) have not blamed any side for the attack, so far. The upcoming few hours will likely witness more developments.

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