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Turkish Defense Minister Visits Syria’s Border As Erdogan’s Deadline On Idlib Ends

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In the early hours of March 1, Turkey’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar paid a visit to the border with Syria, where he inspected Turkish forces.

The Turkish defense minister was accompanied by the Chief of General Staff Gen. Yasar Guler, Commander of the Land Forces Gen. Umit Dundar and Commander of the Air Forces Gen. Hasan Kucukakyuz.

In an official statement, the Turkish Ministry of National Defense said Akar visited a Tactical Command Center. The minister was informed of the operations being carried out by Turkish troops, artillery, rocket launchers and drones in Syria’s Greater Idlib.

Akar’s visit came amid the end of the Turkish deadline for the withdrawal of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) from the areas it recently liberated in Greater Idlib. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan set the deadline last month, vowing to take a military action if the SAA ignore his demands.

Erdogan later stepped down his threats by demanding a 30-35 km safe zone in northern Idlib. In the same time, he stepped up his military support for the remaining militants in the Syrian region.

The Turkish military may launch a large operation in Greater Idlib in the upcoming few days to enforce the demands of Erdogan. However, such a move could lead to a war with Syria, and much tension with its allies.

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is a fkn all ready war


Turkey without NATO has nothing to look forward to but a deadly defeat and PKK bombs in Ankara or Constantinople

Tim Williams

that would be fantastic


Asshole terrorist-supporting scum. He should be in The Hague along with his Sultan facing war-crime charges.

Tim Williams

no trial … instant execution

Lone Ranger

I agree.


No Russians have been killed yet fortunately, Putin won’t risk them, even though it may be necessary to do so now.

Lone Ranger

It will.
Turks will hang Erdofuck to the nearest lamp post like Mussolini.
Mark my words.


Turkish scum in action :



Lone Ranger

Turks will die soon in Syria.
Dont worry.

Lone Ranger

God Bless the SAA.

Gabriel Hollows

Death to the turks. Can’t wait for them to go full retard and attack so that I can watch them get fumigated like the roaches they are.


That would mean Turkey uses everything it has, including Jets with SOM Missiles and other stuff like Harpy Kamikaze drones etc. to take out Radars.

SAA cant even handle the Combo of Turkish KORAL and REDET electronic warfare Systems, which blind Radars and communications and Turkish ANKA Drones.

Soon Baykar AKINCI Drone and TAI Aksungur drone will be ready, which can carry heavy bombs and SOM Missiles. AKINCI has AESA radar and can also use Air to Air missiles. Both Drones are already being tested.



they are made in turkey buy turkey…thy will probably explode is they try to fire any weapons

Tim Williams

AKAR is dead within a week


Russia has no choice but to gamble everything and take a stand on Syria. The alternative is humiliating defeat in slow motion.


Pride before the fall. Not that Erdogan truly cares, he is a multimillionaire makin that money. He wants mo money, mo money, mo money. He does want to be bigger and better than Ataturk in the eyes of his deranged followers

Assad must stay

fuck him and his desire for money, he is a pos


Is this why you upvoted him?

Assad must stay

upvoted who?

Peter Jennings

The Russian admin are only assisting for the moment and have yet to have any major military involvement on the ground. Most Russian missile systems are protecting Russian assets and the enemy tend to stay clear of them.
The Russian admin may be of the mind to let Syrian forces defeat their own enemies, but will give them the equipment to do it. Syria will have to deal with its own defence sooner or later so it’s best to let the SAA get all the combat training they will ever need whilst Russia has their back.

Are the US or nato going to stick around and steal more Syrian oil? that’s the gamble.


I see some people are absent yesterday and today what happened to them?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

They probably can’t face reality.

Lone Ranger

Nah, hasbarats have to sleep too.
They will be back posting fake CGI videos soon, after their morning matzo ball soup ;)

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I’m referring to people like you. I suppose all the dead bodies, burnt out vehicles, and shot down drones are all fake too.

Lone Ranger

Not all, only around 80%.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

When I was a little boy and there was something really scary on the TV, I used to hide behind the door and just peek out from behind it every now and again, I’d have a quick look and then stick my head back behind the door, so go on you try it too, just take a quick peek and then hide again, and then keep doing it over and over again, and as you get older you’ll be able to look for a little longer each time.
And yes I know it’s horrible and scary, I think it is too, but this is what you have to do if you want to grow up to be a big boy, and you know you can’t become a man until you’ve grown into a big boy first, so come on, chin up, and remember, always eat all your vegies.


Maybe that’s part of the plan destroy turkey and Syria

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“The Turkish military may launch a large operation in Greater Idlib in the upcoming few days to enforce the demands of Erdogan. However, such a move could lead to a war with Syria, and much tension with its allies.”

That sounds like a veiled threat to me, and with just a hint of desperation. And since Erdogan and Putin aren’t really allies just political partners, they must be referring to the Syrian Russian alliance, which Assad’s father brokered with the Soviet union and is still honoured [not very well though] now, as well as their other ally Iran.
The Arab League want to ally with you too now Assad, and they’re the only ones in the whole world that can do anything positive at all to help save Syria, embrace the enemy of your enemy, put aside old grievances and make new alliances, with their help Syria will be able to stop Erdogan advancing, because nothing else will stop them, Not Iran and not Russia, and no matter how much they want to, politically they can’t, but the AL could.


What drugs are you on? The Arab League is the kings court with all the servants there. Gaddaffi – long live Gaddafi ! – was the only non servant of the House of Saud and all the other thieving criminal kings. Gaddafi is gone and there are no people of moral or ethical value left. Who, who in the Arab League has morals, values and ethics that are good for humanity, planet and animals?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

It’s a drug called reality, you and many other one eyed SF forum users should try it, it’ll spin your insane little worlds upside down, who knows you may even get to like it.

“there are no people of moral or ethical value left. Who, who in the Arab League has morals, values and ethics that are good for humanity, planet and animals?”

Their morals are on the same place Russia and Iran’s are now, as Turkey’s happily pounding Assad’s forces into oblivion.
The Arab League hate Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood more than anyone else, they’ve had the loudest voices supporting Assad’s fight against the Muslim Brotherhood and offered the most help [since june 2018], what’s your suggestion to help save Syria, have you got a better one, please enlighten me, I’d love an easy solution to present itself, mine may not be very good but it’s the only one I can think of, so come on, be helpful instead of just annoying.


Muslim Brotherhood and the Wahhabi are two sides of the same coin, expansion of the “faith” by force.
Shia Iran and Russia are not expansionary, big difference.


What amasses me is that you fight in 2020 to live in middle age conditions.. Turds and rest of wahhabi scum would be glad to kick whole world back by 600y .. They are subhuman scums and dontz need any better living conditions than middle age..

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Just about every Sunni Muslim extremist group comes under the Muslim Brotherhood umbrella 95%+, and the MB has vowed to destroy the Saudi Monarchy and all the Muslim Monarchies, and then and install democratic sectarian governments in their place.
King Abdullah of Jordan and all his other mates don’t like that idea at all, and they also hate the fact the Turks are invading 3 of their Arab brother countries, Syria, Iraq, and now Libya too.
Erdogan is the secret leader of the MB, all the Arab nations know it, that’s why back in June 2018 this became Erdogan’s war, that’s also why the US and Israel started saying Assad could remain in power, but they’re about to change their minds though.


Does Turkey have 2 days off like in Europe? I predict the attack to coincide with the news cycle in Turkey, Europe and USA, probably Tuesday or maybe Wednesday for the news cycle. War is all a game to Erdogan, he wants it to be on tv. Dead people don’t matter just money and fame. Erdogan wants that $$$$$ money and tv camera spotlight!

Lone Ranger

Erdofucks days are numbered…


ERdogan bragged that there were 16 wars involving Turkey and Russia and that Turkey wouldn’t mind another if Putin doesn’t leave Syria. Erdogan is surely being misled or he is just as stupid as Trump; there were only 12 wars from 1676 to 1878 and Turkey only won 2 of them. Syria has a serious score to settle with Turkey and especially with Erdogan and if push comes to shove Turkey may just get its’ feathers plucked.

Pave Way IV

Gen. Dundar: Look! We’re kicking the Tiger’s ass with our drones. Yipee!!
Defense Minister Akar: Didn’t they just shoot one down on Thursday? They’re God damn expensive.
Gen. Kucukakyuz: Well, yeah. But we got plenty more..
Defense Minister Akar: Oh… Are you going to pay for the next one, bitch?
Gen. Kucukakyuz: No, but… we’re… protecting the head-choppers. Isn’t that worth it?
Defense Minister Akar: Shut up, idiot. Now what about the SAA sneaking up the Rouj Plain here and cutting off our supply lines?
Gen. Kucukakyuz: Uh…. drones?
Defense Minister Akar: I said shut up, idiot. Dundar, what do you plan to do to stop them?
Gen. Dundar: …drones?

comment image

Lone Ranger


cechas vodobenikov

Erdogan may be stupid; however he will not risk war w Russia–he is aware that Turkey will be humiliated—this will be revealed as his fake deadline passes

Lone Ranger

Terrorist meeting…


The real Islamic state meeting LOL


The whole strategy in Syria is to bring Iran’s enemies and to annihilate them at the expense of Syria. Iran’s aim is to use Syria as another front against Israel, it will happen and Iran will win. To get to that point Russia needs to go all out crazy and smash NATO or the USA. NATO is a pack of mercenaries and will not last long. In fact intelligence shows Germany betraying the UK and USA as it’s objective is to have an E.U. military lead by them. There will not be peace in Syria, it will be left for ruins and it will ruin many countries. In fact the alliance between Germany and Russia is more likely in the coming year. Germany will have to play peace maker between Turkey and Russia. Germany will become an alliance with Syria and Lebanon breaking the Iranian dependence.


There’s been so much propaganda in the last week most of it made up bs designed to scare or depress.
SAA are a highly professional force after nearly 10 years of war, they concede territory to avoid unnecessary casualties. I mean who wants to be killed by a scumbag jihadist on captagon?
Hezbollah is a fearless and rock-hard fighting force trained against the zionist state for decades.
Iranian forces in Syria are well equipped and fully trained in taking on most Anglo-zionist enemies, know their tactics and are well led by intelligent generals.
Russian spetsnaz, missile force and Airforce – nothing needs to be said about them.
So, what is Turkey going to do? Try to win by drones? All out assault? Incessant artillery strikes. Sorry to say Erdogan, but all of that can be dealt with, and taken out completely if necessary. You can have a few days to play around but in the end you need to commit. If you commit to the wrong course of action the Turkish forces in Syria will be destroyed. The aftermath will destroy you politically. So think about it first, won’t you?


Well said, thank you.


So while we are getting butt fucked and crushed by turdKey and Russia giving them a green light, you say it’s ok? We can deal with it? No it’s not OK and IT should be happened!! you have air dominance and you let numerous enemy’as military convoys enter your land? like wtf?
Russia has to decide is it pro Syria or pro ErDOGan


Not really, and Syrian leadership is wisely giving Erdogan time to back off. You see, if you instantly go on the attack and kill 1000 Turkish soldiers the situation goes out of control and before you know Turkey cannot back off, even if it wanted to. Both are stuck with a war that neither one wants. That’s the zionist plan to be sure.
No one is allowing enemy military convoys enter their land. North western Idlib is not yet under Syrian control, so they cannot stop it, and the only option would to bombard them from distance. In that particular game the Turks can respond and not much can be achieved.
The key here is that Turkish economy will collapse if they start a war. Why would Turkey, or any country, do that for a bunch of jihadists. It ain’t gonna happen. So someone is paying for the Turkish adventure – maybe Qatar, CIA black ops, who knows. Finding the money trail is the key here, then we know what and who we are fighting.
It may come to a hot war still, and in that case the Turks will burn. I feel sorry for them already.


You are much more optimistic than me my friend..When I was talking about bombing convoy’s I was thinking with airplanes , not artillery.. I think that turkey wants war,want that part of syria. ErDOG is obvious sultan wanna be, dont think anyone pays them. They been playing both sides for Very long time and with success. I just hope that I’m wrong .Coz if I am right,syria is fcked.


Last few years of Syrian successes have infused me with optimism. As I said financially Turkey is not in a position to wage war on its own, it would become a basket case. So who is paying for this?


I really dont follow situation in turdkey.But I think that fckboi erDoG is so brainfckd that he don’t care..He just wanna be new sultan..


wooow you really have you pink glasses on..

Constellation 2023

Turkey’s goal is the fall of the butcher Asad regime.
Russia can keep its ports in the Mediterranean.

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