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Turkish Defense Minister: Syrian Army Should End Its Attack Around Idlib And Withdraw

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Turkish Defense Minister: Syrian Army Should End Its Attack Around Idlib And Withdraw

A Turkish army tank stationed near the Syrian border, in Suruc, Turkey, Sept. 3, 2016. (AP Photo)

In his first comment on the ongoing military operation around Syria’s Idlib, Turkey’s Defense Minister said on May 10 that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) should cease its attack, claiming that the advance is a major violation of the agreements reached in the framework of the Astana Process.

“We expect the Russian Federation to take effective and decisive measures to prevent these violations and attacks in the following period … Assad regime attempts to widen its control area in south of Idlib against the Astana Agreement,” Hulusi Akar said at a meeting in southern Hatay province, according to the Anadolu Agency.

Akar added that the SAA must return to borders determined by the Russian-Turkish agreement, which was reached last September.

The SAA launched the military operation around Idlib earlier this month in response to a series of attacks by terrorist groups on civilian areas in northern Hama. The terrorists even resumed their attacks on the Russian Hmeimim airbase on the Syrian coast.

The Turkish defense minister said that the operation has caused humanitarian problems and disrupted Turkish armed forces’ patrols and movement in the demilitarized zone around Idlib.

“This leads to disruption of Turkey’s activities, showing every effort to fulfill their obligations under the bilateral agreement on Astana,” Akar said, and added: “Turkey, aware of its responsibilities, will make every effort in line with existing agreements with Russia for the security and peace of innocent people in the region.”

Earlier this week, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said “the terrorist nest” in Idlib “must be uprooted.” The minister also clarified that the ongoing operation don’t violate the agreement with Turkey, which “doesn’t include a single word about the importance of protecting terrorists,” according to him.

While Akar’s statements reflect Turkey’s frustration with the ongoing operation around Idlib, Ankara will likely remain committed to its agreement with Moscow, at least for the time being.

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The Turkey should clearly declare that these ISIS, HTS and Kurds are infact Turkish proxies that butchering children, harassing Syrians and creating chaos in Syria. I think the Erdogan ministers and advisors are Jews.


I would think that Erdogan should take more account of his own personal safety.

The US has already tried to assassinate him , BUT if he double crosses Russia and Iran, the list of those who wish him to be ‘with his maker’ will increase.


Till now what we have saw? The SAA advance, one reconciliation agreement done, one other referred in the media as possible, and an absolute military impotence of the takfiris and turks to refrain the SAA. Lets look to what happens in the battlefield.

We all know, since years ago, that the turks have one foot on each side.

You can call me Al

Good comment.


dont believe Turkish fake news. The Sultain is in a difficult position. he tried to appear as a leader ,a unique figure and win the population since he had elections. He lost major cities including Constantinople although he has half of the population in jail.!

Gregory Casey

And increase exponentially!!

You can call me Al

Forget the list.

The US has already tried to assassinate him, BUT if he double crosses Russia and Iran – HE WILL BE DEAD.


Trump smuggling missiles and rockets etc to Mideast very fast.

Andreas Mikkelsen

Turkey better stop such nonsense babble and fully support Syrian sovereignty. I believe that is the main idea in the Astana Process: Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, continuation of combating terrorism etc.

Syria needs to retake Idlib as fast as possible. Then they are in better position to deal with US and Israeli occupied territories, with important oilfields and land for food production..

This is vital for Syria.

Turkey better just help. Remember Turkey may also be target for US-Israeli-Saudi attacks, destabilization, coups, sanctions…


Turkey wants to expand its territory to Syria. they have said so as well. the were ‘mistreated ‘ when treaties were signed in the past and now they must undo the injustice…..after such rhetoric do you think its easy to withdraw from Syria?

Andreas Mikkelsen

Easy or not, it is their best option.

Because establishing peace, trade and development is much more fruitful than the path of permanent conflicts, the path of US imperialism. This imperialism is why Turkey now has a US supported PKK-alligned statelet on their border. This is why they are told not to trade with their neighbour Iran.

The neo-ottomanism is also not in line with their own agreement “Syria must continue to exist within its pre-war borders.”, said by Turkey, Russia, Germany and France. This is their own rethoric of 2018.


Tommy Jensen

A Turkish agreement is a chance of backstabbing a naïve and trustful partner.

klove and light

ohhh poor turkish bastards crying and complaining when the going gets tough…..poor Little turkish goat fuckers

Taz T

Turkey, Israel and US should leave Syria. They are not welcomed there.


Turkey has been playing a dangerous game for to long…..against US, with Russia but supports butchers that have a criminal record that no Nazi had. Now it seems that a deal with US is finalized. No S-400. So Russia must state the obvious. We have had it with your attitude Syria is over for you. Turkey is in a now win situation whatever the outcome is

You can call me Al

Wrong, keep up.



You can call me Al

I believe and the proof is out there, that the Turks will buy the S-400 systems whatever the Yankers threaten.

I did not mean to come across as abruptly as I did (after reading it again, apologies); but I am sick and tired od the American bullying.

The Turks will get the S-400, if they do not – they will be the laughing stock of the World, despite potential hardships, if they do, they will get all the assistance they nee.



they are testing how important they are to NATO but they have gone very far. i dont think than an apology would be enough for the US now. they must turn their back on Russia. we will see…im really very curious how this will end

Lena Jones

Mind your own business, Erdo!

Raptar Driver

Russians should have taken the advice of their Peter when he said never trust a Turk. This is Syria and the Turks need to be put out!


The agreement been broken and this war need to come to an end, the people in Syrian need peace and it can only come by Syrian government restoring orders. The US have no longterm gains or any gains at all, the Turks can’t occupy these lands by international laws which was approve by all UN member states, the Kurds could keep having a war dreams about a state of they own. The Syrian government must restore orders, those who was seeing to remove Asad and to bring Syria under the satellite of controls fail and they fail horrible in all leve, they are looking real disgusting in the world staged.

Xoli Xoli

How can legitimate forces withdraw in the own motherland against terrorists Erdogan is a Putin spoil baby traitor. Finally USA is going to deploy Patroits in Turkey with the promised it will be given to them.This patriot messiles and Idlib terrorists are going to be used against Iran as a scapegoat and Russia.Deployment in Qatar and Japan is meant to attack Russia suprising.Last week deployment in South Korea is meant against North and China.Guys get ready it is serious reliable sources in oversea bases and Africa base.Putin if not ready will be catch off guard therefore he must put the central command in pre engagement mode.

You can call me Al

Keep up. You are wrong.

Xoli Xoli

Altanf Practiced over this few month during day,night,dust and bad weather conditions are with focus on Russian air base and artillery false flag by USA army and both Trump and Putin will be catch off guard whereby Putin will realized late.It is Israel driven war with Bolton and Pompeo.

Gregory Casey

The Turk Defense Minister should go and fugg himself and #SultanPashaErdogan while he’s at it. What Turks are now afraid of is tens of thousands of their pet Jihadis pouring across the border seeking succour (suckers!!) from Erdogan by way of MORE Arms, as much hash as they can smoke, lots of $$$$ and, in the event it isn’t forthcoming, overrunning a few Turkish Towns and proclaiming their new State of Prayer within the borders of Turkey. Whatever Erdogan thinks, he’s not going to get what he wants from the SAA who have had enough of Zones of protection for Salafist thugs within the Borders of Syria. I suspect the Russian Military is of the same mind regardless of what Putin may be thinking inside the walls of the Kremlin.

Len Zegelink

waar bemoeien die turken zich mee .zijn ze bang dat hun terroristen vriendjes een pakslaag krijgen .nu zie de ware aard van erdogan en co .ze zijn terroristen vriendje .en daarbij horen de turken niet thuis in syria .dus ga naar huis.terroristen sponsers


when the syrian army advances, the turks shall, ideally, withdraw to the same extent saa advances. that’s the way to get rid of the kurds and the terrorists and finally the neo-nazi morons.


Another proof that Idlib was given to Erdogan . You can understand why Syria is not invited in Astana.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

hahahaha of course turdogan would say this, hes gotta protect his cockroaches lmao

Gary Sellars

Turkey’s Defense Minister can go and suck on Erdogans weeny shit-stained cock..

Tommy Jensen

Turkey again babbling about things they don’t have a clue about.


Russia will do what it wants in Syria, taking back little by little a big part of Idlib and the other provinces in the northwest, and also tell Turkey what it wants to hear, up to a point – but the
fact is that Turkey is no longer in any position to defy Russia

Syria, Iran, Russia and their allies have obviously waited long enough for the Turks to complete their part of the Astana agreements, which the Turks perhaps never intended to comply with – or simply can’t.


You will tell the Syrians what to do in their Land where is Full of Terror scum.
To whom this phrase of comment should be addressed,? Or just this guy imitating Trump on twitter?!

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