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JUNE 2021

Turkish Defense Minister Inspects Broder With Syria & Threatens US-Backed Forces

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Turkish Defense Minister Inspects Broder With Syria & Threatens US-Backed Forces

Turkish army tanks and military personal are stationed in Karkamis on the Turkish-Syrian border in the southeastern Gaziantep province, Turkey, August 25, 2016. © Umit Bektas / Reuters

Turkey’s Defense Minister, Hulusi Akar, inspected Turkish troops deployed along the country’s border with Syria on March 23, according to the Anadolu Agency.

Akar was reportedly accompanied by Turkish Chief of General Staff, Yasar Guler, and Umit Dundar, commander of the Turkish Land Forces. During the inspections, the three leaders held a meeting with commanders of troops stationed on the border.

“We can’t accept the presence of terrorists on the southern border of our country,” Akar said during the meeting, according to the Anadolu Agency.

Akar added that his country expects its allies to respect their commitments on the area to the east of the Euphrates and the city of Manbij in northern Syria. Both areas are being held by the U.S. main proxy in Syria, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Ankara views the group as a threat to its national security.

“The presence of terrorists east of the Euphrates should end, they are threatening our country, our nation, our border and expose them to danger,” Akar said.

The Turkish defense minister also said that Turkey is looking to establish a 30 to 40km safe zone in northern Syria, while stressing that the zone should be controlled by the Turkish military only. A demand that contradict with the U.S. future plans for the region.

Earlier, the SDF called on Turkey to withdraw all of its troops from Syria and stop interfering in the internal matters of the country. The statement represents the Kurdish group strict stand against Ankara.

The recent statements by Turkey and the SDF indicate that northern Syria is heading towards a new conflict. Both sides do not look to be seeking to find a compromise.

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You can call me Al

Either attack the US forces or don’t. Stop waffling kebab nonsense.

said the same about afrin, until it happened. US didnt even do anything to protect their so called ” allies ” . don’t bark


There was not a single US soldier in Afrin. So it was basically low hanging fruit. Only poorly equipped Kurdish forces. And they still took a toll on the Turks. Either start attacking the real US supported Kurds or shut the fuck for once. I’ve had it up to here with Turkish posturing.

Kurdophobia - AntiKurdos

there were coalition and countries from europe in there. even americans. :)

Kurdophobia - AntiKurdos

those are your mercenaries dogs, why US announce withdrawal? you will all die :)

Brother Ma

Turks have always been about bravado and cruelty when winning. When losing they grovel and lick boots. It has always been this way.

Mustafa Mehmet

when the time is right, I can call you moron

You can call me Al

But you can always call me Al.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Turkey-Talkers they talk and talk. For hundreds of years the Kurd’s have been kicking the Turkey-Talkers butts.
Turkey-Talkers try and defeat the PKK with words… While the Kurd’s blow up the civilian population of the Turkey-Talkers with suicide bombings such as the famous sports stadium attack.
Turkey-Talkers talking Turkey-smack has us all talked out.

Afrin. garbage.

Forgot afrin quick little dog ? we fucked your kurds ahahaha all ran like bitch

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

It’s hard to tell who to hate more; the insufferable Turks or the pestilential Kurds.


You can hate one and despise the other.


The Kurds have the heroin money and the Turks are Muslim Brotherhood.
Your right both are insufferable.


it will be interesting to see who moronistan (aka sa) will back when turkey decides to go after the kurds. turkey or kurds? my guess is turkey and there is no way that turkey will allow any kind of independence of the kurds. they would rather do a repeat of the armenian genocide than to give even the little finger to the kurds!

Mustafa Mehmet

Armenian genocide never happened true is other way round , terrorist ermanian joined force with Russia and they,, Massacre millions of innocent kurdish and Turkish people

Fred Dozer

And the rightful owner Syria, is not even in the conversation ?


talk, talk and more talk, the same rhetoric for the past 12 months or so. If they are a threat then do what the jews do; bomb them.

John Brown

They have to wait for their pipelines from Russia to be finished (so ther can be no energy blockade) and their S 400s to be operational as the USSA will try to do to them what they are doing to Venezuela.
Then they can strike back at the Zio financial system by defaulting on all loans from the racist supremacist global Jewish slave empire dictatorship.
Their S- 400 systems will deter any attack from the racist supremacist global Jewish slave empire dictatorship. when Turkey attacks the kurds with Syria.
“He will be victorious who knows when to fight and when not to fight.”

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, when has Erdogan ever compromised, MORONS, don’t they know he can’t.
Just listen to his response to the New Zealand massacre, that’s his response to a noble nation that mourns the senseless deaths of their Muslim brothers and sisters at the hands of an Australian madman, and is now doing everything they can to prevent it ever happening again, as well as showing the victims and their families the respect and sympathy they deserve.
Compromise is not in Erdogan’s vocabulary, it never has been.
Erdogan has to go.

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