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Turkish Defense Minister: 5 Soldiers Died In Afrin Operation


Five Turkish military serivcemen have been killed in clashes with Kurdish YPG/YPJ forces in the Syrian area of Afrin since the start of Ankara’s Operation Olive Branch there, Turkey’s Defense Miniser Nurettin Canikli said on January 30.

He added that 24 members of the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) have been also killed.

Earlier on January 30, the Turkish General Staff said that 649 ‘terrorists’ have been ‘neutralized’ in the Afrin area so far.

While the number of the YPH/YPJ casualties provided by the Turkish military clearly look overestimated, the number of killed FSA members provided by the defense minsiter looks underestimated.



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  • as

    There’s going to be more once it begins on the urban areas.

    • Nicole

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  • Hahaha! Why not say none were hurt and seven that once were dead were reborn? $tupid /$$.

  • SnowCatzor

    Bullshit casualty figures for sure, if they want people to believe their propaganda they ought to not exaggerate so much. According to most sources the Kurds have lost about 35-75 fighters, the Fake Syrian Army about 60-80 and the Turks about 8-11 (including the recent carbombing).