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Turkish Coup Attempt in Maps, Numbers and Videos

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The purge after the failed Turkish coup attempt in numbers:

  • 30 provincial governors and 47 district governors dismissed
  • 8777 Interior Ministry staff (incl. police) dismissed
  • 2745 judges dismissed
  • Over 3000 soldiers and high ranking officers detained
  • Close to 1,500 staff at the ‘Ministry of Finance’ dismissed
  • At least 20 news websites have been blocked in Turkey

Arrests are ongoing…

A list of Turksih Armed Forces units that have lost their commanders

Turkish Coup Attempt in Maps, Numbers and Videos

Click to see the full-size map

Cup attempts sites in Ankara

Turkish Coup Attempt in Maps, Numbers and Videos

Footage shows attacks on National Intelligence Agency (MIT) HQ during coup attempt in Turkey

Alleged masterminds of the Turkish coup attempt are at Ankara Police HQ before the interrogation process

Municipal trucks tried to stop the coup plotters battle tank

CCTV footage of the attack on hotel in that Erdogan was staying at the night of coup attempt

Inside the ruined police HQ in Ankara

A tank tries to run over citizens, crushes a car

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Real Anti-Racist Action

Time for the world to immediately organize the 2nd, and successful coup! Everyone arm fully the Kurd’s to knock out the Turkish south Eastern forces, let them spread themselves thin, and support the next coup from within by the Turkish citizens! Several million are done with their warmongering dictator. Time for political change.

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