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Turkish Complains About ‘Opressed Idlib Moderate Rebels’ Found No Understanding In Moscow

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Turkish Complains About 'Opressed Idlib Moderate Rebels' Found No Understanding In Moscow


TASS reports (source):

Russian President Vladimir Putin told his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that Russia is seriously concerned over extremists’ aggressive actions in Syria’s Idlib governorate, the Kremlin press service said on Friday after their telephone conversation.

“The focus was again made on the current situation in the Idlib de-escalation zone. Vladimir Putin expressed serious concern over ongoing aggressive actions of extremist groups,” the press service stated.

“The two presidents stressed the necessity of unconditional commitment to Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the Kremlin added.

The two leaders agreed to invigorate inter-ministerial consultations on Syria’s Idlib to reduce tensions in this region, the Kremlin press service commented.

“The Russian and Turkish presidents agreed to invigorate bilateral inter-ministerial consultations on Idlib to reduce tensions, insure the ceasefire and neutralize the terrorist threat. They agreed that active contacts between the defense ministries would be continued,” the Kremlin concluded.

The telephone call was initiated by the Turkish side.

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Lone Ranger

Turks should be more modest.
If not for Russia Erdogans head would be on the wall of the CIA HQ at Langley Virginia.
God Bless, Syria, Russia and the Free World.

Xoli Xoli

You mean as a decoration.

Lone Ranger


Xoli Xoli

Erdogan says this and does the opposite.

Xoli Xoli

We are also complaining about Turkey oppress legitimate Syrian military forces in Sovereign Syrian country.


It doesn’t seem to bather any of these authors to print rubbish like ”
The two presidents stressed the necessity of unconditional commitment to Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”;knowing full well that Erdogan has no intentions of respecting Syrian sovereignty and his true intentions has been all along was to annex portions of Syria. Why print false information which is misleading and can have negative influence on the less informed or novices.

Simplekindof Man

NATO propaganda in full swing.
What are they up to?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I couldn’t stop laughing from start to finish, what a hypocrite he is.

Simplekindof Man

Laughter won’t hurt them unfortunately.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I’m not really sure that’s 100% correct, laughter and ridicule can be very effective tools, especially when used on people with ego’s as big as Erdogan’s, maybe more of us should start laughing at him, increase his neurosis just a little.
Erdogan, the supreme leader of the whole Muslim world, Grande Sultan of the new Ottoman Empire, God’s representative here on earth, hero to the people, smirk, sniggle, splutter, LOL LOL LOL, hero to the people, LOL LOL LOL.

Black Waters

Look how fake all the comments are, they even hide the DISLIKE ratio.

YT it’s almost completely controlled at this point, since the shadowbanned YT edition the CIA runs the show.

NATO is in full Soviet collapse mode, whether they collapse or are erased i simply don’t care, they are evil, weak people that doesn’t oppose tyranny don’t deserve freedom at all.

Simplekindof Man

Yep I’v hit dislikes and posted a negative comments and… guess what?
They are nowhere to be seen yet!


NATO truly are weak people who don’t oppose tyranny. Well said.


Well, we know what they’re up to. Don’t mistake intentions and results.
They will achieve nothing.

Assad must stay

Putinski should have said “stop supporting them or I will FUCK THEM UP!!!!” lmao

Free man

Do you still criticize Putin?
The recent fights in Idlib and Aleppo show how smart Putin has been all the way . And how he saved Syria.

alejandro casalegno

Five years ago Syria was doomed……….Russian Sukhois and Spetsnaz save the country!!!!

Free man

It’s amazing to see how a smart leader like Putin manipulates a stupid leader like Erdogan.
How smart was Putin to persuade Erdogan to leave the F-35 project and purchase the S-400 systems .
Because Erdogan Turkey will lose in every possible scenario in Syria..

Simplekindof Man

The truth will be known in 20 years of what really went down.

Arch Bungle

The truth will be known to those who seek it, and it will be known in the moment they seek it.

Simplekindof Man

So you know about the dealings under the table?

Free man

I agree that we will know more in the future.
But Putin appeared to castrated Turkey.

Simplekindof Man

There are dealings under the table which we don’t know of


F-35 is an expensive to purchase and a nightmare to maintain piece of crap. Even Dumb erdogan can see that. That does not need sales skills.
The S-400, we know it works better than the Patriot who notorious for not working at all. This one too does not need convincing.

Free man

The matter is more complex. Turkey as a member state of NATO has purchased the S-400 system from Russia, NATOs “enemy”. As a punishment, the US has thrown Turkey out of the F-35 project which is the most advanced aircraft today (in the opinion of military experts).
Currently Turkey is in a position it cannot use the S-400 to defend itself on the border with Syria, it has no other effective air defense systems and has no F-35s which the Americans claim are not visible to the Russian S-400 system.


The most advanced plane USA has is the F-22, and USA will not sell them to anybody, even to Israel. USA will sell only much more lower performance aircrafts like F-35.

Free man

I do not pretend to know, so I wrote, in the opinion of military experts. But the F-35 is the most advanced aircraft Turkey has been able to purchase.

Jozef Mak

stealth tech. was sold to USA from Russians 30 years ago.
Stealth does not exist.


Advanced and has a lot of problems. Slower than F-16, Less maneuvrable than F-16, lower ceiling smaller load, smaller thrust etc.. But has the best tech. This is war. If it was about most advanced why don’t they use Rolls-Royce in combat or Lamborghinis in the field.
Come on.
Ask anyone in battle what would they use M16 or ak47-74.
M16 jams easy after a while, AK-47 you can use in any condition even when soaked.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“The Russian and Turkish presidents agreed to invigorate bilateral inter-ministerial consultations on Idlib to reduce tensions, insure the ceasefire and neutralize the terrorist threat. They agreed that active contacts between the defense ministries would be continued,” the Kremlin concluded.

This line is out of place for all the rest of the rhetoric ” insure the ceasefire”, does that mean the Russians are only attacking the designated terrorists and not the moderate opposition.


There are no moderate head choppers in Idlib, this actually works in President Putins favour. :)

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You know that, I know that, and everyone else seems to know it too, unfortunately the people who do have a say in what they’re classified as don’t agree with us.
Hopefully the next instalment of Astana reflects the reality of the situation accurately, but I’m not going to get too excited while I’m waiting for it to be announced, the previous 15 failed Astana agreements makes me just a little sceptical anything will really change.
We’re not out of the woods yet Florian, and sadly Erdogan’s setting fires in front of us, so we have to pull out the compass and find a new route out now, which sadly may mean some backtracking is needed first.


The issue with Backtracking in a situation like this is the damage to SAA morale.It is also a certain fact that the Jihadi’s will not respect any ceasefire and the SAA and Russia cannot be expected to tolerate years of attacks on Syrian civilians and SAA/Russian Iranian and allies military bases.

Erdo has crossed the line of siding with terrorism openly. The US and UK are being exposed as well.

If the murderous ambitions of the US Empire of Terror are to be stopped, the time is NOW.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“The issue with Backtracking in a situation like this is the damage to SAA morale.”

I agree, but the SAA has endured this sort of morale damage for 9 years now [especially the last 2], so even though they’re probably not completely immune to it, they’ve surely developed some resistance to it by now. Big boys don’t cry, or at least they don’t let the enemy see their tears.

“It is also a certain fact that the Jihadi’s will not respect any ceasefire and the SAA and Russia cannot be expected to tolerate years of attacks on Syrian civilians and SAA/Russian Iranian and allies military bases.”

That one I’m not so sure about, Putin’s intentions and recent actions may be purposely designed to achieve exactly the opposite of what you just said.
It’s possible this was a last warning from Putin to Erdogan, ‘do what you’re supposed to or we’ll do it for you’, and if that’s the case we may indeed end up with a much more compliant Erdogan. If the terrorist do attack anyone the Turks will have to stop them with force, or sit back and watch the SAA do it, hopefully that will be the end result of Putin’s new rules of compliance if there are any.

“Erdo has crossed the line of siding with terrorism openly. The US and UK are being exposed as well.”

That news is old news for some of us and will change absolutely nothing, most of us have already chosen a side and won’t change our opinions despite the fact it’s becoming more and more obvious that Erdogan’s the supreme leader of terrorism.
The people who think his side is the right side will continue to do so, and sadly that changes nothing for us.

“If the murderous ambitions of the US Empire of Terror are to be stopped, the time is NOW.”

Mmmm, I have a bad feeling the US is going to make a resurgence in Syria soon, there’s some serious ass kissing going on between Trump and Erdogan now and the stakes are very high, that doesn’t bode well for your ambition. Trump will be trying to drive a wedge between Putin and Erdogan right now, and I dread to think what the US is actually offering him to stab Putin in the back, so nothing good will come from any developments, NOTHING.
Syria’s had a good run for 19 months now and during that time things have just been getting better and better every day, and right up until we hit Aleppo with all those airstrikes, I’d say we were well on our way to complete victory, not just in Idlib but the US occupied territory as well, but I’m not so sure about that now.
We were already on the easy path to victory but we stupidly blew it, we decided to try and take a shortcut to save time and have ended up with a mountain in our path, and now we can’t backtrack to where we were because the seasons changed, so all we can do is either try to tunnel through the mountain, or take the long way around, which will be way longer than the path we were already on.
Sorry I’m seeing doom and gloom when everyone else seems to be seeing the light, I don’t see anything good for Syria in the near future, everything I feared would happen has happened, I’m in total miserable mode now.
Cheers Florian, I’ll try and work up a smile to help with morale, :{ :[ :l – :] that was hard.


Your comments have merit, and the final outcome , whenever that is, will determine the answer.

IF the Jihadists in Idlib were integral with a conventional disciplined national army , a compromise would have more chance, in my opinion.

Essentially, Idlib is the hunting ground for the largest packs of ‘rabid jihadi dogs’ in the world today. These diseased animals have come from all corners if the world with US Coalition funded ‘one way tickets’.

Turkey is taking the role of Dog Warden in Idlib and is either unable to control the packs of dogs, or we see now, is actually encouraging them to increase their hunting grounds in Syria.

The only way to go forward in my opinion is to cull all of the jihadi dogs, together with any Turks or NATO wardens who have been bitten and infected by the rabid dogs.

If this means WW3, so be it. The time to cleanse the world of the current ‘woke’ madness has come.

I will self identify as a diamond, as that is all that may survive.
You might like to do the same, and we can sparkle for eternity :)

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Thanks Florian, I just call it for how I see it, warts and all.
The foreign Jihadists contrary to popular belief are not of any major concern for Assad, they number 15,000 at most, and though they do pose a significant risk in relation to combat, ‘politically they’re actually an asset for Assad’ and he should be trying his very best to leave them until the very last, THEY ARE THE BEST REASON ASSAD HAS TO LIBERATE THE OCCUPIED TERRITORY, if he got rid of them first it would make it harder to attack the [designated] opposition later. Assad will have more support for his liberation efforts if he’s got the terrorists to help justify his actions, without them he’d just have the politically recognised opposition as an excuse to liberate Idlib, and that won’t have the same sort of support from the international community.
On top of that the local population have no love at all for the foreign Jihadists and some of the locals don’t even like the home grown ones either, so the mad Jihadists are serving a purpose for Assad, you’ve seen how easily they kill each other off when they’re not too busy killing SAA soldiers, that always works in our favour, especially when things start becoming desperate for them, so don’t worry about the mad Jihadists.
Assad’s biggest problem is the internationally recognised moderate opposition, they’ll be our biggest ball breakers, they have political clout both in and out of Syria, and they also have loads of Turkish weapons and equipment, that’s the combination that is the hardest thing to beat.
And there are some opposition groups in Idlib that aren’t Jihadists at all, they’re non secular, and those groups have even less love for the Jihadist than the local secular locals do, even though they’re fighting on the same side with the religious nuts.
I’m not sure what the future holds now, I’m just waiting to see what Erdogan does when his deadline is up, then we’ll all have a better idea of what’s really going to happen, but I don’t think it’ll be the start of WW3 though, that’s the last thing I think the Russians will let happen.

The best I could self identify as would be big lump of rock, I couldn’t even claim to be a rough diamond, but since all elemental matter is essentially eternal, I’ll still be here for an eternity with ya, but by then I may be just a lot of little pieces. :]


I would hate to see you as a rock, being put through a crusher to build a road.

We will just have to follow events, as you say.


Hey, Erdog! Look what did your “oppressed IDLIB rebels”:


The White Helmets are again in evidence within Idlib now.
The UK daily Telegraph has colour photos of them in ‘ Lights,Camera,Action ‘ mode again. :)


Well, we can take comfort in the fact that the head-chopper holding the phone is probably dead by courtesy of the RuAF.

Peter Jennings

No agreement will be reached as one side views terrorists in Idlib as freedom fighters and the other side aren’t prone to fooling themselves into believing that headchoppers in Idlib are in fact really nice guys worth saving.

Erdogan really wants Idlib and will talk to anyone that will assist him, even the US. He has stated as much along with a promise to attack any forces assisting the SAA.
Threatening the Russian admin and its military personnel won’t end well.

alejandro casalegno

If Erdogan want a “Northen Cyprus” in Idlib……………….will get a “Levant Berlin”………


Putin should tell Erdogan you are an invader, you are helping , supporting even fight together with al Qaida against Syrian troops, prevents Syrian people from using the rescue corridors, in straight language and Peskov announce it right after. Not the diplomatic language like you did not succeed in separating the terrorists from the moderates and we have to respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Syrian state !!!!

Arbaches Glaukus

For years, Syria’s defeated rebels have fled to the northern territory of Idlib, which was established as a “de-escalation zone” guaranteed by Turkey, Russia and Iran.
The province is home to more than 2 million people, including 70,000 fighters belonging to more than a dozen rebel factions.
The mainstream media labels Idlib as the last “rebel” stronghold, but the term “rebel” can apply only to those who are not jihadists. Idlib is a stronghold of al Qaeda and its affiliates and of ISIS fighters and their families. The term “rebel” does not apply to any of those groups.

You can call me Al

They did not flee to the North East, they were told to surrender and the bussed up (sorry to be pedantic).

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