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MAY 2022

Turkish Combat Drones Allegedly Destroyed Libyan Army Air-Defense System (Photos)

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On May 5, supporters of the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) claimed that Turkish unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAV) had destroyed a 2K12 Kub [SA-6] air-defense system of the Libyan National Army (LNA).

The system was allegedly destroyed in the course of the GNA’s recent attack on the al-Watiya Air Base, which is located to the southwest of the capita, Tripoli. The attack was repelled by the LNA.

GNA supporters shared imaged showing two completely destroyed 2P25 transporter erector launchers (TELs) as well as a damaged SURN 1S91 target accusation radar of the 2K12 system. The photos, which were allegedly taken in al-Watiya Air Base, are yet to be verified.

The LNA’s Air Defense Force operates at least one 2K12 Kub system. No systems of this type, active or inactive, were spotted in al-Watiya’s Air Base before.

What makes these claims even more questionable is that official GNA sources didn’t announce the destruction of any air-defense system of the LNA during the attack on al-Watiya Air Base.

Regardless if these claims are correct or not, Turkish UCAVs intensified their operations in Libya recently. Few drones were shot down by the LNA.


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Rhodium 10

Many of that systems were destroyed during NATO airstrikes vs Libyan army. at the beginning of the war and without previous warns!..

Jens Holm

So what. The whole Libya was and are magnetic by all the stuff Gadaffy bough.

Zionism = EVIL

The SA-6 are very vulnerable without AAA and longer range SAM like SA-2 over-lapping cover. As a young officer I visited the Golan front in April of 1974 and even as a inexperienced GD pilot was struck at the number of Syrian SA-6 batteries that had been hit as they were not covered by long range SAM umbrella or mobile AAA, like the Egyptians had done with SA2/5 dense cover from western bank of Suez east of Port Said, and they moved the mobile SAM-6 with plenty of Shikla 23mm tracked quads all the way to the maximum SA-2 umbrella and then stopped their advance at around 30 kms east, just short of Mitla pass. With this overlapping cover the SAM 6 were achieving a Zionist casualty rate of close to 90% as Phantoms and Skyhawks were falling out of the sky. In Libya, the GNA has no integrated AD cover or adequate AAA to protect the remaining assets. It also shows the limitations of Libyan strategic planning. The Vietnamese were the masters of integrated AD and defeated the most powerful airforce in the world by a carefully calibrated air defence. Iran has built up similar integrated AD umbrella with redundant safety features as a national fiber optic based C3I and kill zones.

Jens Holm

I kind of like Turks can fo that if they have.

Many opponents to Turks are not even able tooperate with facts. Here its very visible.

1) Turks has more drones fand produce them from own garden 2) Those drones actually can knock things out.

E-Rhodium maybee 10 weeks old – just below – tells in the same kind of misinformation still try to insist that equipement of that kindl already has been destroyed by Nato..

Most of those people also expect their enies are sitting ducks much less clever then themselves and they are in constant fear many times more then themselves.

Pave Way IV

This is kind of an odd story to report considering the situation in Libya.

@HA_REPORTER is OK, and it’s possible there were 2K12s at al Watiya AB, but they haven’t ever been reported as either existing or being used there. The two serious GNA ground attacks on al Watiya are a lot more significant, only surpassed by the fact that both of them were failures. Al Watiya is huge and GNA threw 500 gun trucks at it in a multi-pronged attack at the isolated base. They surrounding it, but withdrew after several hours and significant losses. Surprising considering the recent LNA setbacks elsewhere. GNA launched airstrikes throughout the day and will probably try to take Al Watiya again in the coming days.

There was also a couple of significant attacks on GNA-held Misrata AB yesterday that eventually destroyed most of its ammo depot and fuel tanks. Depending on which side tells the story, it was either a ‘heat related explosion due to improper munitions storage’ (GNA story) or those half-dozen UAE Mirage 2000s from Egypt which also took out all the Turkish drones (LNA story). Other GNA ammo dumps were reportedly hit yesterday as well, along with some LNA rocket attacks on Tripoli. LNA also massing for an attack somewhere on the coast.

The US is now crying about Russian involvement, describing Wagner snipers working Tripoli and some kind of Syrian mercs (ex-FSA?) that Russia is recruiting to fight in the LNA. No idea if the Russian stuff is true, but things must be going bad for the GNA (or good for the LNA) if the US started whining. I kind of thought we would be supporting our CIA boy Haftar, but it looks like – surprise – it’s somehow more about the oil. The US is adamant that the Libyan state oil company remain neutral in the war – it’s withholding refined fuel to LNA controlled areas, and LNA has cut off most of the exports through Libyan ports. Sounds like the US is more interested in the national oil company remaining intact than Libya, itself. What a surprise! Plus, we can’t openly support Haftar because Russia is, too. Damn you, Putin! Instead, we go through our usual proxies: UAE and Saudi Arabia.

cechas vodobenikov

turkeys cannot sustain their imperialism in Libya and Syria—having a tomato economy they r required to suppress their Kurd minority —-racism is ubiquitous in the anglosphere,Israel, turkey, SA—similar birds flock together

Ashok Varma

Turkey is getting mired in the quicksands of Arab nations and nothing good will come out of it.

Lone Ranger

More mossadisis CGI…


Photos of destroyed equipment are not enough to prove anything. Location information and time are both required in a verifiable form, say a land mark in the back ground etc. with today’s newspaper of something.

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