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Turkish Cargo Vessel Rams Greek Warship In Aegean Sea

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

In the last three months, tensions between two NATO member states have escalated dramaticallyTurkey has threatened to invade Greek islands, Greece has responded, and Greeks now see Turkey as the greatest threat to their existence., but today it appears the situation may have escalated dramatically as Turkish cargo ship KARMATE has collided with the Greek warship ‘Armatolos’ despite warnings that it was on collision course.

Turkish Cargo Vessel Rams Greek Warship In Aegean Sea

KeepTalkingGreece reports that the incident took place at 4 o’ clock Friday morning, South-East off Lesvos within Greek territorial waters. The Turkish-flagged ship had deviated form its original course and fled into Turkish territorial waters. The gunboat was on NATO mission “Aegean Activity” patrolling for migrants and refugees illegally entering Greece from Turkey.

According to a statement issued by the Greek Navy, the Turkish cargo came towards the gunboat, “approached and touched” ARMATOLOS on the left side. KARMATE increased speed and made it towards the Turkish coast. It did not respond to continuous radio calls from ARMATOLOS to stop.

The Turkish cargo violated the International Law of the Sea, breaching safety rules and avoid collision, the statement said.

The Turkish cargo had also ignored visual signals and warning calls from the gunboat while it was on collision course.

Turkish Cargo Vessel Rams Greek Warship In Aegean Sea

The cargo continued its route and entered Turkish territorial waters. Within 1.5 nautical mile, it was stopped by a Turkish Coast Guard vessel that had heard of the whole incident through the radio.

Gunboat Armatolos suffered no serious material damage in the middle, no crew member was injured.

A Greek Coast Guard boat approached the gunboat that continued its course.

The gunboat immediately informed the Greek Navy and the NATO.

The Navy is going to seek compensation from the KARMATE Shipping company, Greek media reported.

Hours after the incident, the KARMATE seems to be anchored off Turkish coast, at the port of Dekili. The cargo had departed the port of Izmir at 10:30 p.m. Turkish local time with destination Tekirdag port in North Turkey.

Turkish Cargo Vessel Rams Greek Warship In Aegean Sea

The behavior of the Turkish captain of KARMATE is considered as “suspicious”, especially if one checks with the cargo route showing it clearly deviated from its original course.

Turkish Cargo Vessel Rams Greek Warship In Aegean Sea

screen shots via marinetraffic.com

Turkish Cargo Vessel Rams Greek Warship In Aegean Sea

Seven hours after the incident and KARMATE’s shipping company has not issued any statement.

The incident comes amid increased tensions between Greece and Turkey with Ankara to challenge sovereignty rights in the Aegean.

Last February,  a Turkish Coast Guard patrol boat rammed an anchored  Greek Coast Guard boatoff the islet of Imia, Ankara claims it was “under Turkish sovereignty.”

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As we concluded previously, given that Turkey brutally invaded Cyprus in 1974, its current threats against Greece — from both ends of Turkey’s political spectrum — should not be taken lightly by the West.

Greece is the birthplace of Western civilization. It borders the European Union. Any attack against Greece should be treated as an attack against the West. It is time for the West, which has remained silent in the face of Turkish atrocities, to stand up to Ankara.

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