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Turkish Border Crossing Hit During Intra-Rebel Clashes In Northeastern Syria

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Turkish Border Crossing Hit During Intra-Rebel Clashes In Northeastern Syria

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Late on July 10, heavy clashes broke out between Turkish-backed militants in the northeastern Syrian town of Ras al-Ain on the border with Turkey.

A personal disagreement was reportedly behind the conflict, which saw militants from two different units of the Hamzah Division clashing with each other. The Hamza Division is a key faction of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army.

During the clashes, a number of rocket-propelled grenades hit the border gate with Turkey to the north of Ras al-Ain. No damage was reported.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a militant was killed and four others were wounded as a result of the clashes.

The Turkish military and its proxies occupied Ras al-Ain on October 20 of 2019, following a battle with the Syrian Democratic Forces, which showed fierce resistance. Dozens of Turkish-backed militants were killed in the battle.

Since falling into the hands of Turkish-backed militants, the situation in Ras al-Ain has been unstable. Locals are reporting human rights violations on a regular basis. Furthermore, bombings and clashes have become very common. The situation in other Turkish-occupied areas in northeastern Syria is not any better.


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Let the turk rats slaughter each other. They are useless as an ally to an other country with their nato paymasters as the exception.


Unfortunately you are right… But only because they did not realized treating with such UNHUMAN GENOCIDALS




Dumb and

Roddney Loder.

The problem Turkey never was able to realize is that WW1 was lost because the Indian Muslims were undermined by the perverted homosexual Lawrence of Arabia which led to the Balfour Declaration, (Allah used the Paradigm Prophicies to cause this to happen so as to pave the way for my Second Coming).

Anyhow so the Armenians were at first the subject of Kurdish genocidal action, (it was the Kurds who stole all the Armenian property including their underwear which they kept as souvenirs) and after the Kurdish Turks lost the war, right?.

Wrong, – the Kurds never fought the British, who took the Holy Precinct of Juraslem as the Kurds betrayed Turkey almost immediately and signed up with the British who dropped the Armenians and embraced the Jew maggots, the Kurds and Jew maggots have bern allies to this day.

Turkish rebels just can’t get their head around historical facts, all I can do is try to enlighten them but without Assad’s help I have little chance of success.

Religion divide people. No to religion

Turkey is there to grab land..
There’s no nato involvement in Syria


No honor amongst thieves; the terror factions are fighting each other for control of the criminal syndicate operations in Idlib: control of trafficking and smuggling, control of taxing locals, control of price gouging for food, etc.

Peter Jennings

One day, when the terrorists are forced from Idlib, these disagreements will be taking place on Turkish territory. Erdogan did promise all his pet terrorists a place in Turkey when they are done murdering for the caliphate.

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