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Turkish Bayraktar Announced New Concept Of Future-Generation Drone

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Turkish Bayraktar Announced New Concept Of Future-Generation  Drone

Chief Technology Officer of Baykar Makina Selcuk Bayraktar

You can read this article in German. LINK

On December 22, Chief Technology Officer of Baykar Makina Selcuk Bayraktar spoke about high technologies and innovations at the InnoWeek World Net Summit that took place in Azerbaijan. Giving a speech about the important role of drones in the development of the startup ecosystem, including the national military-industrial movement, he presented a concept of the National Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (MIUS).

Currently MIUS System is under development by Baykar Makina. The first flight of MIUS turbojet drone prototype is scheduled for 2023.

“Fifth-generation warplanes are being developed all around the world, they are manned warplanes and it is said that after the fifth generation, unmanned warplanes will begin their duty. Our concept studies too had started long ago, but after we did AKINCI, we started to work on our unmanned warplane, which will be the future combat aircraft.” – Bayraktar said.

While the features of the new system are kept in secret, Bayraktar unveiled its main characteristics:

  • an operational altitude of 40,000 feet;
  • 4-5 hours of flight time;
  • approximately 3.5 tons of take-off weight;
  • 1-ton ammunition capacity;
  • turbofan propulsion system;
  • 0.8 Mach cruise speed;
  • ATCOM Data Network that means satellite communication capability.

MIUS  will be constructed to carry out strategic attacks, close air support, suppression/destruction of enemy air defence systems, and missile attack missions.

Turkish Bayraktar Announced New Concept Of Future-Generation  Drone

ISTANBUL, TURKEY – SEPTEMBER 17: Bayraktar Akinci Attack Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TIHA), ANADOLU AGENCY VIA GETTY IMAGES

To date, the most sophisticated drone built by Turkey is the Bayraktar Akinci. Its preliminary design phase was completed in June 2019. In August 2019, Akinci started engine ground run with a Ukrainian turboprop engine. Dubbed “the flying fish,” it operates with two turbine engines and can carry nearly 1.5 tons in useful load: 900 kilograms external and 450 kilograms internal. The drone can be controlled via domestically developed satellites.

Baykar Makina is leading Turkish UAV developer. The company engages in engineering operations, software, communication systems and design of air vehicles with the contribution of public and private sector players. Its UAVs are manufactured at the facility in Istanbul.

In recent years, the Turkish defense industry has shown its big potential in the field of UAVs. Several samples of different classes were created, put into service and brought to the international market. For example, Turkish Bayraktar TB2 have been actively used by Azerbaijan during the Nagorno-Karabakh war and in some way assured its victory.


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Erdowank can ask his Ziojew masters for help making a new drone for ISIS/al-Qaeda air support, the broader Ziowahhabi project for domination of the Middle East can benefit greatly from that. Putin at least has the excuse that 50% of the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine’s population originates in the former Russian empire/USSR, Turds just don’t even care that pre-British occupation Palestine was Ottoman territory, the pseudo-Sultan just wants business and partnership with terrorist Ziocorporate globalism.

“Turkey wants better relations with Israel: Erdogan” https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/turkey-wants-better-relations-with-israel-erdogan/

Proud Hindu

Even though i hate erdogan,turkish defense industry is pretty cool unlike the russian weapons, turkish weapons have made great victories recently.


While the TB2 performed well its performance has been very very exadurated.

Pave Way IV

True, Nitram28. The performance is of the TB2 is good initially because it’s new and Turkey milks that initial success for all it’s pr worth. In most cases though, we’ve only seen them used intensely for successful strikes for a matter of weeks – maybe a month or two, then nothing. Hard to say if they can only deploy small numbers that are getting blown away or have some kind of long maintenance cycles with foreign parts issues. You have to give it to them, though – they do seem pretty dam effective in the critical first stages of battle while they use them in the way they use them. Best drone ever? Well… no. But it has it’s points.

The seem to be able to be jammed to some degree, but that only seems to degrade their performance, not stop them from using TB-2s all together. This probably explains their interest in getting a couple of the Bombardier 6000s to convert to what they’re calling a Remote Electronic Support/Electronic Attack Ability in Air Platform (HAVA SOJ). Obviously needed to keep their drones in the air, but the EW aircraft won’t be due out for two years (but will use domestic Turkish electronics). Azeri drones were mostly ground controlled and shadowed by other, higher drones. Airborne command from a high-flying aircraft is really the way to go.

The drone itself is only half the value of the Turkish weapon- they developed the 6.5 kg high explosive warhead and MAM-C reactive armor/thermobaric warhead versions of light, semi-active laser homing warheads.specifically for such a drone. Tied in with Canada’s Wescam IR and optical tracking, it is a pretty precise system – as long as Canada will keep selling them do Turkey (doubtful). No easy european or Chinese replacement for that right now. Wescam’s years of helicopter-mounted camera experience have them light years ahead of competitor at that price point. Turkey threatened to find another supplier (none exists) or make their own (doubtful) so that might be a big issue going forward.


You don’t want Russian weapons to be used for petty reasons. Turkish weapons did well against third rate militaries. Russians disabled 9 Bayaktars getting close to their base in Armenia. How cool is that?

Free man

The Turkish arms industry has advanced greatly in recent years. As everyone has seen in the recent war in the Caucasus.


not really manufacturing what is in lamens turms a unmanned sessna is not really that impressive and considering the fact that almost all of the important components are not turkish made really dosent help that case ether. Also while it did performe well agains old air defense systems like the OSA it seems that when the more modern systems rolled in they almost instantly started suffering losses. Oh and i love how you fail to mention Libiyan expiriance wheir its confirmed that over 20 TB2’s had been shot down by what is considered to the a outdated version of the SA-22 a outdated downgraded version of it at that.

Free man

Until recently Turkey bought all its weapons from foreign suppliers. Now Turkey is an arms exporter. You don’t have to be a supporter of Erdogan / Turkey to see this.


Arms exporter? Exporter of what? other then the TB2 and some smallarms Turky dosent export anything else.

Free man

A simple Google search will show you what weapons Turkey is exporting. It’s obvious you’re writing without knowing.


i littearly just did a goodle search and found only that and plus i forgot the mention the Cobra MRAP and the uparmored M113 they call the ACV-15 or whatever and that cute copy of the K9 SPA but yea thats not really a arms exporter they dont export any high tech weapons like SAM’s cruise missiles MBT’s fixed wing aircraft of any type etc.


and considering that half of those i saw that can be considered high tech are copys of other none turkish systems its not really supporting your case

Brother Ma

Assembly of foreign parts only ,so turkey can make weapons ONLY if the the parts suppliers ALLOW them. In fact, most countries -apart from Israel of course -stopped supplying turk/azeris with parts.

Brother Ma

Why do they say the drone did well in artsakh if outdated sa22 could do the job? Were the armenians so outdated they had only osa?

Igors Savitsas

Unlike Chinese, Turks are not known to have high intelligence. Turkey can do only baklava without the support of the others. This is why Ankara is flattering now the nazi bitch Ukraine


Get rid of this bastard

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