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Turkish-Backed Syrian “Patriot” Group Releases Hype Recruitment Video

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Turkish-Backed Syrian "Patriot" Group Releases Hype Recruitment Video

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On July 24th, the Suleyman-Shah Brigade, which is a part of the Sultan Murad Division released a hype video to join the group.

They are a group of “Syrian patriots” and the dead giveaway are the banners with Turkish flags that its members are brandishing throughout the video.

The video begins with a long drone shot, of a large group of individuals running, very obviously on fast forward, but it is, without a doubt quite impressive.

The shot itself, along a sort of old town road, between the trees, under the glaring sun, fills one with aspirations of comradery, patriotism and how glorious it is to fight together for a just and common cause.

Then, the scene changes, into a desert-like location, with hundreds (if not thousands) of people training, alongside what appears to be smoke from dumpster fires.

It is a scene as if out of Mad Max, and it closely resembles a large group of people preparing to take part in American Gladiator (or its, newer, fancier iteration American Ninja Warrior).

It could, quite possibly, be a hype video for a spinoff called Arabic Ninja Warrior or a similar format (hopefully it is not yet copyrighted).

The videos then showcase the training regiment, including pull-ups and stomach curls, also some sort of light jogs. There are hundreds of people in the footage and approximately 5 of them are wearing any sort of garment on their torsos, to reinforce the manliness and to establish the masculinity that any would-be militant would join and take pride in.

Then there’s crawling exercises, and an exercise that supposes that in the situation of a battlefield there would be parallel bars one would need to use their hands to move.

The crawling is accompanied by yells that are supposed to likely boost morale, but appear as if they present the suffering of those that need to craw under a metal fence on top of rocks.

At least being in a tight, uncomfortable tight space might resemble a battlefield scenario.

At around 2 minutes and 10 seconds in the video (if any viewer were to last that long) comes the interesting (and inexplicable part). Four dozen or so of people (shirtless) are lying on the ground, with a metal bar on their feet, and another (this one with a shirt) man lightly runs and steps on their abdomens, in some sort of training (what it’s useful for is unclear).

After he’s done running, all of the men do one synchronized curl, while yelling in unison. Quite inspiring.

And one would think that it could not get much more impressive than this.

And they would be wrong.

Because this is where fire is introduced – the trainees run and jump through a hula-hoop that’s burning (but only on the top) and fall onto a mattress. Then they run a little bit longer and jump above a burning car tire (not a truck tire, a small one) and into a little pond of water.

In some sort of preparation for a strongman competition they flip tires, and then pull tires around and it is all a great showing of the preparation these “Syrian patriots” undergo in order to fight against the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian Government.

Turkish-Backed Syrian "Patriot" Group Releases Hype Recruitment Video

Click to see full-size image

The, without a doubt, most impressive moment is when there’s a long shot of the Turkish flag, and the trainees use a handlebar to quickly move along a suspended rope and.

A trainee jumps into the water and salutes for the camera in slow motion, in the conclusion of one of the most impressive long shots since Orson Welles’ “Citizen Kane” to date.

The entire soundtrack is made up of just one track: an unnamed track from the album “Epic Cinematic Soundtracks” by Romansenykmusic – it is entirely free to use, without copyrights. But it is epic.


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Many jobless people who have to feed the family would do a stupid thing and enlist in such crappy units because secured source of income in jobless region.
Not to mention stupid youngsters who think that war is the game and excitement.
Of course those “training centers” and “units” are financed from usual sources specialized in financing of terrorism.

Zionism = EVIL

Absolute truth. Erdogan is a cynical goat fucker who is using these poor uneducated Sunni Arabs from Syria and Iraq to go die in his delusional neo-Ottoman fantasies. Besides staging these idiotic stunts, these poor refugees and criminals would not last a day against any army half its salt. The PLO used to stage such theatrics too and the fuckers refused to fight the Zionist cunts in 1982, and hence Hezbollah was born. which finally thrashed the Zionist arseholes. Hezbollah being a thoroughly professional organization stages no stunts and keeps it training total secret.


What they do on video reminds more on boy scout camp where teenagers look for some excitement in very modest conditions than on true professional training.
If they would build true military training camp chance is that they would receive Russian and SAA bombs up their arse immediately.
Knowing that Turks let them jump this circus circles for few weeks and distribute black balaclavas declaring them to be a “special forces” of some kind.

While in reality some of them hardly know how to shoot different weapons properly at the and of that “military training”.
A cannon fodder that’s what they are!
Erdogan likes them dead at the end of the month, not to pick up their promised miserable salary and giving their lives for glory of false Sultan -Erdogan.

Zionism = EVIL

Like we discussed the other day, it is a universal problem in Arab armies, they just give illiterate Bedouins Kalashnikovs and pretend they are soldiers. They have no fire discipline or command and control. They hold and fire their weapons like gangsters from the Al-Capone era, spraying everyone, but never hitting a thing. That is why they can’t deal with setbacks which are normal for even the most competent militaries. These poor refugees are indeed cannon fodder to die miles away from home as they have no choice. The evil Turks stop their food rations in refugee camps and harass their families, if they don’t agree to die for them. It is a war crime really.


My thoughts as well, it resembles an assault course at best and gay boys festival at worst.
Jumping through flaming hoops is just a party trick. I have done that on one of my horse’s. It was a bigger hoop though :)

Seeing that lot in proper platoon attacks would have been a better sign of their combat readiness.

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

poor uneducated Sunni Arabs from Syria and Iraq to go die in his delusional neo-Ottoman fantasies

more like poor uneducated turcomans recruited by MIT to facilitate the cessation of northwest syrian lands and terrorize northern iraqi kurds

Jens Holm

The stupid thing is Govements makes implyment rates of 50% for men and even much more for women.

One could understand if there was nothing to do on fx Syria, but there are a lot of improvements, which not ven cost a lot of money.

So go there and dont try to make no honor and respect in starving to death or emmigrating NO MATTER WHAT.

It make sense those people are made into opposition and if they say their oppinion, its well known what has happend with 1000s in Syria.

So Your mistake also is those people are and were Jihadists. Many has been pushed to it by desperation seeing normal parle dont work at all and You and Your family often get punished hard instead.

And yes, they dont care where those money come from. They care for of there is none ofr them and not even s hope.

Even the PKK extremists are almost same thing. Normal devellopment in respect for Kurds or most of them dont exist. They cant have own education just as in fx Kosovo, where all Albanis was fired and replaced with serbs. Hospitals was closed and the tiny University as well.

And 1 milion from Kosovo was pushed out of Kösovo as well.

I Syria 5 million is npt there and about 5 millions also are internal replaced.

The best solution for less extremisme and less riots and uprisings are to make hope by jobs and fulfill it. By thats You can reduce the real finatics.


Thanks Putin.

Zionism = EVIL

That comment is worth an upvote, perhaps it is a bacon free day :) Indeed, Putin has given Erdogan too much rope, but eventually he is about to trip up in Libya as the Wagner Group’s action has been authorized.


Dude if you didn’t realize yet they are secret allies and pretend to fight each other through proxies weakening all their satellite states and expanding their influence together, you are a dumbass. Putin saved Erdo ass and Armenia Azerbaidjan is just a new episode of their strategy.


Looks like lots of summer fun. What is this, jihadi boy scouts?

Zionism = EVIL

I believe, and you can save this post and deposit it at the nearest Jew bank, that the Turkeys are about to get a whupping in Libya.


Turkey today is a rogue state and needs to be cut down. A line in the Libyan sands.


Jumping through fire hoops is more for the circus not serious training. Most of these would fail basic selection in western forces.


Leaping through a flaming window in combat is never a good idea, especially if there is not a mattress on the other side :)

Lelouch Vi Britannia

True warriors

Jens Holm

They already think they are liberated. Kurds in Afrin and other places thought they were liberated. Afrin is now Turkish and Turks are crawling as some flee market.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

So Operations Room Alliance members are preparing themselves for some imminent military action, but who will they be fighting, will they be repelling an imminent offensive by the SAA, or will they instead just attack their old friends HTS?
Turkey puts together these ‘Operations Room Alliances’ to do just one thing, subvert HTS control and influence, they’re not put together to actively fight the SAA as most of us would assume, their main job is anti HTS related, and sometimes that means starting a fight with the SAA and then trying to get HTS to either participate in the fighting or give HTS the blame for starting it.

The Russian backed 5th army corps has already been deployed to the contested areas and now Hezbollah and some Iranian backed NDF are also being sent in to presumably help the SAA too, but what are they going to do.
About 2 months ago Assad announced there’d be an upcoming operation to secure all the areas to the east of northern Hama and also north western Idlib, his stated purpose was his intention to secure the region so he could further develop and increase food production in the fertile areas just south of the contested areas.
So is this what the 5th army corps, Hezbollah, and the NDF forces are about to do, possibly, but there is also another hint as to what the next SAA operation might do.
About a month ago Turkish media gave us another possible hint too, they said the Turks had been involved in discussion with Russia concerning the progress of the 6 km safe zone and it’s possible implementation, they also added that might include the abandoning of all the besieged Turkish OB post behind SAA lines and the repositioning of the Turkish front lines. So if that’s what’s about to happen the SAA will kill 2 birds with the 1 stone, secure the area for food production and get most of the western areas 6 km south of the M4 highway as well, and with hopefully only minimal fighting.
But I’m not a gambling man so if I had to bet on one option over the other I’d be betting Assad’s only going for option 1, secure the south for food production, that option doesn’t really need Russian/Turkish approval and is achievable without Russia’s help, but not if Turkey intervenes, and maybe they won’t, maybe HTS will take Erdogan’s eyes off the prize just long enough for Assad to get a foot in the door.
Good luck SAA whatever you do.

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