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Turkish-Backed Syrian “Patriot” Group Releases Hype Recruitment Video


Turkish-Backed Syrian "Patriot" Group Releases Hype Recruitment Video

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On July 24th, the Suleyman-Shah Brigade, which is a part of the Sultan Murad Division released a hype video to join the group.

They are a group of “Syrian patriots” and the dead giveaway are the banners with Turkish flags that its members are brandishing throughout the video.

The video begins with a long drone shot, of a large group of individuals running, very obviously on fast forward, but it is, without a doubt quite impressive.

The shot itself, along a sort of old town road, between the trees, under the glaring sun, fills one with aspirations of comradery, patriotism and how glorious it is to fight together for a just and common cause.

Then, the scene changes, into a desert-like location, with hundreds (if not thousands) of people training, alongside what appears to be smoke from dumpster fires.

It is a scene as if out of Mad Max, and it closely resembles a large group of people preparing to take part in American Gladiator (or its, newer, fancier iteration American Ninja Warrior).

It could, quite possibly, be a hype video for a spinoff called Arabic Ninja Warrior or a similar format (hopefully it is not yet copyrighted).

The videos then showcase the training regiment, including pull-ups and stomach curls, also some sort of light jogs. There are hundreds of people in the footage and approximately 5 of them are wearing any sort of garment on their torsos, to reinforce the manliness and to establish the masculinity that any would-be militant would join and take pride in.

Then there’s crawling exercises, and an exercise that supposes that in the situation of a battlefield there would be parallel bars one would need to use their hands to move.

The crawling is accompanied by yells that are supposed to likely boost morale, but appear as if they present the suffering of those that need to craw under a metal fence on top of rocks.

At least being in a tight, uncomfortable tight space might resemble a battlefield scenario.

At around 2 minutes and 10 seconds in the video (if any viewer were to last that long) comes the interesting (and inexplicable part). Four dozen or so of people (shirtless) are lying on the ground, with a metal bar on their feet, and another (this one with a shirt) man lightly runs and steps on their abdomens, in some sort of training (what it’s useful for is unclear).

After he’s done running, all of the men do one synchronized curl, while yelling in unison. Quite inspiring.

And one would think that it could not get much more impressive than this.

And they would be wrong.

Because this is where fire is introduced – the trainees run and jump through a hula-hoop that’s burning (but only on the top) and fall onto a mattress. Then they run a little bit longer and jump above a burning car tire (not a truck tire, a small one) and into a little pond of water.

In some sort of preparation for a strongman competition they flip tires, and then pull tires around and it is all a great showing of the preparation these “Syrian patriots” undergo in order to fight against the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian Government.

Turkish-Backed Syrian "Patriot" Group Releases Hype Recruitment Video

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The, without a doubt, most impressive moment is when there’s a long shot of the Turkish flag, and the trainees use a handlebar to quickly move along a suspended rope and.

A trainee jumps into the water and salutes for the camera in slow motion, in the conclusion of one of the most impressive long shots since Orson Welles’ “Citizen Kane” to date.

The entire soundtrack is made up of just one track: an unnamed track from the album “Epic Cinematic Soundtracks” by Romansenykmusic – it is entirely free to use, without copyrights. But it is epic.




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