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Turkish-Backed Syrian National Army Announces Merge Of 6 Militant Factions

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Turkish-Backed Syrian National Army Announces Merge Of 6 Militant Factions

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On October 18th, the Azm operations room of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) announced the merge of 6 of the factions under its leadership.

The factions include:

  • Jabhat al-Shamiyah
  • Jaysh al-Islam
  • Glory Corps
  • Firqat 51
  • Sultan Malik Shah
  • Liwa al-Salam

They are becoming part of the 3rd Legion, which is part of the 3rd Corps.

A 3rd Legion already exists inside SNA, but this one is apparently separate from it, and some of the “original” 3rd Legion factions are also included in the 3rd Corps.

These merges have a single purpose – to “erase from existence” the terrorist groups into one, new “reformed” formation that’s no longer terrorist.

Turkey steadily unites its controlled armed groups of the Syrian National Army in a bid of exempting them from responsibility for their numerous crimes.

Many of these factions were either sanctioned by the US, or are to be sanctioned soon. By removing them from existence, that is no longer an issue.

Recently, SNA said that it was ready to take part in “counter terrorism operations”.

The Syrian Liberation Front (SLF) branch of the Syrian National Army (SNA), said on Twitter that it is “determined to clear our regions from all terrorist organizations,” especially referring to the PKK group’s Syrian branch YPG and ISIS..

It also emphasized that the front’s support to Turkey on the ground would continue.

Additionally, Turkey is preparing for a new possible military operation against the YPG/PKK in northern Syria if talks on the issue with the U.S. and Russia fail, two Turkish officials also told Reuters recently.

“It is essential that the areas, notably the Tal Rifaat region from which attacks are constantly carried out against us, are cleared,” one senior official told Reuters.

“The decision for this has been taken and the necessary coordination will be done with particular countries. This subject will be discussed with Russia and the U.S.,” he added.

Another official said the YPG/PKK must be pushed back at least 30 kilometers, noting Russia was completely in control of the areas from which the recent attacks had come, along with some Iranian elements.


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Chris Gr

It seems for the US, Turkish Kurds are bad while Syrian Kurds are good.


These jihadists groups no matter what banner they fight under are going to be killed and buried in mass death pits. There is no other future for jihadists. Iran will hunt them down like hogs and if they are captured, they will be gutted in the streets like pigs.


Dumbo on high coc again.


Today RT, very important for you, Putin talks about Israel,

Peppe il Sicario

Good! Put them all under one banner those Sunni Wahabbi scum, all the easier to wipe them out and their Turk Turd masters.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

That means they are running out of trolls. Good more fertilizer for Syria…

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