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Turkish-backed NFL Puts Forces On High Alert And Calls For All-Out Mobilization In Northern Syria

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Turkish-backed NFL Puts Forces On High Alert And Calls For All-Out Mobilization In Northern Syria

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On August 24, the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation (NFL) announced in an official statement that it has placed its forces in the northern Syrian governorate of Idlib on high alert to repel any possible attack of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies.

Furthermore, the NFL called on the remaining armed groups to follow its steps as well as called for an all-out mobilization in northern Syria. The Turkish-backed group went further revealing that it had prepared several defensive and offensive planes.

“We take the criminal regime’s threats and hints of a near battle in Idlib seriously … We call on all factions and formations in the region to do likewise,” the NFL statement reads.

The NFL was formed on August 1, when several Turkish-backed groups in Idlib and western Aleppo, including the Syrian Liberation Front (SLF), merged their forces. Back then, Syrian opposition activists reported that Turkey had played a key role in the creation of the new force.

The NFL’s statement indicates that the long-awaited military operation in northern Syria is imminent. However, Syrian pro-government activists don’t believe that the SAA will target the areas controlled by the NFL in western Aleppo or Idlib.

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Len Zegelink

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Mustafa Mehmet

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Len Zegelink

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Mustafa Mehmet

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Promitheas Apollonious

F*CK THEM UP take no prisoners. Make them an example for the rest of the scum and that they are next if they are still on syrian ground, by the time, you done with this scum now.

You can not make a deal with them. this mercenaries can not be allowed to stay in Syria, but also can not be allowed to leave Syria. so give them mercy and this time, recycle them, 100%.


Good day Apollonious, here you have nice four: https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/syrian-army-captures-4-isis-terrorists-attempting-to-escape-al-safa-area/

Reduced to this, I don’t no why not.


The jihadists are expecting a push from the southwest, so give these NFL a roll over in western Aleppo, we’ll see if they think the dollars they are being paid are really worth giving up life. Then after the hoax “chemical attack”, launch in the southwest. Let them gas themselves.


Ronald, the Syrian and Russian general staffs are, since 2015, making a methodical cleaning, so, don’t worry.


Give up, Turks, or you are going to hell, Mongolia will not receive green busses, and besides they are real mongols, not Oghuz migrants.

Tommy Jensen

Whats in it for Turkey?


To defend the wall in New Mexico, and after to take green busses to Mars. Oghuz and Anglo-saxons are very similar races.


Question: will the Russian, while backing the SAA, be drawn into action against the Turks, who will be backing the NLF?

If so will Turkey excercize article in NATO requiring defense from allies?

This battle can be avoided and enormous loss of life avoided if Turkey is allowed to reoccupy those portions of northern Syria predominately Turkmen and Kurd, which have spent more years under Ottomans than under Damascans.


Russian and Chinese have already said they are not afraid of a war, if the West would start one, and you can see once again the russian ships sailing to Syria. Turks can forget having a single inch of syrian territory, and the Kurds know that they are the nexts on the list, after the Turks.


De veras Jorge? Creo que no. Nadie quiere una guerra.

Matew Ivanson

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You can call me Al

You stupid POS. get lost troll boy. The SAA heroes will eliminate all scum in Idlib; hope you are one of them.

Go SAA, go Hezbollah and all other heroes.

That Guy

Jabhat Al Nusra should have joined hands with the Islamic state instead of fighting them, god would’ve granted victory to the Muslims against the Shiite shits, but don’t worry, because Islam will emerge victorious no matter what happens to its soldiers, Islam is destined to be victorious and to rule the world. (Shiites are not Muslims at all)

Just look at the Shiite dogs in Iraq and Syria, without air support from Russia and the US, they were worthless, they were just being caught by the Mujahedeen and beheaded just like a bunch of sheeps, they are not true men, they are a bunch of cowards.

So, when the time comes for the withdrawal of Russia and the US from Iraq and Syria, we will come back to them stronger than before. God has promised that Islam will prevail in the end. دولة الإسلام باقية


i just cant wait for the war in idlib to start..STOP negotiating already start smashing heads!


One step at a time..probably some action for these war-tards soon. just got to keep them going and the CAPTAGON flowing…


Ah now Turkey your creations has a mind on its own to think.

Jens Holm

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Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

lol they think they are a match for SAA? they gonna die, all of em, rest in shit NFL haahaha

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