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Turkish-Backed Militants Will Hand Over Northern Raqqa Villages To Russian Forces – Report

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Turkish-Backed Militants Will Hand Over Northern Raqqa Villages To Russian Forces - Report

FILE IMAGE: Russian Military Police service members are in Syria

Ankara has ordered the so-called Syrian National Army (SNA) to hand over a number of villages near the town of Tell Abyad in northern Raqqa to the Russian Military Police, Sputnik reported on October 50, citing sources in the Turkish-backed group.

“The Turkish military ordered, today Wednesday, Free Syrian Army (FSA) factions to withdraw from 11 villages, located on the M4 highway in the district of Ain Issa in the area of Tell Abyad, and to hand it over to the Russian Military Police,” the source told the Russian news agency.

According to the source, Ankara told the Syrian militants that these villages are not a part of the “safe-zone” agreed upon by Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, last week.

The Russian-Turkish agreement allows Ankara to establish a safe-zone between the border towns of Tell Abyad and Ras al-Ayn north of the M4 highway.

The M4 is considered the spine of transportation in northeastern Syria. The highway links al-Hasakah with Raqqa and Aleppo.

It’s still unclear if SNA militants have handed over the villages to Russian forces. In the last 48 hours, the militants captured 18 Syrian service members and launched a large attack south of Ras al-Ayn, violating the agreement with Russia.

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Russia should demand that Turkiye hand over the scumbuckets who murdered that POW yesterday. R.I.P.


October 50, daaaamn :D


Time still for Brexit! :)


October 50?

Hanny Benny

Putin calls, the dogs obeys ;) :)

Pave Way IV

The CIA and SOCCENT (U.S. taxpayers) paid a fortune to train those damn jihadi dogs. They’re only suppose to respond to english language commands. Damn you, multilingual Putin!

Jens Holm

You forgot jews, zionists and Mossad.

Pave Way IV

You mean I paid to train them TOO?? FFS, I’m going to need another IMF loan…

Mustafa Mehmet

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Hanny Benny

ye_slavehoreson :*

Mustafa Mehmet

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Hanny Benny

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why so many turkish soldiers killed by bad bad pkk?!?
why nobody likes the turks ?!?
why is the world so bad with the turks ?!?
sad sad sad mighty slavehoresons…

Mustafa Mehmet

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Hanny Benny

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Mustafa Mehmet

Scumbag Cockroaches f*** off

World Wisdom

those bitches were trained and supported all by the US. Most of those dogs are AQ or ISIS today. So, thank you US for “fighting” the terrorism you created and still sponsor.


Hey klove and zionist what crap do you have you to say in this article.


Hey, headchoppers, you aren’t safe anywhere!


The Turkish occupation zone is a problem. Because it includes areas that the Turks don’t currently occupy in the middle section. And the Syrians understandably aren’t going to want to cede control of it. Especially since the SDF has withdrawn from it. If they indeed have.

It would be better if the Turks could show some flexibility on the MOU agreement’s implementation. And agree to modify it to freeze the zone’s borders at the current contact lines.

Perhaps rather than joint Turkish/Russian patrols, Turkish/Syrian patrols could be substituted within the Adana protocols to verify that the SDF has indeed withdrawn from the middle section. And it could be ceded to the Syrian government as a confidence building measure and sign of good will and faith.

Pave Way IV

I think Smeagol has a couple million ‘Syrian refugees’ he’s planning on sending there. It would be problematic if Syrian troops controlled that territory and insisted on screening the returning ‘Syrian refugees’ and tried to settle their status. Especially settling the status of those Uyghur-only speaking Syrian refugees.

Fred Dozer

I know this is serious business, but that Russian SUV looks like a tank (big). LOL

Tudor Miron

Thing is that it is not a SUV (sport utility vehicle).

viktor ziv

Is it Tigr?

Fred Dozer

Yep! you got it right. It is a competitor of the US Humvees.

Tudor Miron


Fred Dozer

I thought it was a Russian Hummer. They made a SUV, Hummer version, but not for some time now. What is the name of the ?

Fred Dozer

The GAZ Tiger is widely available in Eastern Europe for civilian ownership, both as a surplus vehicle and in unarmored civilian variations from the factory.
I guess the rich will buy anything, just to say they own one.

Tudor Miron

I agree but still it is not a SUV :) (strictly speaking). Here you have its dimensions https://ee.sputniknews.ru/infographics/20170530/5930879/bronirovannyj-avtomobil-tigr-m.html


i dont see this happening. Russian Airforce will need to start smashing tfsa hard

Hanny Benny

first turkey has to get out of NATO :)
so turkey will be shattered

Putin runs longterm plans ;)

World Wisdom

All proturkish pigs shall be annihilated.

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