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Turkish-Backed Militants Used Children In ISIS-Style Suicide Attack On SDF (Photos)

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Turkish-backed militants have used children suicide bombers in an attack on the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the northern Raqqa countryside, the Hawar News Agency (ANHA) revealed on April 16.

According to the Kurdish-Syrian agency, two children entered the SDF-held town of al-Kaltah on April 14 coming from the Turkish-occupied part of northern Raqqa. Both children were disguised as shepherds. After entering the town, one of the children blew himself up, injuring the other.

“After examining the remains of the child, it was found that he was wearing an explosive belt, which exploded,” the ANHA’s report read.

The child was identified as 15-year old Ali Emo al-Abd, a Homs native who was allegedly recruited by Turkish-backed militants. The militants forced the child to wear the explosive belt and sent him to target an SDF gathering in al-Kaltah. However, the belt prematurely exploded.

Turkish-Backed Militants Used Children In ISIS-Style Suicide Attack On SDF (Photos)

Click to see full-size image. Source: hawarnews.com

Earlier this week, al-Quds al-Arabi revealed that former ISIS commanders met in northern Raqqa to form a new faction. Activists told the London-based newspaper that the terrorists will likely plot attacks against the SDF with support from Turkey.

The attack in al-Kaltah was likely plotted by radical militants within Turkey’s proxies in northeastern Syria. Ankara is doing very little to limit the influence of radicals.


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Willing Conscience (The Truths

“Ankara is doing very little to limit the influence of radicals.”

No they’re not are they, they’re instead actually encouraging it, and that’s because Erdogan needs another excuse to take over even more Syrian territory, and with his help Isis might just be able to give him exactly the excuse he needs to do it.
Once Isis starts attacking Turkish occupied Al Hasakah from the south and causing [false flag] damage to Turkish interests, I think it’ll be just the excuse Erdogan needs to strike south towards Deir ez Zor, he’ll say it’s only to protect his new safe zone in Al Hasakah, but then he’ll do what he’s said he wanted to do from the start of his intervention, take over all of northern Deir ez Zor above the Euphrates.
A few years ago he let Isis use his southern border to infiltrate Aleppo and Ar Raqqah, and then when Isis had taken control of those areas he sent his own forces in to kick them out and occupy the territory, so I think he’s going to try a similar tactic and do the same thing to Deir ez Zor, use Isis as a justification to annex even more land.
The northern tip of Deir ez Zor is only 10 km south of where Turkish regular forces are deployed and easily within spitting distance of the Turks, and since Trump’s been sucking up to Erdogan so much lately he may not object to further Turkish interventions, that’s if Erdogan comes up with a good excuse.
I hope the SDF are paying attention, they’ll suffer the worst if they’re not, he’ll effectively divide their forces in half if he moves into Deir ez Zor.
Isis isn’t anywhere near the threat level needed for Erdogan’s excuse to work yet, but Isis is getting stronger and more dangerous every day, so it may not take that much longer for them to potentially pose a serious threat Erdogan and give him the excuse he wants.

Lone Ranger

Moderate cia/mossad/mi6/erdofuck backed rapist cannibal headchoppers…
Friends of the “west”…

Lone Ranger

Hope history books will remember these Crimes against Humanity and the people whom funded them.


A hope in vain, i fear…
We all know who writes the history books…

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