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Turkish-Backed Militants Targeted Syrian Troops In Northern Lattakia With Guided Missiles (Video)

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On November 27, militants of the Turkish-backed 1st Coastal Division attacked Syrian Arab Army (SAA) troops in the northern Lattakia countryside.

The militants targeted a group of four SAA soldiers with a Fagot anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) near the Kurd Mount, killing and injuring them all. A few minutes later, the militants launched a second ATGM at a unit that moved to rescue the first group.

The 1st Coastal Division is a member of the so-called National Front for Liberation. The coalition is Turkey’s main proxy in the northwestern region of Greater Idlib.

The attack was likely a response to recent Russian airstrikes on militants’ positions in northern Lattakia. The airstrikes targeted the outskirts of the town of Kabani.

Turkish-backed militants in Greater Idlib are allied with al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham and a number of other terrorist groups.

Ankara, which maintains a large force in Greater Idlib, is not only doing nothing to separate its proxies from terrorists, but also ignoring the repeated violations of the ceasefire in the region. This could soon lead to a dangerous military escalation.


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Assad must stay

Man fucking fire a thousand more missiles right back at those fucks and don’t miss!!!

Kenny Jones ™

What makes me wonder is how these rebels have access to good Russian weaponry


Fagot ATM is not Russian but Soviet design that was produced since 1970 to present day. Bought from Bulgaria, that produces them illegaly (without Russian license). Bought by State Department – US (or UAE, Saudis etc.) and delivered to terrorists for free. USSR (Russians) were stupid enough to transfer that Fagot ATM production to their Bulgarian Slavic “brothers” and “comrades” in Soviet days so they have produced them ever since. All Soviet design weapons in terrorist hands today are produced illegaly without licence in Easter Europe and bought by rich Arab countries or US and delivered to terrorists for free. Of course Putin haters will say usual ….Putin did it, or Russia did it

Kenny Jones ™

I’m no Putin hater, but I am allowed to be critical of his foreign policy sometimes, he’s playing great 4d chess, but I wish he’d be slightly more harsh on his enemies than he is now


With “Putin haters” I was not talking about you but in general…. As for not being “harsh”…One must realize reality that Russia has modest GDP and limited human resources. Unless forced Russia can’t venture on attacking pack of wolves (NATO) just for sake of revenge. Russia can destroy them all if attacked and they know that. But that doesn’t mean Russia can attack them either.

What people like you forget also is that in WW2 the USSR has lost 27 million people out of which Russia has lost 14 million. They are not in rush to start the wars and specially not an Armageddon that can destroy Russia also and the planet.

Kenny Jones ™

In short, Russians must have a lot of children, no excuses

Fog of War

Wont help much, its Muslim population is exploding. The only solution is expulsion on a massive scale.


All it takes to get back Russians that have fallen outside of the borders with destruction’s of the Russian Empire and USSR and they would be immediately 200+ million population. Weakening ethnic Russians through creations of the USSR “republics” was part of communist plot. Just taking back Belarus (that never was country) and russophone south east of Ukraine would dramatically change situation. There are millions of Russians in Kazahstan and Baltic’s in parts bordering with Russia as well.

Fog of War

” They are not in rush to start the wars and specially not an Armageddon that can destroy Russia also and the planet. ”

If someone is threatening you sometimes its best to call their bluff ? Do you think the West and the Zionsist all want to die ?


Some are insane, some are full of hatred, some think their privet bunkers will protect them (if need be). Ukraine getting in NATO is Russia’s red line (and NATO knows that ) and if somebody on the West decides to cross that line Russia will not have choice but to react by force. Russia would in that case quickly invade south est russo-phone part of Ukraine and get ready for all out nuke war with NATO. That is all.

Assad must stay

Right??? Erdocunt has some explaining to do!

The Objective

One of your terror scientist just got killed

Potato Man

101 how to be terrorists: Step 1: wear civilian clothes. Step 2: Let your terrorist friend video it. Step 3: If they got killed show the body of the terrorists and nothing more and send it to Zion MSM. Step 4: Blame Syria/Assad/Russia/Iranian.

The Objective

Let it lead to the dangerous military escalation. Russia can’t be allowed to shape the outcome in Syria as it sees fit. There are legitimate opposition to the Assad regime. What happened to the UN resolution Russia proposed to end the war. Russia is clearly playing a double standard in the Syrian crisis. It isn’t helping matters at all. Assad cannot be allowed to take back the whole of Syria by force. A political solution is the only way out for Syria. Russia keeps complaining of Idlib. What does it intend to do with America in other parts of Syria where the oil is? Or perhaps Turkey is an easier target to bully. Turkey should not abandon the Muslims of Syria. It is the only protection they have right now.

Servet Köseoğlu

No worries..They dont have power to shape the whole Syria…They have agreement with usa-israel..Russians buying drones from israel..Pay attention to the Russia-Sudan agreement comes just a month after the Trump administration announced it would remove Sudan from its State Sponsors of Terrorism blacklist which is reward for signing a normalisation deal with Israel.ı dont think its pure coincidence…

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You say Russia can’t be allowed to shape the political direction/outcome in Syria but keep insisting the Turks should be allowed to, so why should the Turks be allowed to and the Russian’s can’t, what have the Turks got the Russian’s don’t. And don’t forget that resolution 2254 [that Russia/Iran/Turkey proposed] is being implemented as we speak, they’re already rewriting the Syrian constitution that will allow the political restructuring of Syria’s political institutions and makeup, and they’re most likely trying to allow for 2 independent autonomous zones in Syria, one for the US and one for the Turks. Russia’s doing more to give the Turks and the US more political power in Syria than anyone else is, even the Turks, so denying them a say in Syria’s political future is actually like cutting your own throat, the Russians are actually trying the hardest to implement resolution 2254 that Turkey FULLY SUPPORTS, not trying to slow it down or stop it. Resolution 2254 can’t be implemented until the terrorists are separated from the moderate opposition forces, and because Erdogan’s failed to do it during the last 5 years, now the US and Russia are finally helping him do it, and you’re actually complaining about it The truth is Putin’s a better friend to Turkey than he is to Assad, without his constant ceasefire agreements with Turkey your opposition forces would’ve been wiped out long ago, the SAA nearly had the refugees breaking through the Turkish borders last year, and the only thing that saved the Turkish border was another ceasefire from Putin. So you should be thanking Putin not condemning him, that’s my job, I don’t like the fact he politically helps your side more than he does Assad’s side, but you should be happy about it. What more do you want Putin to do for your side that he hasn’t done already?

The Objective

If what you say about the implementation of resolution 2254 is true, then that’s good news. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t support any terrorist. I just want to see an end to the bloodshed in Syria. Civilians are bearing the brunt of it all. Over 3 million Syrians living in below-animal conditions. How long can that be sustained. Russia, Turkey, USA, and Iran all bear responsibility to lift this burden off the shoulders of Syrians. But apparently their power games is more important than human lives and safety.

It could be that someone is directly prolonging this war. I read one think thank document recommending that prolonging the Syrian war could help the US stretch Russia’s military to a point of creating domestic revolt or something in Russia. I hope that is not what is keeping an end to the war.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Two points, Point one, last year the Russian ministry of defense said the war in Syria was practically cost neutral, they actually said the whole operation was included in the existing research and development budget, so instead of being a burden to the economy it was actually turning out to be a bonus for the Russian military. The ministry went on to say the real time testing of new weapons and equipment in battlefield conditions, and the experience commanding officers were receiving for no additional cost was a good result for Russia. So it costs Russia next to nothing and they get loads of experience and do military research and development, so why would they want to stop. And most of the replacement equipment for Assad’s losses are repaid in loans, eventually. Russia needs the naval base in Syria, so even if they lose everything but Latakia they still win.

point two, you often say you support the moderate opposition and their attempts to achieve a political settlement, so if you do you must realize the moderate opposition and the Syrian Interim Government are Turkish constructs, they’re not the voice of the majority opposition forces in Syria, they’re just tools for Turkey to get it’s own way in Syria. The moderate opposition and the Syrian Interim Government that Turkey supports only controls 25% of the occupied territories politically, HTS and the Salvation Government control all the rest. So who really speaks for the majority of the Syrian opposition, is it Turkey and the moderate opposition, or is it HTS and the Salvation Government. The moderate opposition politicians you support are currently sitting down with Assad’s Government and trying to rewrite the constitution, but in the field their soldiers are still fighting the SAA, so you can’t have it both ways.


Do Turks claim Syria as Turkish land too know? Isn’t it obvious enough they are trying to establish a new Ottoman Empire?? Pan Turkism?


google for misak’i mili

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“Ankara, which maintains a large force in Greater Idlib, is not only doing nothing to separate its proxies from terrorists, but also ignoring the repeated violations of the ceasefire in the region.”

LOL, is that why Turkey just built [redeployed] a new OB post smack in the middle of where the NFL forces are positioned, it’s somehow going to help them separate their forces from the terrorists forces, or will it in fact more likely be used to protect the NFL from SAA artillery strikes, all the other OB posts did, – for a while at least, then they just became tiny islands in a SAA sea, maybe this one will too eventually. :]

klove and light

putin you treacherous zionist pig….

only a madman who has lost all his senses or a treacherous zionist pig could have the idea that a turkish invasion of syria would benefit syria.

putin you treacherous zionist pig. cock sucking bibi lover

klove and light

and to alll the brainwashed zionist putin lovers……

for YEARS now you all have been writintg HOW EASY it will be to free IDLIB from the terrorist takfiri scum….remmebr you idiots??? and how easy it will be to free the east because letting the TAF in was a GREAT idea from putin???

where all the smartasses now?????

Idlib is lost you morally brainwashed zionist putin cock sucking lovers….

east syria? so didi TAF destroy the SDF and make free for SAA as you stupid putin lovers thought???

putin is a treacherous zionist pig..just as thze others controlled by satanic zionism.

and syria , for the 23000 time……..IS PARTIONED: you idiots…..into 4 parts.check the map you idiots.

north syria..occupied by TURKEY a nato member with the help of RUSSIA. south syria occupied by USA a nato member west syria (golan) is occupied by israel a nato partner east syria is occupied by us,uk and french troops , nato.

so cut the fairy tale bs rhetoric here at SF.it is pathetic. write the truth and dont be MSM smart ass fake mother fuckers.

The Objective

I’d give you a thumbs up if not for the multiple use of abusive words.


Kurds need to join the legit government forces not feminist lgbtqs whom put women on the front lines: Turks have their tools and along with russia will utilised them in effect,why are there so many naive people who assume only the phaedo reserve are the only legit entities to utilise theirs?

If kurds do not follow the law of the lands,not cia/incests by god will use all tools at disposal thus force the problems out of syria back into iraq where atleast you could say kurds were victors under g.w.bush:

Porc Halal

It looks like a patern already…

russia bomb the shit out of bearded apes (aka islamic jihadis) whilst turdish islamic gorillas (aka turdish army) retaliate by bombing the shit out of SAA and its affiliates …

while Russia and turdistan are at war they are not attacking each other directly but kicking hard the asses of their proxies…

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