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Turkish-Backed Militants Storm Tell Abyad, Capture Key Positions (Photos, Video, Map)

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On October 13 morning, forces of the National Syrian Army (NSA) backed by the Turkish military stormed the border town of Tell Abyad in northern Raqqa.

A few hours after storming Tell Abyad from the eastern and western directions, the NSA announced that its militants imposed full control of the town. Several photos and a video showing NSA militants inside the town were released.

A day earlier, Turkish forces captured several villages east and southeast of Tell Abyad, expanding its control around the border town.

The forces continued their advance in the early hours of October 13 capturing the town of Suluk, 18km to the southeast of Tell Abyad.

Turkish-Backed Militants Storm Tell Abyad, Capture Key Positions (Photos, Video, Map)

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Tell Abyad is one of the main targets of Operation Peace Spring, which was launched by the Turkish military and the NSA earlier this week. A “safe-zone” stretching between the town and Ras al-Ayn, 120km to the east, will be established in the first phase of the operation.

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Zionism = EVIL

As I have said, the Turkeys will move far beyond the 60 kms land theft south if there is no resistance. The Kurds have proven worse than pimps and even faggots would have put up some fight.


we really care about your opinion…really!

Zionism = EVIL

Greek freak turds should care :)


you talking about your mama right?


They are not even Greek. I’ve been to Greece; black hair, black/brown eyes, slightly hairy… I’d say 70% of the population is not Greek in the word’s true meaning.

They are no different than Turks. Just white.

Kemal Büyük

Turks are white too.


I believe, rightly or wrongly, Syrian Arabs press-ganged into the Kurdish SDF will fight the Turks. However when the opportunity presents itself they will decamp and join their blood brothers in the SAA. So, for the time being expect Arab SDF fighters to show their Kurdish “overloards” how to defend SYRIA

alejandro casalegno

The SAA is the only choice………….

alejandro casalegno

The kurds will be erased by the jihadists………….one century ago, they were the turkish “Einzatsgruppen” in the armenian genocide ……….the history ALWAYS come back….


oh YES EXACTE!! genocide armenian AND christians chadeen!!!


indeed and they were very valuable allies for the genocide of Greeks as well. its not very well known since noadays they have the sympathy of the world . Its said that they have commited atrocities together with the paramilitants and its not just rumours, its a fact


I don’t see much storming going on. But unless the SAA has the resources to hold this front they’ll just take as much land as they can.

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