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Turkish-Backed Militants Raided Kurdish Forces Positions In Northern Aleppo. Casualties Reported

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Late on November 15, militants of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) raided at least three positions of Kurdish forces near the town of Ayn Daqnah in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

SNA militants managed to storm one of the three positions following heavy clashes with Kurdish forces. Human losses were reported on both sides by several sources. Nevertheless, no details have been released yet.

Turkish-Backed Militants Raided Kurdish Forces Positions In Northern Aleppo. Casualties Reported

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter, Via Google Maps – TerraMetrics

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Turkish-backed militants had captured two Kurdish fighters in the attack. However, activists close to the SNA said only one fighter was captured.

Turkish-Backed Militants Raided Kurdish Forces Positions In Northern Aleppo. Casualties Reported

Click to see full-size image

After the attack, Turkish forces shelled the Kurdish-held towns of Ayn Daqnah, Minaq and al-Bayluniyah. No human or material losses have been reported, so far.

A day earlier, a Kurdish sniper situated near Minaq killed a woman that was harvesting olive trees in nearby Turkish-held area. The SNA’s attack today maybe a response to the incident.

Kurdish forces are still holding into a strip of land between Afrin and government-held areas in northern Aleppo. Several units of the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian Military Police were deployed there to deter nearby Turkish forces. Nevertheless, the situation in the area remains tense.


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Willing Conscience (The Truths

What a load of BS from SF, and I used to think the US was the spin doctor but they have nothing on the Russians. So SF is trying to tell us the ALF forces still hold a small slice of territory wedged between the areas that the Turks occupy and the areas that Russia and the SAA control, what a load of shit, that’s just an outright lie. What they don’t want to admit is the Turks and their proxies can overrun Russian/ SAA positions whenever they want to, and with complete impunity. The AFL don’t occupy any territory at all NONE, what they actually do is hide/live in Russian/Syrian Gov controlled areas and then they sneak into Turkish held areas to attack them, and when they’re finished they return to Russian/Syrian territory to escape/hide. Just imagine the scenario that SF proposes, the Russians and SAA in their territory, the Turks and their proxies in their territory, and the ALF sandwidged in between them, LOL, only the dumbest of the dumb will fall for that BS. The ALF wouldn’t last an hour if that was really the case, the Turks would obliterate them quicker than the ALF could mobilize, so it’s an impossibility and just an outright lie/excuse to hide Russian compliance to Turkish demands. What probably did happen is this, the ALF attacked the Turks and then the Turks demanded their forces be allowed to retaliate against the ALF on Russian/SAA controlled territory, and when the Russians said yes the Turks and proxies crossed the front lines and attacked the ALF hiding in Russian/SAA territory, that’s probably what happened, not what this BS this article implies. I dare anyone to find another map like the one SF just used, try to find just one other map that also shows the ALF in any active positions in any areas like the Russian supplied map does, you won’t because there are none, and the reason there are none is because the ALF don’t hold any territory in Syria. But the Russians do have a reputation to protect, so all of a sudden the ALF do hold some territory, and spectacularly just a small sliver of land that’s miraculously outlasted the Turks right up until now, even though it only took the Turks a matter of days to overrun the other 95% of the territory, but this small sliver has managed to survive according to this BS map, LOL. If you’re going to lie to us SF at least make it believable, you’re just insulting your readers intelligence with this mindless propaganda, the ALF DON’T hold any territory at all, only the Russians and SAA do, and the Turks are actually attacking Russian and SAA territory, that’s half the truth, the other half is the Russian’s don’t want to admit they let the Turks run amok on their territory.

When I first started following this war I mostly used Russian news and Syrian Government news sources to inform myself, then bit by bit I started incorporating independent news sources and understood even more, and eventually I even started using opposition sites and found things became even clearer still, and eventually I realized I had to listen to what they all had to say before I could even come close to understanding the real truth. And even though I now use opposition news sites as well as pro Government sites to try and understand what’s REALLY happening, I still support the same side I started off supporting, which is the Syrian Government, and even though I do support them I have to admit I don’t trust them anymore, they hide the truth and lie to me just as much as the opposition sites do, but unlike SF they don’t treat me like an idiot, they don’t tell me the sky is falling down when it isn’t, but SF does all the time, and I don’t like being told complete fairy stories. And for all you idiots who don’t like the fact some of us criticise SF for telling us their ridiculous and unbelievable lies, stop using the “Jews did it” excuse for everything we question, bombarding dissenters with troves of anti Jewish propaganda doesn’t help anyone get to the truth, it just makes you look like the mindless war mongering morons you are.


Isis and the covert 4th reicht of beezubs would be freaking out too,oh well bad day for turds!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, Russia’s finding that out too, all the satellites are looking for new orbits. You know I think the biggest obstacle to understanding the truth about Syria is the people who continuously claim Israel’s responsible for everything bad that happens there. The truth is Israel’s less of a problem than Turkey is now, but the “jews did it” is a sure way to get upvotes, so sadly the truth is coming off second best every single time, and Erdogan plods along doing what he does so successfully. if you really hate Israel so much you should be barracking for Erdogan, Turkey, and the Muslim Brotherhood, they’re even more committed to destroying Israel than Iran is.

cechas vodobenikov

all–talk; nobody is committed to destroying Israel—they r only committed to talking about it

Willing Conscience (The Truths

No the truth is some people beg and cajole other people to start and fight a war they’re way too gutless to fight themselves. I’ll bet every single one of those bad mouthed trolls would shit their pants if Iran stuck a gun in their hands and told them to go fight the Jews, they’d all start crying like babies and beg to be allowed to go home to mummy. The Muslim Brotherhood actually put’s its money where it’s mouth is, unlike Iran they actually do something to combat Israel, they may not have the military might to do anything but they more than make up for it in political/ financial sense. So if you want to back a group that’s even more committed to destroying Israel than Iran does, then convert to Islam and join the Muslim Brotherhood. But be warned, SAA soldiers will shoot you on sight if you do. :]

Jens Holm

Maybee You should clean Your own garden a lot and with something else too.

You write ALF ALF ALF, but it is YPG or leftovers of the the SDF.

And Yes, the Afrin Kurds are still, where You say they are not, which is close to Azaz main town Azaz. And true they do cross the borderlines to make sabotage and some few even are in Afrin of today.

They are not as gone as Your infection assume. Assads are very thin in those lines too and its very very very uncorrect Assads control even as much as You assume. That goes for rhe whole Assad zone with or Witout the SDF zone.

Ypu are a filthy liar about it or dont know better.

The SDF zone also is no given to Assads. and they could not control it alone at all.

So You have to make a lot of holes in Your socalled map and remember to add Iraniens, Russians and Hesbollahs.

And sorry for my bad spellings. I was tired.

Assads certainly has not 24/7 control even in military matters and should have been gone in 50 seconds long time ago or only be an Emit of Latakia ot Phoenesia what ever.

I can accept Your Jew thing. Jews are – as written by me man times – an excuse for almost anythinh anytime. So blame them for, what they do.

I alos dont see DF as hostile to Assads. There are many very good reasons to blame Assads for they actually do.

They gave Afrin to Turkey and not even that. Many refugees there at least was in their own country even many was not in Aleppo, Homs and Hama. And where are they now ? They are extra refugees in Turkey and anywhere else then in Syria.

And Assads are no goood and even worse. They have shown i well from 1968 and even before. Thats what You support.

And more destruction every day with Assads in front even killing cornfield and blocking for help. BUt dont worry

500.000 finally has peace in heaven. How many Syrians and for that matter Hesbollas has only one leg or was. Whio invaded Lebanon. True they already had chaos. What did it solve – nothing.

Assads has Syria by the Baath party and and keep it hard as pårivate corrypt non devellopment zone, where there are records in corruptions. They cant even find out making more money to themself. Even very stupid farmers know cows, sheep and goats dont give milk, if they dont get good food.

And 50% men at the start of the conflict had no jobs and not even a sign for a jobs. Those kind of people will be opposition and angry to any kind of bad Governess.

Thats where You find the active resistance against Assads and perfect recruitment for many as mercenairies. They get a job, an education, clothe, food every day, they are in a structure they understand and even can send money home.

I hardly see a single usefull reform from Assads the last 20 to 30 years.

And the vomen cant even be debated about because they are kept even more stupid then the men controlled as spendable sheep.

I can see You cant see whats really happening at all.

Only the PYD/YPG has a plan for the Syria or their part. Even they are among the poorest and not uprised against Assads, they are forbidden simple and not expensive changes and reforms.

And 4 countries are united in blaming them for everything too.

Never trust any source with no filter. All is infected. Most people in the middle eastnot even know their history book but national fanatisme and despotes are heroes and there only is a choise in Syria between Assads and Jihadist. That a lie to. Assads year by year vould have implemented stuff, which fit in the ME tradions, if they want to be develloped. I has not happend.

So dont worry. Syria will never be a country again, and with that much old iron all over, You wont go back to the stoneage.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You’re totally wrong Jens, the ALF isn’t just YPG and never was, it also has other ethnic groups that fight alongside the Kurds, in fact anyone that’s opposed to the Turkish occupation of Afrin is very welcome to join the ALF, so do some research Jens and don’t make false assumptions. You often criticise other commenters for being too black and white and yet here you go with your own unfactual assertion. 300,000 Kurds were displaced from their homes in Afrin when Turkey invaded, they lost their homes businesses and everything, but you’re one of the most vocal supporters of the right of Syrian refugees living in Turkey to be repatriated back to Syria, you want them to move into the new safe zones Erdogan’s created, but those safe zones are actually the homes Kurds used to live in, so why don’t you advocate for that group of people as well as the refugees living in Turkey, not all the 300,000 displaced Kurds were YPG fighters and they want their homes back. You’re just like all the other commenters on SF Jens, you’re biased and only look at things through a lens that someone else provides you.

Jens Holm

There never was 300.000 Kurds in Afrin. There lived about 180.000 and in a period up to 120.000 refugees, where a minority was Kurds all the way from Damskusn and Homs.

Your Alf only existed for a while or has some few leftovers in Afrin. So its YPG mainly in the Afrin version, which actually are keeping thar small terrain, wherethe center seemes to be the military double stribe with its basements.

And when You write about displaced You for Assad displaced many kurds to Afrin away from having land right on the borderzone. Those went HOME and took back, what Assads has given to Assad arabs. It was kurdish soldiers, which parents and grandparents still were alive in Afrin with keys and even owner documents.

The arabs in their homes were expelled and some resisted. But in the Assad press as well as others, it was named even as genoside.

Many of those Kurds was in front, when Manbij was taken back and was not elite as we have seen fx from Afrin and Kobani. They had majority in the thin populated farmland and are the ones, which filled the silos and food factories in Manbij.

The Turkishproblem came, when YPG was needed and Manbih was taken. Local Kurds would not be expelled from their own farms just taken back from ISIS(well assisted by Turks and others). Thats why MMC was made and mainly was a Kurdish force.

Many others came from north of Al Bab. Their biggest town was Qabasin having 11.000 inhabitants, so they were not Afrins but new arrivers to Afrin. ………………………………………………

I have for decades wanted AKP and others making PKK unneeded and equal right for all living in Turkey.

Turks has done pretty well making secularity inspired by the French model. Its centralized ruling having tools for it in center.

But since then Turkey has added itself into 80 millions instead of 20 millions as well as it has manymany more advanced activitivities. Kurds and the other poor parts – Kurds in the east. has changed a lot too. They are not isolated anymore.

So my wishes for the whole Turkey is moving out vital local things to the local gpverments, they have today.

We have seen the opposit since Erdogan systematicly has moved Turkey away and that few people cant and should not run that big county. Its simple math and critical limitations.

Its vry visible an oposition can win 3 cities and hardly has any influence for the country and not much for local matters even some Ilderims are jumping up and down a there even was a re-election for Istanbul.

Ots very unclever to make it as a contrast, where a lot only is false information and debate is like talking with Your TV.

Running a country is not about AKP but all the people living there in protected feelings and trust and by that support for the state.

Ypu cant do that when do so many things agaist it. Jailing very selected Kurdish politicians with 7 mio votes is a no go. Taking away Kurdish Town Majors elected with 80& of the local votes is same thing. Many local and Turkish NGS are forbidden or jailed as institutions even most of the world has them.

Many local matters shoudl be solved by local taxpayers and that part of the tax nevr given by Ankara(which is AK). Corruption is easier to keep down having money not allowed toleave fx County level. Local elect and can remove. Local bad emplyers fir them can be replaced as well. They dont have to ask.

And when its more oen money, the locals mainly are better then someone fr away to cover the needs.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You say 180,000 but this is what the wiki says,

“According to the United Nations, as of March 2018, approximately 167,000 people were displaced due to the Turkish intervention;[82] the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights later estimated that a total of 300,000 Kurdish people had been displaced.[83] In the aftermath of the conflict, Turkish forces implemented a resettlement policy by moving refugees from Eastern Ghouta into the newly-empty homes.[84] Many houses, farms, and other private property belonging to those that fled the conflict have been seized or looted by the SNA.[85] In a study of 24 key informants from Afrin, all reported loss of housing, land or property following Operation Olive Branch.”

So when operation olive branch first began the UN estimated 170,000 were displaced, but later the pro Turkish SOHR later estimated at least 300,000 people were displaced, and for once I believe the pro Turkish side, and I believe them just for once because most other credible estimate also say at least 300,000 were displaced and some say even more.

“Mar 13, 2018 — Turkey’s cross-border intervention in Afrin, the Kurdish-controlled enclave in … it appears, is dependent on how many militia members the YPG has left … also resulted in greater than 355,000 internally displaced people.”


“After displacing more than 300000 Kurdish residents of Afrin people, … working in the “Olive Branch” operation in Afrin city and villages in its ”


And one more thing, find out for yourself what the Kurdish ALF have to say about their SDF brothers, they call them traitors and US ass kissers, they don’t like them or cooperate with them, in fact many disgruntled YPG/SDF fighters leave the SDF to join the ALF, and they take their weapons and equipment with them when they do. And as a point of contention I did say the Afrin area but I should’ve said all the areas the Turks took over during operation olive branch, so I’ll correct myself now.

cechas vodobenikov

taking a worse grade of LSD than jenny—I understand the dane chemists produce a better quality than found in your trailer park

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Go have sex with your boyfriend you LGBTQI wanker.


Drain the insolent 4th reicht swamp,no future in fascism nor their lgbtq hegemons,fk off turds! Not like they were not given the opportunity to reconcile to the law of the land frgn cia/tramps!


Meantime in the other scoop 4th reicht pundits of usa and germany give greece the middle finger opting to suck turkish dks,there you go democracy? Don’t insult intellect fascism are they cursed:

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