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MARCH 2021

Turkish-backed Militants Protest In Tell Abyad Because Of Salary Delays (Video)


Turkish-backed miltiants have been protesting in the area of Tell Abyad, northern Syria, because of a regular salary delays. If somebody still believes that Turkish-backed ‘moderate rebels’ are motivated by the ideology of democracy (or at least Neo-Ottomanism), there is an inside into the real situation on the ground.

In 2019, similar protests erupted several times in the Turkish-occupied part of Aleppo province. However, the situation there was de-escalated because the deployment in Aleppo province allows Turkish proxies to participate in a variety of criminal activities (weapon, drug and oil smuggling). So, they have a constant source of income.

At the same time, Turkish-backed forces in Tell Abyad face apparent difficulties with such things because there is little to loot and smuggle in the area. The situation is so tense that the Turkish Army has been forced to intervene in order to prevent a further escalation.




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