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JUNE 2023

Turkish-backed Militants Protest In Tell Abyad Because Of Salary Delays (Video)

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Turkish-backed miltiants have been protesting in the area of Tell Abyad, northern Syria, because of a regular salary delays. If somebody still believes that Turkish-backed ‘moderate rebels’ are motivated by the ideology of democracy (or at least Neo-Ottomanism), there is an inside into the real situation on the ground.

In 2019, similar protests erupted several times in the Turkish-occupied part of Aleppo province. However, the situation there was de-escalated because the deployment in Aleppo province allows Turkish proxies to participate in a variety of criminal activities (weapon, drug and oil smuggling). So, they have a constant source of income.

At the same time, Turkish-backed forces in Tell Abyad face apparent difficulties with such things because there is little to loot and smuggle in the area. The situation is so tense that the Turkish Army has been forced to intervene in order to prevent a further escalation.


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Xoli Xoli

Their payments is bullet in the head and leave is their death to be released from terrorism.

Pave Way IV

The Saudis and UAE started getting slow in delivering or outright skipping paychecks to their Sudanese Janjaweed mercs in Yemen, so the Sudanese quit. Remember that the Sudanese, themselves, were replacements for Blackwater/Triple Canopy mercs who quit because the pay wasn’t worth getting killed by the Houthis. Now the Saudis and UAE have resorted to replacing Sudanese with CENTCOM soldiers.

If the Turks can’t pay the head-choppers on time, you know they’re going to have to resort to CENTCOM’s Meatbags-for-Israel program (=U.S. troops). Smeagol isn’t going to like that one bit. You know how dangerous Americans are.


what sources do you have on Sudan in Yemen? The situation you described is old news. Sudan was leaving and then the saudus-UAE conspired a coup that overthrow Bashir and installed a new puppet dictator who promised to keep troops in Yemen. The new dictator is getting $3 billion , a hefty bribe but a small price to pay for controlling Sudan.

Jens Holm

Its like You write. I have taken in strawberries form my garden several years after that.

David Herzog


Jens Holm

Did they handle Your penis in a door?

David Herzog

Better in your dirty mouth .


Have patience turkisis rats, you ll get your money. Erdogay is having a teleconference with the leaders of Germany France and the UK , guaranteed blackmail money in the pocket.

Jens Holm

Maybee. Erdo is in his own selfmade corner.

David Herzog


Tim Williams

looks like the game has started …



Erdogan wants the EU to pay for it

Al Balog

This reminds me a lot of the militia that supported Guaido. That’s what happens to you when you choose to be a $oro$ puppet. Stupid choice indeed for both these green “moderate” rats and these soyboy-supporting Venezuelan traitors:


Jens Holm

What has kappend is, thatYou use anything else but Your own kind as excuse for everything.

If Soros really controled læike You say, You would be well educated, having a good job, a good income and a good life.

Naming people as traitors like that makes no sense. A netter one would be to propose improvements. The Sanches plundred, what was left and feeded the people with the old cow. It was meat. Now there is no cow and therefore not milk.

You are the puppet. Propose something. Not even the Chinese can get their money back.

Lone Ranger

Never go full tard…

David Herzog

Goy !

Jens Holm

I feel fine being a goy. So far I have not tryed anything else.

David Herzog

You don’ t decide anything and you speak just because .

Free man


Jens Holm

Give them a s400 to share. They even look like carrots of their own just bigger.

David Herzog


Jens Holm

If You have feet shorter then 3 centimeter it probatly will reach the ground.

David Herzog


Jens Holm

Somebody put boxing glowed on Your hands??

Jens Holm

Thats wrong. Everybody hired should be paid. You might think its a bad job and they should not have taken it, but thats different.

You get paid unless the company collapse. In Denmark we have state help for people not being paid by their collapsed company. People get at least some for compensation giving them time to find a new job.

David Herzog


Jens Holm

Somebody hit Your penis again:)

David Herzog

Qua …qua…quaquaraqua…..

Séamus Ó Néill

Are you for real, these are head-chopping, child raping, sub-human scum ….and you want them to get paid for doing that !!

Jens Holm

Are You for real. Do You really think people would have a job being paid nothing :)

It doesnt matter whereever You are.

They have a contract for being paid. So be it.

Its mine and Your oppinion those things above are crime and maybee not theirs.

In Your system women hardly dont work. But when they do, they are paid only flowers in their behinds when men at least get a used car.

Thats crime here. You are not even alowed to debate. Its a crime and haram. Thats a crime here too.

You are in the no human rights sector. Muchof that is crime here. You even prepare half of Your population for buy and sale. Thats slavetry to me. You kill much more men for honor even men are even more guilty in lamost all matters about that. Thats a crime according to opur constitution.

You here in Idlib as well as other places moee or less random bombarde civilians and even today blame jews and americans for it. But the jets are russian and Assads. That a ceime of the worst too.

550.000 dead is a crime. 10 million Syrians not in their homes if anything is left is a crime. many 100.000 has to added having lost an arm or much more is a crime too.

So I will say, that You certainly has to be paid for those crimes just as those Jihadists.

You not even have a language for peace.

Lone Ranger

No more Shekels and CIA dollars trolls ;)


Is it because some US roaches leaving Iraq and the US soldier used to deliver money bags to Aleppo terrorists is now gone?

Lone Ranger

Could be. Good observation…

Tim Williams

RATS taking a pounding in the mountains …


Tim Williams

USA forces close base … Yankee footprint in Syria shrinks by the day …



May the Heroic Turkish Army and these ISIS Roaches jump at each others throats and get annihilated. At least they will serve as good fertilizer for the soil. Syria needs new crop fields with proper irrigation.

Tim Williams

10 DAYS ?


Tim Williams

Boys getting ready …



Notice how everyone here looks clean-cut and normal these guys seem…as opposed to the moderate activists…..

Al Balog

Yeah, the SAA look like regular dudes. The green rats either have fully-grown beards, long black hair, or are trying too damn hard to look “metrosexual”. I guess they want to look pretty for the Western MSM, so that they can portray them as the “young hippy millennials” fighting “illiberal dictators”.

I don’t mean to sound funny saying that, but I see the Ukrop Nazis try to do the same in terms of “metrosexual” appearance. If you look below, these guy’s hair are way too well-done for a war situation. These are green rat rebels in Idlib, and the guy behind the one giving the peace sign looks like a neckbeard or something.


Tim Williams

Shelling going on back and forth now …



Turkey’s money is supporting all evils – When Turkey can’t pay their terrorist gangster factions to continue to steal Syria real estate; you know that Turkey’s economy is collapsing.

Syrian Armed Forces, Russia & the other Syria allies must arrest all these terrorist gangsters or eliminate them completely.



SANA’s reporter on the ground said that Turkish-backed terrorist groups targeted Kafr Nubbul and Hazazin towns in Idlib southern countryside with rocket shells and machine gun fire, causing material damage. https://www.sana.sy/en/?p=188392

Jens Holm

You dont know if they have no money. You assume because war is expensive.

cechas vodobenikov

CIA paychecks r late due to the crumbling US economy…today amerikans fight each other in their markets regarding toilet paper—apparently amerikans r full of feces


This is a Sunni group!!

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