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JUNE 2023

Turkish-Backed Militants Leak Alleged Recording Of Egyptian Troops In Syria

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On July 31, Arabi 21 shared a voice recording claiming to be of Egyptian troops recently deployed around the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

The news outlet said the recording was provided to it by Maj. Youssef al-Hamoud, a spokesman for the Turkish-backed Syria National Army (SNA). The spokesman claimed that the SNA intercepted calls between Egyptian troops in western Aleppo.

The 33-second voice recording is supposedly a call between two Egyptian service members in Syria. However, nothing in the recording indicates that those speaking in Egyptian dialect are soldiers or that they are indeed in Syria.

The Turkish Anadolu Agency reported on July 30 that Egypt deployed troops around Greater Idlib to support the Syrian Arab Army.

According to the SNA, 148 Egyptian service members were deployed in southern Idlib and western Aleppo. The service members were supposedly flown from Cairo and Ismailia to Hama Air Base in central Syria on July 26 and 27.

Pro-government sources and the pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights denied any Egyptian deployment in Syria. However, Cairo is yet to comment on these claims.

A source in the Syrian opposition told Arabi 21 that Egypt may have deployed troops in Syria as a political message to Turkey. Last year, Ankara defied Egypt by intervening in Libya.


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Lone Ranger

If true its good news. It seems Egypt doesnt like the idea of the second Ottoman Empire.


150 troops is just symbolic

Lone Ranger

More than nothing. Its a start… Possible warning…


Isn’t it funny how after 2500 years since the Greco-Persian Wars and the battle of Thermopylae people still dont get the concept that quality beats quantity, every time.

Jens Holm

Quality dont beat quantity every time.


Maybe not every single time, but if the % is at 90% + its almost like every time.

Jens Holm


Zionism = EVIL

True, but even small exchanges provide a lot of insight into allies combined arms operations and strategies. Egypt and Syria were once nation under the defunct UAR. United Arab Republic (U.A.R.), Arabic Al-Jumhūriyyah al-ʿArabiyyah al-Muttaḥidah, political union of Egypt and Syria proclaimed on February 1, 1958, and ratified in nationwide plebiscites later that month. It ended on September 28, 1961,when Syria, following a military coup, declared itself independent of Egypt.

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

so this audio was the reliable military sources quoted by anadolu after all https://www.aa.com.tr/en/middle-east/egypt-sends-forces-to-syria-for-assad-regime/1927275

it’s not true, the giveaway is the reference to IRGC – egyptians would never ever cooperate with them irani, obviously the turds are after undermining egyptian / saudi relations by making use of cheap tricks

Every time things go south for them they resort to fake news. For example once they got rected by greece a few days ago, their media started claiming all of a sudden that greece has ordered 50 turdish drones LOL

you will know that things do not go well for Twerkiye when ridiculous articles hit the headlines


If anything, those Egyptians would be getting trained by the much more experienced and battle-hardened Syrian Arab Army. Egypt’s army is a bitch to ISISrael and the US, and along with Colombia’s druglord armed forces, receive the most US$ “aid” in the world, after the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine.


Rothschild neocolony in Palestine.?! SInce when?

Ashok Varma

He is referring to the House of Windsor (UK monarch) that is subservient to the Jews and wealthy Rothschild bankers. The Balfour declaration was pushed by British Jews and banksters. The occupation of Palestine, serves as an Anglo-American outpost in the heart of the Arab world and control over their resources, much like the east India company.


Thanks on knowledgeable answer

Jens Holm

Assads are among the worst and badest soldiers in the whole world. If Egyptians should learn anything from there, it would be by a “Do not book”.

Putting in wine and cigars by Rotchild makes no sense as well. Culombia is coffe – isnt it:)

You are a not funny joke. I wish You as high ranked leader among my worst enemies and even wil recommend You.

cechas vodobenikov

u confuse danes w arabs—the Germans occupied you without any resistance to the Nazis

Zionism = EVIL

Danes were NAZIS themselves and still are. They even had their own Waffen SS division. They are dumbest blockheads in the Nordic states as they are neither Nordic nor Germanic, just dumb mutts, if this Jens shemale alien is an example.

Антон С

“Jens shemale”

Is this all that bad?)

Jens Holm

We was declared neutral and hoped as for WW1 to avoid war here.

At the elections in 1943 the Nazis got 11,8% of the votes and by that 19 of 145 seats.



Jens Holm

Whats wrog with equal rigjhts for men and women. The Danish vomen pr capita produce 40% of the GDP and the same pr capita as the Saudi men. and thats about 22.000 dollar each.

Thats more then the Chinese do, Serbo Macho do, Iran does 17.000 dollar, Tunesia, Algiria 16.000, the Lebanse collapse 15.000 dolllar 13.000 dollar, Jordan 9.000.

Only the semi sekular country named Turkey is above that with 29.000 dollar.

Its not Our fault be dont keep Our women even more stupid then the men. They educate, pay tax and support themselves. By thats they are respinsible not only for the family but also for about half of the income for house, children, food and clothe.

We also dont pay them at divorse apart from the ex housbond pay half for the children.

And we are doing fine in the world economy because they are just as the rest of us.

The “Shemale men” here produce 33.000 dollar each and with them alone, we Shemeale men are better then Russia, Turkey and fx Greece.

Our Premiere minister is doing fine about most things, because we support her. We have less then 1 covid dead a day, we have plus in trade with USA, Our economy is among the best in the world by AAs, we live long, we have free school, free education incl being doctor, laywer and ingenior.

We also has free healtcare and hisoital visits cost us nothing because we actually has an income and therefore also pay tax and that includes we are a´mong the lowest in corruption as well.

Our relations to the Nordics are Norway and Iceland was a part of us but became indeoendent and not by war.

And Yes Danish Kings as well as Noblemen has owned all the way to Hamburg for many years and. By that we are not Germans but Ourselves.

It well descriebed when when Knyd the Great ruled Enland and took in the english version of Chritianity and building traditions as a contrast to the German one.

Its aslo well descriebed in 1219, where danes – after the fairytales – got and replaced the old flag with the Chitian cross in red and white. Here we have the honor and respect from the Estnians which Capital is namd Tallin´, which say “The Danish town”.

Thats very different from fx Turks naming Konstantinople kept by the Osmans too into Istanbull which here would be better for a sandwich or cheeseburger. Reconnecting Haga Sofia and womens right is same kind of level.

And Yes: I have tol d You and several others about how things are here. You dont learn and listen because You have no language and are limited by Islam, where te real need migh be vomen should be priests too. Aydia was.

What does does some small carrot hanging out from a hole in Your trousers as a right. You hardly contrubute to children. Without them we wasnt them. And for a start they actually carry them 8 months and are able to feed them as babies too.

Thats where You have Your lack of respect for women. We had same thing but has changed because we can see the macho stupidity. Thats goes for many places in the world and includes USA and Russia.

You think You should defend Your girls and women against men, because they are like Yourself. We have changed Pur men, so they are much less then that and has lowered the crimerates about it. Muhammed even recommend wall around You houses, so You support internal family crime by hiding.

By that internal incest, pedofilia and rape seemes to be better if it is among family members and affiliates. 2/3 of all crime are not outside the homes.

Jens Holm

I cant see thats related. Before that the Nazis they took Poland, France, Belgium, Holland and the Brittish Expedition force.

Our armed forces aslo was in “Chamberlein mode”. Others were and fx USA.


More bullshit and crap from you, the partisan of Ziocorporate globalism. Colombian cocaine is sometimes too pure and people start talking like you.

Jens Holm

Which part of Mars are You from. 2 Danish parts in the new Pathfinder can X Ray and see if You are life or not.

If the world is zio globalisme I anytime prefare it ftom Your low life quagmire. You never show any alternatives, whci are better.

Actually You only show, that You hope for Our fiasco, because You are not allowed and able to make succes by Yourself.

You didnt invent using oil. You dont take it up, because You dont educate. The money we pay for it also dont rach You but only Your corrupt Leaders, which You not even replace unless when they die. Maybee its because of corpses smell like Yourself.

We do have elections and replace th bad Leaders or at least try some other bad ones. We also reuse the chairs in the building and dont burn them down. Its a tradition here to have shoes on our feet too and dont use them as protest tools.

We also dont have big posters in the streets with Our Leaders. We think Yours are meant to make fear and keep You in line.

Jens Holm


Here Egypt is number 12 of 25 in the world and for good reasosn the dwarfs from the russianOblast is not there.


You talk too much shit to defend the post-WW2 new world order.

Ashok Varma

Egypt has largely been an outcast in the Arab street since Sadat signed a forced peace pact with the Zionist, this offers Egypt an opportunity to show its pan-Arabism again, against the hated Turks.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Egypt has in fact taken over the Saudis job of top dog in the Arab League Nations, they pull the strings now more than anyone else in the Arab world, and Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood are Egypt and [most of] the rest of the Arab League’s biggest enemy bar no one.

Антон С

Now Egypt is trying to built relations with independent states instead of US and buying weapons from Russia. It’s good marker of policy’s vector.

cechas vodobenikov

perhaps this prepares Egytian forces—will the turkeys attempt to challenge LNA in Sirte? it is reported that they r more interested in Niger and Sudan, irritating their Frnch NATO “ally”

Willing Conscience (The Truths

True or not it’s still got Erdogan frothing at the mouth, so what’s he really afraid of, is it the Arab League.

Jens Holm

That makes sense. The Leauge has become relative weak and Turkey might unite it.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Did you say weak, the Saudis just lowered world oil prices and virtually destroyed Iran and Russia’s revenue sources, Russia and Iran can’t make money on 1 or 2 cents a barrel, but the Saudis can. The Arab League have been warning Putin and Iran to stop helping the Muslim Brotherhood but they wouldn’t listen, but now they are. Money rules the world and the Arab League have a hell of a lot of it, don’t think they’re weak Jens, Russia and Iran just found out the hard way they’re not.

Антон С

Would be good if Egypt decided to help. But the source is not trustworthy. Video of good quality can clarify situation.

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