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Turkish-Backed Militants Fired At Russian Helicopters Conducting Patrol Over Northeastern Syria

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Turkish-Backed Militants Fired At Russian Helicopters Conducting Patrol Over Northeastern Syria

FILE PHOTO: Russian MI-24 attack helicopter over the Hmeimim air base in Syria © Dmitriy Vinogradov / Sputnik

On September 26 afternoon, Turkish-backed militants in northeastern Syria opened fire at two Russian military helicopters which were conducting a patrol over the region.

According to the Hawar News Agency, which is affiliated with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the incident took place near the town of Tell Tamr in the northern countryside of al-Hasakah. The helicopters returned fire then retreated to SDF-held areas. The Russian Military Police and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) maintain several positions around the town.

The incident was likely a response to the recent Russian airstrikes on the Turkish-occupied area of Afrin, which claimed the lives of 11 Turkish-backed militants.

A few hours after the incident, Russian warplanes targeted a position of Turkish forces near the village of al-Dardarah to the north of Tell Tamer. The SAA also shelled the outskirts of the Turkish-occupied village.

The situation will likely esclate further in the upcoming few hours. The Russian Aerospace Forces will not likely let the incident go unpunished.

The attack on Turkish military helicopters was a blatant violation of the 2019 Russian-Turkish de-escalation agreement on northeastern Syria. Under the agreement, Russian forces are tasked with monitoring the ceasefire in the region.


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The hourglass is running out on the Erdoganist terrorist, mercenary filth!

Chris Gr

We shall bring back the Crusaders. Turkey, Iran, and those militants whether Sunni or Shia in Iraq and Syria should bow down to the Cross. That’s the only solution.


That didn’t stop them, but it did finish you Greeks.

Chris Gr



First shove it up your arse, after 365 days they will bow down

Chris Gr

Basement dweller and traitor

The Objective

You tried many times in the past. Read the history of what happened to the crusaders in the end.
I can assure you one thing. With all its military power, Russia CANNOT reinstate dictatorship over Syrians. You’ll see.

Last edited 1 month ago by The Objective

Brah yous from Somalia…..yous ain’t got no dog in this fight whatsoever. Your immediate concern should be hustling for your next meal no? Come on bro! Where yous as a Somali refugee in the EU on fucking welfare……where fucking Syria? Where fucking Turkish guppu?…..lol…..quit your Al-Qaeda jive talk brah…..get real man

Last edited 1 month ago by Ahson
Chris Gr

Crusaders are not Ba’athist socialist dictatorship. Try again.


But Chris who the fukk would go from the EU into the busted ass SyRaq to go fight over what? Get real no?

Chris Gr



Calling bullshi*t on you. You may well want a New Crusade in ME, and you may well want Christians to do the heavy lifting for you, but you are no Christian, far from it, just another Israeli troll. All Zionists and Neo-Cons explicitly want to hustle western states, with nominally Christian majorities, into more wars against ME and Central Asia for benefit of a Greater Israel. Calling out a Herzliya troll.

Last edited 1 month ago by GoldStandard
Chris Gr

I am not talking about them


A stupid move by turk backed degenerates. The Russians have the Iskander missile system on standby.

Do they think they can intercept a hypersonic missile system?


Lol and how many times did the ruskis fire that inaccurate trash??


Last time a few old SyAA Tochkas killed 50 turkish soldiers when they dared challenge the SyAA.


Stupid ziotard clown. The Iskander was used in the war against the degenerate sakashvili in georgia.

More than one missile destroyed dozens of tanks and armoured vehicles. Even the idiot geoergians admit they had no air defense to stop the missile. Mach 5+ you stupid fool.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Thankfully it wasn’t a U.S. made tincan.


My thoughts exactly… Bodybags would have been going back to the US

The Objective

Thousands of Russian bodybags will tart going home if they make the wrong steps in Idlib.


If there’s any response from turkey, other than withdrawal, Putin will absolutely demolish turkey in under 24 hrs. And then, we won’t find you here again.


Reality is a bitch for ignorant trash.👍


How so? There certainly wont be ‘thousands’ of Russian on ground in any SAA Ildib offensive. They are advisers to SAA on ground. However, Russians will certainly be in air bombing any Islamist terrorist that moves above ground into small pieces. If ‘The Objective’ is for you to prove yourself an ill-informed moron, well done, mission accomplished.

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