Turkish-Backed Militants Fake Heroic Victory Over Russian Snipers (Video)


The National Front for Liberation (NFL) claimed on November 27 that its militants ambushed a group of Russian Special Forces snipers in southeast Idlib two months ago.

The allegedly incident took place near the town of Ejaz in the southeastern Idlib countryside on September 3. The NFL claimed that its fighters managed to ambush a group of Russian snipers that attempted to infiltrate their positions west of Ejaz.

A video of the alleged incident released by the NFL shows many acting scenes, unrecognizable night-time clashes and civilian camping gear, which the group claimed it was “captured” by its militants.

The captured gear included a foldable camping chair and a civilian backpack containing, of course, a Russian Christian postcard.

The NFL’s claims of a Russian Special Forces attack near Ejaz on September 3 are accurate. Nevertheless, the attack was successful.

The attack targeted a small observation post of the Suqour al-Sham Brigades, an NFL member. Russian Special Forces personnel managed to kill both militants who were manning the position.

Even the Suqour al-Sham Brigades acknowledge its losses back then, identifying the slain militants as Yahya Hamid Shehadeh and Abdullah Hassan Zinedine.

The NFL is clearly manipulating facts in order to create a fake victory of some sort. The group is likely trying to rise the morale of its supporters, especially after losing several towns in southeast Idlib in the last few weeks.

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